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He created an
Illusion...Which parted him
from his own people
An illusion where one finds himself/herself right in any condition and others wrong in any situation.
Once u will dump ur ego aside ... U will find... The world is more happy, kind and peaceful to u...

Hey everyone, I'm back now... Hope everyone's good!... I was back at HP on 5th of November but only for two days... Cause after then I again got busy in other stuffs... But now I'm fully back here and got a lot to tell, write, share and obviously😅 a lot to read, know and gain. I missed this site a lot and u all too. So, as I'm back here... I'll make sure to interact a lot with most of the writers and poets again like before 😊😊.
CrackedMoonboy Jul 2021
Everyday is new

cause you write your own story

Everyday you can do somethings new
or you can let others choose for you, but I'd
rather make own

Cause then I am in control

Because I'd want everything handed to me but
it feels greater when you yourself succeed

It's like chalk is it in your hand or the others ,cause let me tell
you if you follow others your days are going to get
harder harder harder

and trust me I know cause I have been here before
I have done some not good things because I followed others. And didn't lisson to my gut so don't do the same CAUSE YOU'LL BE THE ONLY ONE TO BLAME!!
Lee Aaun Mar 2021
a song created by them
that makes you addicted,
shall i name it love?
if love has a name
Michael Luciano Nov 2020
I watched as she was cast out of a bolt from the blue.
A smile on her lips so beautifully askew.
As her feet touched the earth she danced into the light.
Like a drifter in the shadows dashing through the night.
Her eyes can make you smile hips will make you shake.
She is dawn's wishful goddess brought to earth for heaven's sake.
Naked as Godiva through my mind she cut like pain.
Tearing into the warm summer night bold with brazen fangs.
Caught and cast a sail like a ship upon the sea.
She swam in the moonlight sweetly.  while the night did eagerly recede.
Her beauty warms the sunshine filtered through the leaves of trees.
That shade her eyes that have seen infinite eternity.
Hubbiya Oct 2020
Sometimes I wonder,
Humans are made?
Or created? To write,
Can be lengthy
Coz they do a lot,
A lot that may hurt
That may love,
But some,
I'm on the cloud
To see them whole.
Somewhatdamaged Sep 2020
The ones who slay the human lives
Are mostly the religious fanatics
Scared imbeciles
Afraid of what they've done
Or afraid to rot in hell
But forgot
This is the hell that we created!
judgement is made in this world!
Poetic T Aug 2020
You were the spell,
              I was the words

and together we created

Whitavius Jul 2020
One heart meets another.
They begin beating together in time
   That sense so new
   So many things to do
In perfect rhythm... Perfect rhyme...

One mind encounters another.
They begin to search and explore
   Thoughts, ideas and proclivity
   Perspective, opinion and tendency
Similarities and differences to adore.

One person touches another.
Electrifying each person inside
   A feeling for the ages
   Defying the wisest sages
Deep within the soul now resides.

Two meet and verily become one.
Never too late... Never too soon
   A love is created
   In every way related
in this moment, perfect... atune..
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