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Nickolas J McKee Aug 2023
Whispering your name,
Blood serpenting out of me.
All wanting the same,
The heartache before.
Wasn’t like the first few stabs,
I longing some more.
We miss the old you,
The kind guy who made us cry…
Not this one to view.
Missed you when you asked,
“Is this okay to hold, too?”
For you know - of past.
Hearing your tears lined,
Dressing mixed blood of love fined.
A tale I shouldn’t told…
Kamal Jun 2022
I am no body
Who thought could be somebody
Lived but never loved anybody
In a strange country
Fought endlessly to survive
Alone with pride and dignity
And trial and error was my strategy
Succeeded only in living but not loving
And now the time has come, buddy
To free my hands
rest my head
And silence my ****** heart
Because I cannot be anybody
Without your love!
Jamesb Feb 2022
As I sit waiting in the storm,
My car buffeted by the wind
And pedestrians leaning
At impossible angles
Those few who dare

I watch the ferry that will
Carry me back approach
The dock at a crazy offset
With wind driven waves
Smashing in spite
Against its side,

Outrageous weather
And red travel warnings
Everywhere yet this ship
Will sail and on it will I be
With my car and with my son
Travelling anyway,

And such is my life
In many ways,
For there are many waves
Hurled against me
And the winds that set against
Are huge,

But ships are safe alongside
The Dock
And I would be if I would
But acquiesce
But ships were not built
For harbour's shelter

But rather for the open sea,
And therein lies the issue,
Ships should brave
The oceans swell
And so the same
For me
Whilst waiting for a ferry back from the IoW
vega Jan 2022
come wash your sin with me,
i am a flightless soul covered in gossamer
i am love in the form of locks
you cannot unchain with bared teeth
and bare skin and the blade
of the twisted dagger strapped against your thigh
i adore your spirit but i do not
adore you. i am a capricious madness
drink me to excess if you so wish
me to be—a cold chestful of chemical smoke
a sink full of the remnants of
an unborn child, eject me
i am unwanted, i am a wanted hallelujah
with a swollen-gum smile in every
lithographed dead or alive poster, please save me
please buy black water lilies
for my funeral the priest won’t attend
please let the worms make homes out of my
gaping throat, and i shall whisper unto
you. one last time. it will be done
unto your will without wisdom
i am corruption in the form of conscience
i am the riptide washing away your firstborn son
with the taste of ****** verona.
Kole J McNeil Dec 2021
Anger clutching at my mind
Nails scraping through layers of flesh
Fingers balled into fists
Nose ******
Lip split
Bruised knucles
Black eye

Anger gasps for release
Coiled fist
Shot out like a piston
Knucles in searing pain
****** faces
Broken bones

I like fighting becuse it gives a release of anger that boils just under the surface. I'm so close to just snapping. I enjoy the pain I get when fighting.
My Dear Poet Aug 2021
I am currently experiencing
a severe case
of creative block
I’m bleeding from my ears
blood from my eyes
dripping down my chin and brow
blood on these lines
stored ****** thoughts
reserved in my head
leaking down my nose
Dam I’m bleeding read
Masha Yurkevich Nov 2020

I'm twisting, turning,
sweating, burning.
What's in my mind is so disturbing.
The world is falling,
People are mad like angry beasts.
I open my eyes but the remain closed,
showing me this world that is
out of control.
I pry my eyes but the refuse,
exposing this world of issues.
I don't want to see this;
its far too ugly.
People are mad, everything is ******.
I want to wake up from this nightmare;
where is the other world, where?
But I don't wake up, not now, not ever.
This is the nightmare we are
living together.

Grey Sep 2020
We sit by the pool,
staring at the bloodied sun,
and watch the ash fall.
This is a true story. The CA fires are no joke. I hope you’re all staying safe <3
I have shadows where my eyes once were,
for years I have spent clawing at them
scratching the blood from my corneas
and draining the tear drops from my duct
slowly depleting myself from sight
because I am tired of looking at the mirror
and despising the broken emptiness.

Thus, I see no evil because everything is dark.
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