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Feb 2023
Shadows crawl against the fade of the sunlight on the window payne.
Damp night with a warm breeze the darkness it consumes me.
Layin still and prayin for sleep but my mind is on fire ablaze in the sheets.
The sun cuts a slit through the leaves on a tree.
Burns through the curtains and incinerates me.
Sunshine on the high side, inside feelin run down.
Dim light in a ****** eye.
Monday morning comin down.

Rundown from the comedown of flyin, sundown comes the dread of tryin.
Thread the needle just to sew up the need, steady feelin deep like the sea.
Maybe freedoms just a state of mind, rippin, tearin, flyin down the line.
Soarin through the wind on a hope and a whish.
Headed down the ridge on a prayer and a whim.
Sunshine in a dry time, landslide on the way down.
Dim light in a ****** eye.
Monday morning comin down.

Well baby,
we have been up for a ***** age, them long nights we had no escape.
All day we would just wait, and wait, for a wild nights that would last for days.
But honey
It's touchdown from a long flight, we ain't slept in our whole lives I'm a train wreck, and a car crash.
I'm comin down and I'm not alright
I got sunshine in my eyes, inside I feel so low down when
I see that dim light in a ****** eye.
I know it's Monday morning and we're fallin apart.
Michael Luciano
Written by
Michael Luciano  37/M/Pennsylvania
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