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Donโ€™t you remember the bruised knees
and those damm hickeys
thatโ€™d almost leave you bleeding?
Every lick that tasted of candy
with the biting that left your lip with plumped red swelling?
Plus every squeeze that stopped your breathing?
You could open your eyes wide
only to have them roll back inside.
When gentle and nice were put aside
because letโ€™s face it
thereโ€™s a much better way
to have a good time.
Werenโ€™t those the days!?
When pain was THE gain.
Playing lifeโ€™s good ole f u k i n game
with your playing piece
in between its teeth
that bit down with anything but ease.
Iโ€™ve played life the game
because who needs to be in love these days?
We used pain as an escape
since we were dumb
because thatโ€™s what we called it..
We called it โ€œloveโ€
โ€˜Oh but wasnโ€™t that love?โ€™
No, it was pain
and itโ€™s all the same
now in days, so I kinda liked it that way.
We learned to yearn the pain because our minds turned our blind eyes away from what was really in the way of our growing brains.
vonny May 5
she was a caring girl
she knows a boy who always cries
and it is the end of january
so his hands are covered in blood
she gives him soap that smells of lemon
and she scrubs his hands clean
he makes her feel uneasy and anxious
but cleansing him is the only thing she does right
he fills her head with steaming tar
and leaves grisly scars over her eyes
damaging her sense of vision
she washes his eternally blood-stained fingers and palms
the blood mixing with lemon soap and tears
completely blind to her own tarnished hands
sobbing, the girl reaches out to the boy in utter darkness
only to find empty air meeting her fingertips
it will only happen again at the end of february
Poetic T May 1
Oh my god,
    did you just..

He only said it as a joke...

No, no.. you, why you smiling...

(inaudible gurgling)

Well I did a joke..
    Knock, knock,


      Ok ill fill in the blanks

Who's there..

Who lives forever?


Punch line was just ****** marvellous!

Marvellous, look at me swallowing a thesaurus .

Ok, he said he'd live forever,
                 I just got to the point we all die,
Be it before were birthed,
              crossing a road.

                             The last cheese burger..

Sorry, but we all die some sooner,
        me not yet,
            you pair,

sorry yes.
I saw her walking slow up the creek ankle deep in perception. Hair flowing over her neck sleek with obsession. Does she realize what she means to the stream, as she peers down and ponders this dream.

How can we continue to live  lives like these as our mother's  beaten down broken to her knees. ****** bruised ravished and depleted left for dead as the vicious cycles repeated.

The total we have taken, for the end must be near as our mother's staggers aimlessly toward the end of the pier. The dark of the night drives the dawn of the day  Over the horizon toward a new way.
My nose is dripping
something wet
it's falling to the ground
plip, plip
I look up at you.
With your
****** fist
and angry scowl
Sadistic eyes
widened with glee
I'm just a little kid
I can't fight back.
I rub the blood off
And stand up
bracing for more
Grey Dec 2019
The last rays of light
fill the sky with ****** red
We will die tonight.
Orion Lesneski Nov 2019
As blood drips down my fist,
I hope you got the gist
You wasted my time,
And I did a rapid climb!!
Orion Lesneski Nov 2019
You treated my sister like ****,
Said you loved her,
But you didnโ€™t,
You didnโ€™t treat her the right way,
Then yesterday you came where I work,
Just to say,
โ€œHey punk, Howโ€™s that disgust of a sister doing?โ€

I turned around and walked away,
Even though I wanted to drop you,
I stayed professional,
For a bitโ€ฆ

I walked into the beer freezer,
Restocked the beer shelves,
Punched the walls,
And walked out,
Turned off the lights,
And locked up the store at 10:00pm.

I went home,
With blood dripping down my fist,
Mother didnโ€™t ask what happened,
Father didnโ€™t either,
They both noticed,
But didnโ€™t care.
Radhika Krishna Nov 2019
I built a prison
And so often it changes colour
Through its window
You can see the world
So ugly and so vain
You could hold the bars
And stare outside
Yearning for a taste
Of the gloom and pain
But you're bound
With shackles made of silence
From which you cannot recover
It's a lonely place,
This dreary prison
And your mind will turn
Into a foe
Your bones will grow weary
And you'll always be cynical
Your nails will drag down the walls
And the pounding will never stop
Thump-thump, thump-thump
It will pulse through the ground
The torn walls
And flaying tendons
Will flood you with their ichor
You'll want to move,
To make it stop
Stop the life from spilling
But you can't,
You'll lay on the ground
Letting my heart
Take you prisoner
Strung Nov 2019
She left the gate agar
And the sun crept in to steal my time,
Adding the ever-careful wrinkles round my eyes.
Dead strawberries withered with care
And Rainy, ****** skies weighed downย ย with weeks of meager, longing stares.

Is there more I can hold in the folds of my fingers?
Drip through the cracks, I fumble.
I wish I could see my darkening eyes...
And hear the seeds of my labor
Are there ever enough days? Enough time? Iโ€™ll never do it all...
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