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Mark Wanless Nov 9
walking the dog down familiar
blurry roads

what do i see but what i want there
to be

created a spaceship that flew me to mars
made a new planet named all the stars

followed good soldier into evil war
stopped all the killing hatred now more
Johnny walker Jul 20
Since she been gone there
are no lights that shine now for me my light of my life gone she once lite up my life In this uncertain world we find ourself In
A world now filled with so much tradgey sometimes almost ashamed to how this world has now turned out to be but the world's survival Is down to
Its only we who can turn this world around and make good on promises throughout our lives before all become to late
for If not the planet as we know It will become
I myself see It as one last chance for us all to change the way we live before It to late or maybe Its already to far gone down the road of climate change
Heaven help our future generations If this Is true for Its our generation that will be responsible for the state our planet finds Itself In
Johnny walker Jul 13
Laid In my bed all alone but with so many beautiful thoughts running around In my head lost In a fantasy world
created by
A place where I hide since my sweethearts been gone a
place of safety away d
troubles of life free
to live as I
The closest I've ever been to what people call freedom free to roam my dreams at night
explore all
my fantasies
with my Helen at my side
though she's far away she will sometimes come back to visit my dreams were we can live life over again
for I know when she
I hear her footsteps approaching from afar and we can love all over again we go walking out hand In hand off to park we'd go to to
to we're  
we first
Bhill Mar 1
What is,
What was,
THE greatest thing,
you have ever known?
Living or unknown.

I know this question,
is very hard,
to answer and explain.
What you've seen,
What you've done,
is over and gone,
and yet,
YOU still remain.

What exists is
and really not
why not do it
Do something
take it as far as you
see how you end your

Brian Hill - 2019 - February
Sometimes as I watch shows someone says something that inspires a few words.  This is one of those...
Johnny walker Feb 19
There's a place In my mind
that lays deep within my thoughts no one touches but me a place to where I escape all the problems facing me and this world

It's a beautiful place to where my wife and I can be an Imaginary place created through grief to where I can live my life again with her a place even grief can't touch now

For I have built a wall that can't be penetrated this  Heaven I've created In my mind there are no troubles there no pressures of everyday living

No need for money no need to buy food or clothes It's always sunny warm I can sit with Helen by an Imaginary lake, I've created In my mind we both can laugh while soaking our feet I've made
It so Helen can walk again pain-free so we can run through fields of gold

To lay on our backs look to the sky blue perfect big white clouds passing by
we create pictures with the clouds she laid In my arms
she will never leave again
for I have lost her once but never again

Because no one can destroy the Heaven I've created In my mind that I can go to any time I wish the outside world can't touch either Helen or me ever again for we are truly free
I have created through grief my own Heaven In my mind where Helen I can be to live our lives again a Heaven the outside world can't touch we are both free
Johnny walker Feb 14
Heaven to me Is a place  within my own mind to
where I have my own Interpretation of what It looks like the Heaven I see created by

In my everyday thoughts of the living to the dying Its, a Heaven of my own true feelings I have a need for a church for I have my own beliefs

but they don't lie within the walls of churches so full of unbelievable corruption neither of priests that turned their backs on my
wife In her hour of
when she became sick they mock her because of her mental illness so-called men of God so I have my own beliefs and I don't
need the

And I have my own Heaven created by me that lays deep within my own Imaginary world

To where I'm happy to live no longer afraid for I have my own Heaven to go to when I'm old and grey and tired of living and ready to
To much required of me In life
I feel to make It to Heaven so I've created my own place called Heaven that lays deep within my thoughts It to there I'll go when I die
Badshah Khan Feb 11
Rubayiat Al Thurab (Verses of the Dust) – 42

BismillahIr RahmanIr Raheem

Yea, Everyone is naturally in Vain,

Except the Creator (Allah)’ and His Beloved Alone’

And on Specific One day every created Pleasant;

Dear things Must, be vanishing away!

Allah Khair….. Khairul Rabul Alameen Yah Arrahmanur Yah Raheem

Ummah Thurab – Badshah Khan.
©UT-BK 2019
Rubayiat Al Thurab (Verses of the Dust)
Shadow Dragon Nov 2018
I paint over
the true colors
that they show me.
But they blend
and I no longer know
what color it is.
It's a mix
and that is how
mixed signals are created.
They are not made by them.
They are made by you.
Maxim Keyfman Nov 2018
created a photo and now
go ahead and now go on your way

created a photo and now
there is no turning back never and all

moments fly and therefore they are not
they were never like me
like all the photos that were

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