I love to spend my time now retired In dreams
and fantasies of my once
wife, to whom I owe so much
I often fantasies about the first time we fell In love I was so shy when we first met, she totally opposite very forward
I had never really adapted to adult life through child abuse I remember the very first the time that we became Intimate, the first time I had undressed a lady
I was a child on Christmas morning excited unwrapping a present slowly revealing bit by bit removing each Item of
her clothing to reveal
Couldn't take my eyes off her one can take all the wonders of the world but they don't even come close to the beauty of a ***** woman
Well that my opinion the very first time you see your lady ***** nothing compares In this life how blessed we were at birth gifted the wonders of
To me nothing compares to ***** lady such a sight of beauty so blessed to be gifted
sight at birth
When you have nothing to lose
that's when your
guards fall like November leaves
and you're as ***** as Eve's innocence
in the face of every thing and anything
I'm laid here In my room nothing much to do, but I
have my poetry so got to thinking about the very first time I laid down with Helen on her
She had invited me to her
room because three night previous I slept on her settee because she was unwell
and stayed to look after her I had slept In my clothes all that time and had become saw In my jeans so asked Helen politely If could take them off, she said yes but added why not
take all your  clothes of she said her daughter was at work so It would be
So this I did there was no light on when I finished
Helen suddenly said don't move and then heard fumbling In her bedside draws I asked her what she
was doing she replied I'm looking
for lighter I can't see and there was Helen with a lighter trying to get a better look at me, so much fun Helen
Helen was so much fun to be with, never knew what she what she'd do next
That almost scared feeling
trembling with excitement
seeing for the first time you're lovely girl stripping
***** before your
Feeling yourself stirring below on seeing each Item of clothing slowly being removed, moments you had dreamed of as
Seeing her completely ***** stood before me I must confess one my biggest thrills
Was to see her walk totally *****, the gentle movement of her breast
as she walked the natural moment of
To me there nothing more beautiful In this life than
a ***** lady walking or running In the open air
a sight to
PMc Dec 2
There are days that pass
for days when a man simply needs to lie on the floor
and pet his dog
prone, scratching, yawning, scratching
a dog’s day
connections between man and his best friend
found right there on the living room floor
feeding each other a steady diet of
biscuits and love

Evenings pass for nights out
once in a while when a man yearns to lie on the floor
and pass passing gasses
his own scratching, belching
with no one to hear
fuses of events flash between reality / fiction
last night there in a haze
finding himself between thoughts, words
loosely passing for poetics politics

Night after night after
night’s out lying here on the floor with you
our nakedness shining
stretching, caressing, massaging temples
for lovers self exposed
secretly, we’re finding more and more about
one another lying here, honestly - the best policy
the most difficult to accept for you it would seem
I confess my love and you cringe
I love you there, lying on the floor and you smile
“forever”, I claim
“never”, you answer afraid of my honesty

Sometimes a guy’s just gotta’ be honest
with himself, spend a few minutes lying there
on the floor
pet his dog, evade a memory
love someone
laying there, in all honesty.
As a person's best friend - the best friend will always be there.  Then there are those who claim to be a "best friend" and it starts to unravel.  Not so with the canine companion.  No matter what, they will join you on the floor ***** and wait for biscuits and love.
With every exposure
I am left
nonetheless closer.
***** it off
peel it back,
find out what's underneath;
everything I lack.
For far too long
               we believed our skin had scars,
Walking *****
                 Only to hear the society's broken interpretation of deviants and devotion.

Allen James Nov 20
A ***** body is all she knows
For no man has ever
undressed her soul.
Johnny walker Nov 13
Always remember Helen
and I our first real ******
encounter tried to make
out at my mum and dads
house very little success
so we walked to woods at
the back my dads
Helen picked nice quite
place she sat a fallen tree
she had on a beautiful
summery dress Helen called
me over drew me In close
then started slowly to ***** me
till completely ***** remember
looking around frightened In case
we were being watched she
laid her soft hands on my
body I forgot about anyone
watching for I was In Heaven
Helen stood up I held and
kissed her and the rest Is
History as Is said, naughty
nice adventurous exciting
encounter In the wood that
day, never will I forget my
naughty nymph of the
Naughty but nice exciting adventurous encounter In the woods with my naughty nymph
Today I lie here
***** and Numb
Waiting for you to be a blanket
That covers me up.
Wrap me up,
With your warmth
And I shall show you
How long I have
Craved for you.

Today I lie here,
***** and Numb
Waiting for you.
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