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Styles Nov 12
As she stands there,
In nothing but her underwear, g-string
Breathing heavy

leaning her head against the cold tile.
Water is raining over her body, the soap suds slow rubs against her body

Fighting her own,
These urges,
relentlessly. The pressure building is tremendous
Thoughts of pleasure --  overwhelming

The warmth of his breath,
Make her ******* *****
Shivering so hard her hands trampled
down her spin, between her thighs,
His hands are on her hips
But his hands are inside her mind
Zywa Nov 3
There's a strange hand with

pointing fingers on my thigh --

and it excites me.
Painting "The Loneliness of Skin" (1983, Marlene Dumas)

Collection "Eyes lips chest and belly"
Anais Vionet Sep 6
When left alone at night
I look for the pinpoint lights
of the stars that appear
when clouds aren’t there.

There’s a waning gibbous moon
shyly peaking from the shadows,
with one of its symmetrical sides,
what’s the moon got to hide?

whispering privately
I’ve heard the moon has a darkside,
that it’s coin-like and openly two-faced.
That’s no idle gossip, it's scientifically based.

India just landed on the moons bottom
I wonder what, exactly, that got ‘em.
It’s funny because the moon is ****,
making the landing sound rather rude.

“India is groping the **** moon’s bottom.”
See what I mean? It all sounds rather pervish
and obscene - not at all the usual routine -
it has the ring of something politically incorrect,
but that’s progress, I guess, undressed or dressed.
Shea Aug 22
I wanted to know what made you tick
The ins the outs
The corners of your personality
I wanted to know everything about you
And love it
And you left when you found out
What I looked like naked
LearnfromBOBD Jul 26
Why is your poetry naked
You couldn’t wear some words on them
What I’m thinking is not in my head
What you heard from me are unknown to me well,
Take me as i am
I’m flawed
Bake me as i am
I’m thawed
The blue is sky
Everyone lied
The truth as been wandering
No one accepted it
Keeps me wondering
Why lying is so sweet
You called me a caveman
Because i grunt while walking
You couldn’t hear me well
Then you called me a walking poet
I was a lil’ bit weird
Cos no one to cover my naked weapons
Who’s gonna wear the bullet
Everyone left unaware
Mark Wanless Jul 19
i saw a man waiting for a rat
to come out of its hole
so he could eat it

the snow was menacing but i
did not notice i passed by
no avalache ever came

standing naked on a small ledge
thinking waiting to drop hard
i masturbated and left
Yousra Amatullah Nov 2021
They didn't like me for covering up 

So the next day I turned to them, vulnerable
Stripped from my veiled self, humbled my eyes, shared the sweetness of my speech as if we have shared the same womb

In exchange, I obtained angry faces, eyes heavy on madness, deaf by the screaming of their own cries
In the raw I stood there, thunderstruck
Reckless tongues spitting words as if destruction lit itself on fire
Now I realize, perhaps it was not the soul but the body they desire
Frank DeRose Nov 2021
Is there anything more beautiful
Than the tree in fall--
With whom I am enamored, enthralled, even--
Clinging with ev'ry sap of fiber in her being
To iridescent color and majesty?

Like the ageless beauty at the party
In her ballroom gown
As all stare in awe and wonder
Before the night comes down
          And the leaves drop
          And then she, too, falls--

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