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oh darling,
undress me
I want to feel
my lips against your lips
skin against skin
hands wandering on your
damped body
touching you
careful and slowly
kiss me passionately
                 & love me deep.
promise me that you will love me forever.
if you cannot
unravel my soul,
then you do not deserve
to undress
my body.
- i want to feel you in the parts of me you can't see.
Panashe Sep 8
She dressed up into her best smile
But it was one size too small
For it failed to cover the broken lines
That ran down her light skinned youthful cheeks
As they uncovered the darkness that lingered within.
Drowned by her own despair
She broke down bit by bit until one day she began to wreak
She wreaked of bad decisions and daring adventures.
She became a blank portrait of uncertainty
Unformed and misunderstood, an empty void of utter lack of ardour
Consumed by her silence and yet so loud in the way she walked.
For she had become obvious to the world.
She uttered, "if only the smile was one size fits all."
Alexis Aug 24
I offered you my poems,
my equivalent to
being naked .

I was bearing my full nakedness to you,
To you,
Who looked away at the sight .
well **** , that hurt .
Owen Cafe Aug 24
Its odd.
That bit where it looks like lonely
But really its just human.

That bit where "Oh you just need a girl"
But really its just a yearning to be naked.
Naked like prolonged eye contact.
Naked like not talking just being.
Naked like learning who you are.
Naked like breathing on top of
a mountain of social expectation.

Its odd.
They don't tell you about this bit.
Being Human.
Only being their human.
Thoughts on the societal expectory trajectory.
Grass roots and bare feet.
Annie Aug 17
Daydreaming of quality time, alone.
Diving into bush pools and rivers,
wet rocks under-***,
hair slick down back,
drip on shoulders;
stronger now there’s nothing
holding me down.

Down I dive,
further- deep into peace.
I’ll eat air and drink my own laughter in gulps until I’m drunk
and fall off my rock
right back in the water-fallen ripples

Let the tui talk and the fantails walk
behind me,
as I make my own naked trail
through fairy-forest vines,
over moss-mounds and thick roots.

With no cars, I can climb,
every tree is my castle,
every branch a limb
to protect me.

I’ll barefoot tumble down a Pinetree *****,
carve my poems into soft-bark trunks,
let the wind fuel my fire.
silhouetted form were painted
on the sky's azure backdrop
of leafless winter branches
naked in foliage
roumen Jul 28
I was born naked..
No drink..
No friends..
No shopping..
I was born alone ..
No job..
No music
No exhibitions .
I was borne pure..
No art..
No shows ..
No traveling..
I was born for life..
Life is short.
Life is good..
Life is love ..
Life is kiss..
Life is dream.
What is life
For you..?
I was born naked..
Just me ..
For you..
Only Me..
No show..
No drink..
No job..
Love. .
Just one..
Diána Bósa Jul 26
Naked, true.
We are reborn
By disrobing the disguise.
Shakti Asana Jul 17
I will fight for you
I will write for you
sing my song
for you
for you
I will sing my songs of healing,
sing my songs
my true love...

I will write for you
I will fight for you
In my heart
in my arms
you belong.

I have a right to you.
From several lifetimes through
to this one where we met, and love began


I will write for you.
Will you write me too?
Will you use the same words now as you did then?

Will you fight for me, as I fight for you?
Fight to hold onto the joy we share.

Rest now, my love.
My darling, my dove.
Aphrodite has nothing on you.

Rest your head, my weary prince.
Let me take off my dress.
And hold our hearts together until we melt.
Completed naked, wrapped in a bright yellow sheet, with my energy rising. So grateful for the gift of words, but so aware of their failings. If you, reading me, resonate with these words and with my energy, then we are in alignment, probable soul mates. If you find my words ****, unappealing, or judge my writing maturity, then we are simply not in alignment. It means nothing about you and nothing about me. Go thy way and drink from a well that is more fulfilling. I am healed. I fear no rejection. To all who read this, I love you. I love you. I love you.
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