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xiǎo jūn Oct 3
I need a full body cast to amend my past
Keeps me from taking my own life
Suicide felt like the only way to make it right
It's been 2 years I still feel gone
23 should have never seen past 21
It's just a game, something I didn't want to play
Following through would have made everything okay
It wouldn't really have, I shouldn't have lied
It would leave behind a huge mess
And I would be dead still feeling regret
I need a full body cast to amend my past
Johnny walker Jul 14
Once I had a one time love
the sweetest love no other man could ask more she was all ever wished for and I was the one who won her
From day one we never were apart she gave to me love I'd and never known before this girl called Helen who had
turned my life
And the first time I look Into her eyes oh so pretty eyes that sure put a spell on me a
spell was cast from oh so pretty and a spell that was
Through life and death the cast would never be broken
and although she long since passed away that spell even to this day still works Its magic
Belinda May 13
like you're
just a supporting cast

when you're
the main character

get up
dress up
change the world
Toxic yeti Mar 10
I went to the tattoo parlour
Hoping to get something
That tells my life
Yet realistic and 3D
So I ask for
An ***** poppy
For I was misunderstood
For most of my life
Like the plant
Containing two huge
For the two
People who understand
And love me
When society doesn’t.
A W Jan 23
Casted over me is a loom of doom.

Chained to the negativity it becomes hard to bare.

Crushed by my despair I drag it around and wear it as my armour.

Cursing at myself for the dark emotions, I shrike alone.

Covered by love I still reject.

Cannot receive when there's no respect for myself.

Chasing away the ones I hold dear is the only way I can endure.

Carrying memories that hold me back, I relive alone.

Costs I pay for my depression.
Amoy Sep 2018
There is a storm outside
The windows blew in
The roof is lifting
The foundation is shaking
Inside I sit wondering will I make it
Down comes the roof, it was carried away by the wind
The glass from the windows has shattered
The rain is blowing in
Inside I sit wondering will I make it
The foundation cracks, I can feel it shaking
Inside I sit wondering will I make it
Down comes all the walls
It all fall down around me, everything every last drop
Still I sit wondering will I make it
I have shed my last tear and cried my last cry
But still inside I sit wondering will I make it
Deniz Dec 2018
This cast includes
a sad reader portrayed by you
a sad writer portrayed by me.
Just answer me.
I only want to help.

I know things are tough,
and I want to help.
I want to make you stronger.

I am worried for you.
You know that, right?

Every night, I worry.
Every night, I hope I can help you
make it to the next day.

I want to help you see that life is worth living,
and that I want to be by your side.

I want to help you overcome
this trouble that has come
and that has tried to ruin
someone beautiful.

That someone is you.
I am concerned.
I only want to help,
yet you cast me away.
a lie
letting go
the news
if statuesque
and bronzed
in shallow
field she
roust the
lights then
dressed down
her clothes
and was
the most
desired to
flaunt again
with her
model legs
I've been struck through and through,
it's as if a spell has been cast on the substance of my very being,
and it lures me towards you with every passing moment.
My spirit has an attachment now,
and I'm so pleased the one to cast it upon me is you.
You've conjured up every positive emotion at the same time inside,
and I'm only at my full potential when you're around.
An immediate attachment from the hex I'm under,
and I'm forming a new habit of dependence upon your presence,
like my heart has been glamoured because you have me enamored.
When you're gone I feel you still from this enchantment that I'm under,
a wondrous opulence inside of me that can only grow,
and fill me so much that there isn't room for anything else,
all my affections point in one direction,
that flow from me to you by the way you sing your siren song.
This charm has placed a new appeal of allurement,
a fascinating enticement that controls all of my motives,
and tempts me to run to the finish line already.
A seductive illusion that has me captive,
and I don't want to ever let go,
of the magic you've given me,
because my new favorite fairy tale,
is the one we're currently writing.
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