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Jun 2018 · 256
Illya Oz Jun 2018
When something is so hot that is makes you realise how cold you are...
Jun 2018 · 269
Lost in translation
Illya Oz Jun 2018
Sometimes meanings just get lost in translation,
Whether it's from Japanese to English,
Or simply from my thoughts to my words.
Jun 2018 · 555
Illya Oz Jun 2018
I can feel someone's hands inside my abdomen,
Holding all my vital organs in those hands,
And squeezing till I feel like I might burst.
They have their hands around my throat,
So that I can't speak, can't move, can't breathe.
Until there is no way I could ever escape from them.
Anxiety isn't just mental, it becomes such a strong physical feeling that sometimes I don't even realise I'm anxious until I feel the  tightness in my stomach or the blockage in my throat.
Jun 2018 · 665
I can't breathe
Illya Oz Jun 2018
And if my lungs continue to suffocate me,
I will let it over take me.
I will just close my eyes,
And maybe someone will hear me say goodbye.
May 2018 · 765
Illya Oz May 2018
The crunching sound of glass under the sole of my shoe.
The gentle bend as the metal frames twisted unrecognisably.
Fragments littering the cement around me.
For what purpose did I need them.

Walking away.
Dread and edrenaline mix together.
Jumping at my own shadow.
Yet no longer having to look at the world.

No longer having to see it.
But still stuck inside it.
Standing behind the retina.
Behind the same distorted lenses.

I actually purposefully stepped on my glasses once. It was one of the worst days of my life, that I almost never talk about. I was depressed anxious and desperate to escape my life so without any thought or planning I ran out my house. Somewhere along the way my brain through it would be a brilliant idea of crush my glasses to pieces. Lets just say that by the end of that night i ended up in the hospital and i learnt what shame truly is.
*note - Myopia is the technical name for being short sighted*
May 2018 · 212
Illya Oz May 2018
And let flowers grow from the pages,
As though they are each a new life.
A story full of characters,
A garden full of lives.
Illya Oz May 2018
You belong with the stars in the sky,
But I wouldn't really want that,
Because then we would have to say goodbye.

So you'll just have to say on the ground with me,
And all we can do is think about,
The wonderful star you could be.

You would fill space with an amazing hue,
The colour of your eyes,
That Celeste Velato blue.

You would brighen the sky around you,
And when darkness would try take over,
I know you would always push through.

You would have a gravity so strong,
You would pull everyone towards you,
In a way that could never be wrong.

Your hydrogen and helium and nuclear fusion,
You would burn so hot,
Though it would be no illusion.

You would have a heart bigger then the sun,
So caring and so wise,
And loved by everyone.

You were meant to be a star,
So don't you ever forget,
Because to me you already are.
I wrote this for one of my amazing friends on their birthday.
Illya Oz May 2018
How can you even start to express to someone that you want to watch yourself bleed...

That you want to rip open your own skin and feel the warmth trickel down you body.
Watching it seap out of you and slide across your skin.

How do you explain that this is a craving stronger then you could ever describe and ever so hard to resist.
That this red liquid is able to quench your metaphorical thirst for emotional relief.

How can you explain that that it helps...
That in some twisted way the pain makes everything hurt less.

How do you explain to them that it scares the living hell out of you,
That this is something you can do to yourself,
That this is something you want to do to youself.
The knowing that even after so many years you still crave it,
And you don't think you will ever stop craving it.

How can you explain to them that you don't want them to think you're crazy.
That it just hurts too much for you to bare.
That you are trying to bare it but the pain you feel inside is too much.

That the fact that you can't see this pain scares you,
that others can't see your pain scares you,
That you don't even understand this pain scares you.
And maybe this is why you crave watching yourself bleed.

It's a pain you can see,
A pain that others can see,
A pain you can understand,
But now that you see the pain you understand that you don't want others to see it.
Because how could you even beguin to explain.

How could I ever beguin to expain to you that I want to watch myself bleed...
I heard a line in a slam poem recently about someone with an eating disorder which really resonated with me. "I consider myself recoverd but still talk about my eating disorder in present tense."
I am 2 years 'recoverd' from self-harm, yet many days I still battle with the 'addiction'. Everyday is a question of 'Will today be the day I relaps', 'Will I be strong enought to fight it today.' Yet I don't talk about it. Most people just don't understand and I don't know how to explain it. I don't want their sympathy, the way they look at you like if they say something your going to shatter like glass. I don't think I will ever truly recover from my self-harm, it will stay with my for as long as my scars do, a lifetime.
May 2018 · 393
Dear English Teacher
Illya Oz May 2018
I didn't write my essay...

Because in a room of silence,
Everything feels so loud.
My brain is screaming at me to run away,
Like the paper in front of me has claws and teeth,
Just waiting to tear me apart.
I want to tear it apart.

I can feel it bubbling and boiling up my throat,
Suffocating me so the anxiety can breath.
But I can't breath.
When did this silence become so deafening?
I had a SAC (a very important test) yesterday. I've had a really bad depressive episode for the past week, not able to concentrate in class and kept telling my teacher I was fine. I wrote 3 sentences for an essay that was ment to be 600+ worlds long because I was so anxious. I wrote this poem on the back on my essay. I wonder what my teacher is going to say.
Apr 2018 · 371
Bathroom cubicals
Illya Oz Apr 2018
The insomniatic somnolence coats me.
16kHz of sound running through my eardrums.
Empty words written on the walls of bathroom cubicals.
The lifes of people who come and go,
Snagged on the emtpy soap dispensers.

***** lino floors folded at the edges.
The rattling sounds of doors locking around me.
Plastic seats flipped down to carry weights,
Of the people who come to just sit down.
The rusted hinges on doors I can't seem to leave through.

This is both my prison and my safety.
I'm sitting in cubical of my school bathrooms because I'm too anxious and depressed to go to class. The door to the bathrooms gets locked during class time so now I'm stuck in here
Apr 2018 · 384
Because You're Only Eleven
Illya Oz Apr 2018
When you say you want to die,
I want to say 'me too',
But I can't,
Because you're only eleven.

When you ask about the scars on my arm,
I tell you it happen by accident,
So not to give you any ideas,
Because you're only eleven.

When you cry and I hold you tight,
I tell you a lie,
That everything is going to be ok,
Because you're only eleven.

When I cry I cover my eyes,
I don't want you to see my pain,
So I can help you deal with yours,
Because you're only eleven.

When things get to hard,
I want to keep you safe,
So you don't have to face the world alone,
Because you're only eleven.

When you say you want to die,
I promise to help you live,
And give you the support I never got,
Because I was only seven.
I still don't know how I feel about this poem. It's about me and my little brother (I guess mental illness must run in the family). I've always felt the conflict of what is the best thing to do when he tells me he wants to die. Do I be the strong older sibling or tell him I understand and have been through the same things (as a role model that can backfire really badly, it's hard to explain). I still don't know what the right thing to do is and I don't think I ever will
Apr 2018 · 266
Illya Oz Apr 2018
You called me cupcake
Because that's all you saw
The sweetest parts of me
Not the the scars that I bore

I will call you a lion
Because of the strength in your heart
You were always so brave
So caring, so smart

But now we have both turned to mice
Too scared to fight our wars
Because you are not longer mine
And I not longer yours

This is not what I wish
Disassociated from you
Without a word spoken
To much isolation for two

I want you to know
That I still love you
Just not the way...
I use to

I want to talk
I want to speak
I want you to smile 
So my world isn't so bleak

Just because your not 
My whole world any more 
That doesn't mean I don't 
Need you to be part of it
This is a repost of a poem I wrote in october of 2016. I had broken up with my significant other (for reasons that weren't their fault) but i still cared a lot about them and didn't want to lose them. They ignored me for almost 3 months after that but eventually we became close again and they are now my best friend (we are in a queer platonic relationship for all those who know what that is). I was so scared of them disappearing from my world and didn't know if i could live without them. They are the most amazing person I know and I'm so lucky to have them still in my life. I love them so much, even if i will probably never show them these poems.
Apr 2018 · 328
Illya Oz Apr 2018
A million centipedes are crawling under my skin.
I've killed all the plants in my mind's garden.
Waterlogged with saline as I try to dehydrate my face.
But I'm not prepared when they come out to play.
They climb up the hypertrophic ladders on my skin.
Clawing at me while I rip off all their anthropomorphic legs.
They seep poison into my bloodstream that contaminates my brain.
It leaves me helpless.
Apr 2018 · 488
There Are Times
Illya Oz Apr 2018
There are...
There are times
Where every day
Just seems darker
Than the last

Where every moonset
Every sunrise
Every new day
Just feels like another
Burden to bare

When you get out of bed
It's all the same
As the day before
And nothings changed
So what's the point anymore

The people that walk by
Always talking
Never listening
Going about their business
Like they are the center of the world
Like nothing could hurt them

But they all wear masks
No one shows their true face
Not to their best friends
Nor to their closest family
Sometimes not even to themselves

So why even bother getting up
Stay in bed today
Stay in bed forever
What's the point in trying
Why does it even matter
Getting out of bed in the morning is so much harder then it should be...
Apr 2018 · 594
I Miss You
Illya Oz Apr 2018
I miss you,
But I know you don't.
I wish you would,
But I know you won't.

I miss your (pained) smile,
And the way that you walked.
The way you (never) really,
Listened when I talked.

I miss the words your said,
Your advice I would (never) need.
How when we walked,
You would always (make me) lead.

I miss the way you (didn't) acknowledge me,
How you were always three steps ahead.
The way you would (never) hug me,
No matter what I said.

I miss you,
And I will forever.
It's ok if you forget me,
As I know our bond will never sever.
Ever since I was 7 my older brother has suffered from a type of OCD that is contamination oriented and unfortunately their OCD sees me as the source of the contamination. Because of this I have not been able to see my brother or have contact with them for over 2 years and even before that we had a very strained relationship. This poem is about the feeling of both loving and hating someone but still missing them for both reasons.
Apr 2018 · 986
Agender (acrostic)
Illya Oz Apr 2018
A life without gender.
Giving me my freedom that was taken.
End to my imprisonment by gender roles.
No I am not mistaken.
Don't ask me if I'm a girl or a boy.
Either is just not me.
Rather I am a person, a human being that is free.
I identify as agender meaning I don't have agender. I'm not a girl, I'm not a boy, I'm not anything inbetween, I'm just kinda... Me.
I hope that one day people of all different gender identities can be accepted and treated equally within society, because even after all the labels and categories we put ourselves in, we are all humans and no one deserves anymore or anyless them anyone else.
Apr 2018 · 275
Illya Oz Apr 2018
The the words whizzing around my head,
A swarm of bees around my ears,
So loud I can't think,
I'm sorry what did you say?
Sometimes I'm silently freaking out in the middle of a conversation and if feels like I can't concentrate on anything or hear what anyone is saying.
Apr 2018 · 234
Below the elbow
Illya Oz Apr 2018
Fingers sliding across my skin
Bu-dum bu-dum bu-dum
Like a car over speed bumps

Red beads on my wrist
Meaningless memories
I've tried to leave behind

Rainbow Vains
To clear the lack of colour
Tell me when it rains

The creases flowing rivers
Crisscrossing on their journey
Pulled along by strings of fate

Calluses sparce on thin skin
Protection against the common
On this irregular sphere
This poem started off because I was getting hung up over my scars. I've been self-harm free for just over 2 years now but I still don't feel recoverd. The urges went away for awhile but lately they have come back really strong and I'm really struggling to keep them in check.
Even if I do heal I'll always still be left with scars.
Apr 2018 · 269
Seasoned Emotions
Illya Oz Apr 2018
I bloom from the blossoming trees of spring,
Still young, not really knowing anything.

I'm kissed by the summer breeze,
They are trying to warm what will eventually freeze.

The a sweet autumn gusts ******* off trees,
It's no surprise I would fall with such ease.

The winter has similer tones,
But instead chills me to my bones.
Illya Oz Apr 2018
Am I forgotten
Or did I forget
I left this place
And didn't turn back

So much old poetry here
Such a naive younger self
It's been only a year
But nothing feels the same

When did I forget how to smile
When did breathing become so hard
When did I stop caring that I cared too much
When did my poetry become start to sound like a cry for help

I'm not remembered
There is no one left to remember
It's been a year
And now I'm back
Hey, I was an active user on here a year ago but left (i don't even remember why). I've started using instagram to post my poetry but recently it's gotten too dark for me to share with the people who follow me there, so of course now I'm back here to vent my frustations on a poetry wesite where no one remembers me. Hello I'm Chase, it's nice to meet you.
Jan 2017 · 494
Your Light
Illya Oz Jan 2017
Where there is good
There is always bad

Where there is light
There is always shadows

So with a light that shines
As brightly as your
There are bound to be
Shadows that come along

But I know with the bright light
That you choose to share
with every one you meet
That you can overcome them all
Written for my good friend for her birthday.
Jan 2017 · 436
Illya Oz Jan 2017

Falling forever downwards
Into a hole that just grows
Deeper and deeper
And darker and darker


Digging my hole deeper
With every mistake I make
Every time I mess up
Every time I hurt someone


Crying tears fall from my eyes
The shame and embarrassment
Saying sorry is not enough
For me to be forgiven


Remembering every mistake I made
No matter how small they are
Or how bad my memories is
They will never stop replaying in my mind


Begging for forgiveness
For things they probably don't remember
And that probably don't care about
But they need to know that I do


Hoping that one day they will forgive me
And that I will forgive myself
For the things that create my hole
And then mabey I will stop...

I always seem to get hung up on every little thing I do wrong or was yelled at about. I will spent hours lying awake in bed remembering and feeling bad about something I did two years ago.
Jan 2017 · 1.0k
The Dark
Illya Oz Jan 2017
There is not one person
that isn't afraid
of the dark.
The fear
of the

A fear of the unknown.
Jan 2017 · 629
Narrowminded Grandperants
Illya Oz Jan 2017
Stop using me as an excuse
To make them feel disrespected
Don't tell me what I'm feeling
Just becuase you think I'm neglected

You say that "Now she knows
What it's like from your point if view"
But may I please ask
What does this have to do with you

Stop telling them that they are a sinner
Becuase to understanding you are a begginer

They live life as best they can
So what if they want to be a man

Just because they have
Changed their birth name
Doesn't give you reason to ignore
the challenges they overcame

Your say you love them
But I find that has to believe
You may be old and wise
But you are still so naive

You wanted to change them back
But what's done is done
You may have lost a granddaughter
But you gained a grandson
Not long a ago my brother (use to be sister) came out as transgender. This was not taken well by some of the family, especially my grandperants, who now use ever chance they get to make them feel rejected. I find it so unfair that anyone gets treated like this for just being themselves. Everyone (especially my grandperants) neeed to be more open minded and just accept people for who thay are no mater of gender, sexuality, race, religion or age.
Dec 2016 · 1.6k
Dear Parents
Illya Oz Dec 2016
Your words hurt
I hope you know
They cut like knives
I told you so

Your worried about the scars
that we leave on our skin
But yours are the ones
That lie deeper within

Your are our role models
Of whom we seek to make proud
So please think
Before you shout so loud

What you say is
"For your protection"
Isn't how you
should show affection

You look at us with anger
And excuses so wild
Sometimes I have to wonder
Who is the child?

Please don't yell
Show that you care
Please encourage us
And give us our share

Please be the adult
And don't cuss
And please, oh please
Tell us that you love us
Dec 2016 · 634
Time Out
Illya Oz Dec 2016
When your a child your mum says
"Time out!" And "Go to your room!"

But when your a teenager she says
"Get out of your room you need some time out!"
As a little kid my mum always told me to go to my room because I was misbehaving, but now she is always yelling at me for spending too much time in it.
Dec 2016 · 861
Don't Let Them Win
Illya Oz Dec 2016
To not let them win

They said to not give them a reaction
To not get angry
because that's what they wanted
Then they would just go away

So I did

I didn't give them a reaction
And I was only ever nice to them
And they did get bored
and when away

But they had still won

They were only ones
that could've been my friends
Without them I was by myself
Sitting all alone while they forgot me

I had still lost
This was what happened to me when I was in primary school and I spent many years at school alone untill high school where I have meet many wonderful friends. But from my experiences I have leant that it is not always useful for children to follow the advice adults give them.
Dec 2016 · 336
I See You
Illya Oz Dec 2016
You see their grey
But you look away
You pretend not to see
You ignore their silent plea
Your eyes make contact
But you don't react
Their lost in an ocean
Trying try not make a commotion
Shunned by life
It cuts like a knife
Their love forgotten
Their mind all rotten
Leaving only anger and sadness
Bottles up inside the madness

Don't look away
You can see their gray
Do not ignore
Help them sore
Let them fly away
And don't forget to say

*I See You
To all those people who feel alone and forgotten, please know that you are seen, you are remembered, you will be missed if you disappear becuase there are people who care and one day you will meet one of them so just try and wait till then.
Dec 2016 · 413
Hello Again
Illya Oz Dec 2016
It's nice to see you
Where've you been
I want to know
What's been happening

I can't help but think
It's been awhile
I've missed you a load
Especially your smile

There are so many things
I want to share
Your might even need
To pull up a chair

I'm so, so sorry
I have been gone so long
I really missed this place
Where I will always belong
Sorry I have not posted anything for ages, I have been really busy and not had the time. But I have saved up many poems that I'm going to post them soon. It feels good to be back :)
Oct 2016 · 460
Silent Rain
Illya Oz Oct 2016
I scream and shout
But nothing comes out
I cry and shed tears
But none will appear
So I'll shout some more
Until it starts to pour
Then I'll stand in the rain
And let go of this pain
Oct 2016 · 1.4k
Your a Lion (For Micah)
Illya Oz Oct 2016
You called me cupcake
Because that's all you saw
The sweetest parts of me
Not the the scars that I bore

I will call you a lion
Because of the strength in your heart
You were always so brave
So caring, so smart

But now we have both turned to mice
Too scared to fight our wars
Because you are not longer mine
And I not longer yours

This is not what I wish
Disassociated from you
Without a word spoken
To much isolation for two

I want you to know
That I still love you
Just not the way...
I use to

I want to talk
I want to speak
I want you to smile
So my world isn't so bleak

Just because your not
My whole world any more
That doesn't mean I don't
Want you to be part of it
I'm so sorry Micah, I hope if you read this you ever read this you can forgive me and still be my friend. I don't hate you and I hope you don't hate me either :) Thank you
Oct 2016 · 592
Illya Oz Oct 2016
Are children really so childish
Aren't they only just discovering what they wish
They should be protected from all their fears
And not have to shed so many tears
They should be able to let their imaginations run wild
Without their innocence ever being defiled
They should be able to be free
Not to worry about the waves of the deep blue sea
Can't we all just protect them
so nothing can ever hurt them
"Our children are our greatest treasure. They are our future. Those who abuse them tear at the fabric of our society and weaken our nation."
- Nelson Mandela (22 November 1997)
Oct 2016 · 979
Illya Oz Oct 2016
Someone once told me that pain is an illusion
But that doesn't mean you can't feel it
What reality is isn't important
It's that way you perceive it
Oct 2016 · 402
Illya Oz Oct 2016
To not let them win

They said not to give them a reaction
To not get angry or yell
Because that's what they wanted
Then they would just go away

So I did

I didn't give them a reaction
And I was only ever nice to them
Eventualy they did get board
And they did go away

But they had still won

They were the only ones
That could have been my friends
Without them I was by myself
Sitting alone while they forgot me

I had still lost
Oct 2016 · 688
We Are All People
Illya Oz Oct 2016
They sit together
Hand in hand
They kiss each other
With their feet in the sand

People that walk by
All stop and stare
Talk in hushed whispers
Why are people so unfair

Just because they are
Both of the same gender
When they are together
They are seen as the offender

But they committed no crime
No law has been broken
But the way they are treated
Can leave them heartbroken

How could it be said
That their love is untrue
Or that being who they are
Is something new

Don't judge people
For things they can't change
Don't discriminate against them
Or call them something strange

*We are all people
No matter what
That seems to be something
That we all forgot
Yesterday was 'Coming Out Day' and I wrote this poem hoping to bring some awareness about it. There are so many people out their who are too afraid to come out because of the prejudice against LGBT+ people or the fear that they will be treated differently. We need to stop treating people differently because of their sexuality or gender, even if you don't mean any harm by it you can make people feel extremely uncomfortable. I hope that one day their will no longer be a need for LGBT+ people to come out, just as there is no need for a heterosexual or cisgender person to. I hope that be can all become equal.
Oct 2016 · 619
Clowns (Please Leave)
Illya Oz Oct 2016
You know about the clowns
With their terrible sounds
Terrifying the city
And thinking the're witty

I hold be breath
Because they scare me to death
They hide in the trees
Can they not please

They use to make me laugh
Now on my behalf
Please tell them to leave
Before All Hallows' Eve
Since October started the clowns have started appearing everywhere, starting in the U.S. and now in many different countries all around the world. I for one am never going to go outside after dark again in fear of them. To all those people out there dressing up as clowns and scaring people, on behalf of me and many others, i must respectfully ask you to 'Please Leave'
Oct 2016 · 691
Illya Oz Oct 2016
Some people live their entire lives without ever seeing the light
Not because they can't, but because they refuse to even try
Don't stay in the darkness
Oct 2016 · 1.5k
What I can't accept
Illya Oz Oct 2016
I pull at my hair
And scratch at my skin
You ask me why
I don't even know where to begin

The curls in my hair are all wrong
The colour orange just doesn’t belong
My skin looks all weird colours and mottled
The feelings inside I keep up and bottled

There is no reason for my depression
I find it hard to show my expression
I escape into the word of fiction
I stay so long it becomes an addiction

Being who I am doesn’t conform
To what others consider the social norm
People who know my sexuality
See me as an abnormality

I get terrified when in a crowd
Everyone just always seems so loud
I cling to people like a leach
My voice is weak without freedom of speech

I wish I could be normal
But that would just abnormal
I wish I could learn to accept
But in that I am so inept
I'm really tying to accept all my flaws and things that I don't like about my self. So many people no matter who they are or where they live are not happy with who they are. We all just need to learn to accept others and our selves despite our flaws.
Sep 2016 · 481
Illya Oz Sep 2016
Why does your nose 'run' and your feet 'smell'?
Why do we call a building, a 'building' if it's already been built?
Why is it called a TV 'set' when you only get one?
And why does an alarm clock 'go off' when it starts ringing?

Why is it called a 'near miss' when you don't hit something?
Why does 'cleave' mean both to split apart and to stick together?
Why call it 'taking' a dump, when you leave something behind?
And if a 'vegetable' goes into a coma, is it called a person?
English is weird :)
Sep 2016 · 1.6k
The Red Balloon
Illya Oz Sep 2016
The red balloon flies up
into the endless blue sky
Out of reach of the little boys
small frail hands
He cries for the loss
of his precious friend
His mother sighs
and tells her son
'You should have held on tighter'
When I was little my dad use to read me this story called 'The Red Balloon' about a boy called Pascal who found a magic balloon that became his friend and followed him around. In the book it was like everyone was trying to take the balloon away from him and in the end the balloon was popped by some bullies when it was trying to protect Pascal, which always made me sad, but then lots of balloons came and carried Pascal off into the sky. I still really love that book, though I think it may have been a movie first.
Sep 2016 · 1.4k
A Lizards Tail
Illya Oz Sep 2016
If the lizards tail
Is to ever be cut off
It always grows back
Even if things in your life hit you hard and try to break you down, you must still keep growing to keep living.
Sep 2016 · 466
I love you
Illya Oz Sep 2016
We belong together
Me and you
I can feel it
In what we do

Our hands don't fit
Together quite right
It wasn't love
At first sight

I won't always be there
But what ever I do
Still know that
I love you
Sep 2016 · 679
Illya Oz Sep 2016
My friend once told me that they were trash,
And I told them their thinking was rash,
Becuase one man's trash is another man's treasure,
And you will be mine for forever and ever.
For my friend who always underestimates themself. I hope you can learn to see the good in yourself as well as you see it in others.
Sep 2016 · 313
Illya Oz Sep 2016
A gun brings scarlet
A rose the colour of blood
Too many lives lost
There is too much conflict and war in the world that all lead to the loss of life. It needs to stop.
Sep 2016 · 320
Illya Oz Sep 2016
Sometimes I find I can't think
So I decide to write in ink
I'll write a few lines
In the form of rhymes

Hoping for my emotions
To be expressed
The feelings that refuse
To be oppressed

So I post them online
No matter the time
Hoping my word
Can and will be heard
Sep 2016 · 1.0k
I wonder
Illya Oz Sep 2016
I wonder

Is the sun jealous of the moon
Or the fork of the spoon
Does the pencil envy the pen
Just a little, now and then

Does the tree begrudge the flower
Or the minute of the hour
Does the computer resent the phone
Because it has to stay at home

I wonder
Sep 2016 · 428
Illya Oz Sep 2016
The rain falls

The wind howls
And moans
Like a wild beast
Calling out
With all its rage

The thunder sounds

The lightning
A waterfall
Of electricity
Crashing towards
The ground
Sep 2016 · 1.8k
Illya Oz Sep 2016
I am I!

I scream to the sky
And do you want to know why?
Because too day is my day

When I get up in the morning
My hopes are up soaring
Like the birthday bird from Katroo

Today was the day of my birth
Without it I would have no worth
Because I would be an isn't

A day filled with happiness and joy
A day nothing bad could destroy
Even if someone tried

Because today I am me
And that is all I'll ever be
Today I'll make you see

I am I!
It was my Birthday the other day and it made me remember the book 'Happy Birthday To You! by Dr Seuss' I really like Dr Seuss's writing especially the quote “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” from that book.
Sep 2016 · 214
Blood and Shadow
Illya Oz Sep 2016
The only colour around him
White walls
White ceiling
White people

The colour of blood
The colour of the hair
That ran down her shoulders

The red scared him
It scared him more than the white did
The same colour that invaded his nightmares
And tortured his mind with memories
That would never be forgotten

Red was her colour
she was the nightmares
she was the memories
she was his torturer

Black was his colour
He was the dark shadows
He was a wild animal
He was her plaything

She controlled him
Left him lost and helpless
Filled him with fear and doubt
She drove him insane
Sep 2016 · 1.3k
Paper Cranes
Illya Oz Sep 2016
Many paper cranes
Bringing peace throughout the world
Flying through the sky
I have always liked the story of Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes so I started making 1000 paper cranes. I'm up to 250 now and have 750 to go. BTW Sorry if my haiku *****.
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