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cmp Feb 25
Oh gawd it must still be mating season for hooligans
cause I just saw another 10th year trend setter
trying to wear hand me down XXL retail theft pants
Which obviously impeded walking and running
In addition to exposing kool-aid hickey on trend setter baboon ****
jon Nov 2021
I walked to meet up with the dope dealer
To get some more of the soul stealer.
jon Nov 2021
Knock knock, who’s that?
Glance through the peephole
****, I’ve missed you and that’s a fact
Here take my money and my soul

Can I ask you what your name is?
Oh, wow what a lovely name
Tina, I remember our very first kiss
You walked out and I’ve only myself to blame

It feels as if I cannot live without you
That I wouldn’t make it out alive
There’s an explanation that’s due
You keep me alive long enough to survive

My mind has many thoughts but mainly parasites
I can’t control the want because it has now become a need
Between my mind and surroundings I don’t know what the **** is right
I wish you never would have planted that first seed.
Expressing my struggles with letting an unhealthy coping mechanism go.
JA Perkins Aug 2021
No room for me
in that space you need..
So I fed my disgrace
with percocet and ****.
I've been ripped off before
and still haven't been paid,
but trading love for percocet
is the worst deal I've ever made.
It is what it is
Man Jul 2021
our session is paltry
taking hits betwixt talk
we've taken hits, how many have walked

or just simply dropped

from doping to coke
smoking and joking
over the line with too many tokes
our time's coming too
though we know not when
we'll go too
in the end
jon Jan 2021
I don't know what the **** I'm doing with my life,
All I know is I'm higher than a kite.
I can't think straight, the thoughts are taking over my mind,
I can't unwind.
I closed the door, i don't care what you think anymore.
I barricade myself in my head, trapped inside my dark room and crying in bed.
It makes my family sad, they make me feel guilty.
They're sad, yeah, just imagine how I'm ******* feeling.
Emotions are crazy, my lifestyle is hazy and yes I know it's my fault when I go.
I'm self destructive, I want to know what it feels like to be alive.
Because I'm just surviving,
Always fantasizing,
You can laugh and think my writing is stupid,
You have no idea what the **** I've been through.

I've been to hell and back, seen a lot of action.
I'm always looking for a **** distraction.
This is the second part, I'm about to open my heart and open the door.
I'm not smoking dope anymore and I'm getting help from everyone.
I finally feel like I've won.
You can get lost in life easily, and do things that leave you empty.
Some people will have sympathy but most will have empathy.
I lost myself but I found someone new, and I can't wait to see what this person can do.
So many people saying, "I'm proud of you."
I'm proud of me too, that's how I feel.
This journey is how I know God is real.
Mystic Ink Plus Jan 2021
If you want to be

Be an example
A dope soul

Nothing else
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Resonate
Michael Luciano Dec 2020
I awoke from this dream in the rubble of my mind. Lost alone in there among the falling Sands of Time. Stricken by the knots that are tied with in my sheets. No more sickness mama please no more grief. All my screws are loose there's too much confusion. Let me fall onto myself into that dreamy illusion. I took the needle from my arm but it's still planted in my head. I've got that feeling I can't take and it's filling me with Dread. I want to slide on down where the muddy water creeps. Where the ****** river flows who's filled with sweet relief. I want to climb into my mind find Oblivion far away from the feelings of the body I live in. Take me to that place that we all want to go. Suspected fugitive lost out on that Lonesome Road. Your constant conversations have me twiddling my thumbs. She was a torturous deceiver with her hand upon my gun. The wind swelled with a gust and I woke from this dream lost all along the lonely streets looking like a fein. I stepped into a paradise searching for my mind. A gonner with a periscope see me from behind. I'm gaining on my final breath aiming for the moon. Sewing up my only close with a needle and a spoon. Drowning in the desperation brewing in my grief. Searching like a street cop lost along his beat. Awaken to the circus that same old ******* show. A sing-along of corpses hitchhiking down the road. The Badlands and sands of time it's the gritty kind of life. Batten down the hatches so to not let in the light. When dependency is slavery there is no kind of thrill. ****** ******* just a feeling kinda ill.
I was an IV ****** addict for a number of years, living in cars, tents, squats and the like. I was clean for a number of years untill this summer I caught the bug again, thankfully I've crawled back out of that cave once again. I suppose this Is an attempt to not forget. Written in prison in Pennsylvania 2016.
Mystic Ink Plus Nov 2020
Like, no rivers
I'm an ocean
I stay calm
And deep
Till the phases of the Moon
Change the mood
Still I'm an ocean
With some tidal waves
Till it settles
Back to normal

Ocean, I am
Ocean, I remain
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Dope
आमा भन्छिन्
उचाल्ने, थेचार्ने मान्छेहरु
धर्तीका छालहरु हुन्
तिमी समुद्र हुनु
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