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Nimrod kiptoo Sep 2023
I asked what he does for a living.
He said I can show you,
then he moonwalked half a mile.
He could be a great dancer,
but I think he was an astronaut.
I love me a puny poem
Michael Luciano Feb 2023
Out walkin in the moon light, out away from the fire light.
Feelin kinda bored with life, wonder if there's more to life.
Thinkin if the time was right, how to play my cards just right.
It was a starry night, you should have seen the stars that night.
It was marvelous, as I stood there starved of breath.
It was hard to catch, but otherwise it was marvelous.
Bell Oct 2021
blank* is like one of those gashapon capsule toys
Swimming in a sea of the indistinguishable look-alikes
until a passing stranger is willing to spare a coin or two
similar to how one gives themself up to blank
Much like falling_
A colorful little capsule falling
Twirling in anticipation
For its final destination
A little metal door
You can’t help but wonder what will await you
passion, partnership, disappointment?
Only one way to find out
(ガシャポン), also called gashapon (ガチャポン), are a variety of vending machine-dispensed capsule toys popular in Japan and elsewhere.
Dibyendu Sarkar Apr 2021
Recipe for making a ****
"The God of Unknown"

× Half a dozen of personalities 
× A spoonful of Unknown questions 
× 2/3 of darkness from Svalbard
× A Jar full of pain from the rain
× A whole book of poetries called Unlove
× Freshly hand-picked Metaphors
× A pinch of verses dipped in curses 

Even before starting the recipe, it could intoxicate you, to be safe until the end be patience and forget you have a heart to love.


Heat the cast iron pan on high flames,
Pour the pain boil it until you see bubbles,
then drop one by one all the personalities stir it well on low flames,
an ebullient aroma will start to fill the room
Now add a spoonful of Unknown questions, Questions that have souls attached to them be careful they might jump over you.
Now take the book cut through the pages,
book of poetries in a zig-zag pattern,
like the wrist of a lover who wrote poetries to hate her but couldn't Unlove her,
Now turn the flames to high and add 2/3 of the darkness from Svalbard an Ingredient that keeps the balance of the entity, stir until everything has been mixed well
Take a pinch of verses dipped in curses toss the pan and sprinkle the magic portion, an Ingredient that makes ripple in the timeline of every multiverse to relive the moments,
Finally, Garnish with freshly hand-picked Metaphors only for the ones persistence for the worthiness.

Your, **** has been created.

Bhill Jan 2020
The whole decade thing came at us fast
Or did it
Was it really, what, 10 years?
*** (where the f¥€k did it go)
Surprising that it passes and so many people missed it
DO NOT miss the next one
Jump right in and start it robustly

Just mumbling some morning banter.....
I didn't even realise it was Friday...****
Brian Hill -2020 # 203
Morning rant and banter...!
TheKindling Oct 2019
A poet is a bird with clipped wings,
Plummeting from the sky.

One who's dying words are not calculated,
Not woven,
Not cultivated

The words are pure.
Then silent.

They are only meant for the wind to hear.

That way the wind can

What if the winds rattling
Window pain

Is actually your loved ones
Last lullaby?

What if the weeping of the wind
Fosters fear former forgotten?
Bhill Aug 2019
Change up what you see
The world we live in changes
You will be surprised

Be surprised each day
Bring a new idea to view
New views encourage

Encouragement loves action
Action creates new ideas

Enjoy your changes each day

Brian Hill - 2019 # 211
New day, new view
Karisa Brown Dec 2018
In her eyes
I was light
Filtered through brokenness

I was the calibrated afterthought
Calculated each night above the heavens
Peacefully laid to rest
By the Stars

I was the monster
That tore her clothes off
Her bleeding heart
On floor

She missed me
And I did not care
She wanted more
And still
I did not care

She pretended to
She pretended to
She was her eyes
You see
I'm paralyzed with thoughts,
my tongue tied in knots.
I'm hot from head to toe,
to be with you is all I know.
With all these feelings locked inside,
they can't be stopped I know I've tried.
You came as a surprise,
now it's love seen through my eyes.
Please tell me how you feel
let it be your heart I steal.
Poetic T Mar 2015
Grinning as I happened upon your smile
After all these years,
And you kissed my cheek
Serendipity means a "fortunate happenstance" or "pleasant surprise".

— The End —