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And then I came out
A poem every day.
I drew the word "pride"
But it's the Pan flag.
Underneath it it's the same
But it's a trans flag
I couldn't draw a demiromantic and/or a genderflux flag with chalk.
Now we wait for my parents to see
If they don't see it within two weeks I'll bake a cake that says
"pan, trans, demiromantic and also genderflux"
Maybe I'll need two cakes tbh.
Poolza Jan 2019



Zoë Mar 2017
There once was a lesbian named Zoë,
Who was born in a month quite snowy.
She has glasses on her face,
Enjoyed a warm embrace,
And her smile was big and glowy.
I just came out to my English teachers using this poem.
Illya Oz Oct 2016
They sit together
Hand in hand
They kiss each other
With their feet in the sand

People that walk by
All stop and stare
Talk in hushed whispers
Why are people so unfair

Just because they are
Both of the same gender
When they are together
They are seen as the offender

But they committed no crime
No law has been broken
But the way they are treated
Can leave them heartbroken

How could it be said
That their love is untrue
Or that being who they are
Is something new

Don't judge people
For things they can't change
Don't discriminate against them
Or call them something strange

*We are all people
No matter what
That seems to be something
That we all forgot
Yesterday was 'Coming Out Day' and I wrote this poem hoping to bring some awareness about it. There are so many people out their who are too afraid to come out because of the prejudice against LGBT+ people or the fear that they will be treated differently. We need to stop treating people differently because of their sexuality or gender, even if you don't mean any harm by it you can make people feel extremely uncomfortable. I hope that one day their will no longer be a need for LGBT+ people to come out, just as there is no need for a heterosexual or cisgender person to. I hope that be can all become equal.

— The End —