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Yousra Amatullah Nov 2021
They didn't like me for covering up 

So the next day I turned to them, vulnerable
Stripped from my veiled self, humbled my eyes, shared the sweetness of my speech as if we have shared the same womb

In exchange, I obtained angry faces, eyes heavy on madness, deaf by the screaming of their own cries
In the raw I stood there, thunderstruck
Reckless tongues spitting words as if destruction lit itself on fire
Now I realize, perhaps it was not the soul but the body they desire
Frank DeRose Nov 2021
Is there anything more beautiful
Than the tree in fall--
With whom I am enamored, enthralled, even--
Clinging with ev'ry sap of fiber in her being
To iridescent color and majesty?

Like the ageless beauty at the party
In her ballroom gown
As all stare in awe and wonder
Before the night comes down
          And the leaves drop
          And then she, too, falls--

My Dear Poet Sep 2021
The fire will find you out
Some are straw and some are gold
Ashley Rowan Jul 16
i’d dance for you
underneath a black veil
barefoot and dazed
a dark light shines upon us
but there’s nothing left to reveal

you might have seen my naked body
but you have never seen my bare soul
Long and lithe fingers,
comfort moulded into cones,
is where art kisses geometry
and meets one of its own.

Her hands are to touch
manicured and glazed,
you feel home and lost
a Pharaoh now, and next a waif

The nails, you find and wonder
filed for a student and trimmed.
Not a wisp of colour
bare as a bone, naked and skinned.

Snug in a life song,
a pallbearer of untold griefs,
they are a stark sight
of colourless coral reefs.  

On but a blue moon,
they’re a savoury rare,
when hungry eyes feast
on the riotous fair.

Why, one day, I ask thee?
She would smile and wouldn’t tell.
‘Never felt like’,
is her No Comment.
LC Apr 2021
before I step out into public,
I lock my opinions in a safe
that resides deep within
the ridges of my brain.
I wear a sweet smile
to mask the dull pain
radiating throughout my body.

but when I enter my safe space,
I strip myself of that smile,
and look my pain in the eye.
I dig into the ridges of my brain
to grab and unlock the safe.
I welcome my vulnerability
in all its undisguised nakedness.
#escapril day 7!
Hera Apr 2021
You seeing my naked soul,
I can't help but think,
"Why did I fall?"
I knew this from the start,
You got me with all your ****
I thought sweetness
Has to play a part;
But it's me slowly
Falling apart.
Betty Mar 2021
I strongly suggest that you put on a vest
and maybe some pants
nobody wants to see
what is dangling from your people tree
I think it would be best
if you got yourself dressed
it's a sensible request
before your arrest!
I wrote this in response to a horrible prompt word
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