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Tyler 1d
I feel the panic awaken in me
Like a tidal wave in my lungs
And a ticking clock in my heart
But then you pull me closer to your chest
And I remember
I am safe in your arms
You’re a sanctuary
A shelter from the storm
And wherever we are
I know that when I’m with you
I will always be home.
beth Oct 10
Heavy breaths bounce in the corners of my room
while tears stream down my face as I wonder
what's the reason this time around.
In the back of my mind, I know for sure
why it's 1am and I can't sleep again.
It's scary to say it out loud.
I pull up my phone to distract my brain
since it seems like it can't keep quiet but
all the images remind me that I
don't have anyone to call to ask them
to help me out.
Even my dog leaves quietly towards
my parents' bedroom even though they
haven't got home yet.
I don't start to calm down until
these words make their way
into the notes on my phone.
I can breathe again.
- panic attack.
Shay Oct 6
sometimes it feels like the world is caving in
I can’t breathe
sometimes it feels like
fear’s got a hold on me
I can’t breathe
sometimes I feel like my
shoes are glued
in mud
I can’t breathe
sometimes I feel like utter crud
I can’t breathe
Most days
I forget to remove the crust
Some days I feel like I’m on the cusp
Of losing my innate ability to
someone remind me
but no one reminds me
*** no one can find me
the one
who can’t breathe
*** all they can see
In me
is a sunshine, partly cloudy day
but I’m grim October
far from the month of May
too far to see me suffocate
I can’t breathe
In the midst of a panic attack...
phoenix Oct 4
It was 9 pm, and the air was cool as steel.
I breathed in and out, just calming my thoughts,
But a sudden surge of thunder shook
My body like the end of the world,
It shattered my whole soul.

I breathed in and out,
Breathed in and out.
The thunder lasted for almost an hour
But when it stopped,
I just waited another day
For it to reappear
Sunny Sep 25
The pitter-platter of the rain.
Seems to wash my thoughts away.
I think, my mind falling into limbo
As the tapping continues at my window

Lightning flashes across the sky
I feel a chill and wonder why
Thunder scares me more
As I curl up on the floor.

I cry and panic
It feels so pathetic
To be scared by something so frequent
Day after day, it comes, always sequent.

When I talk to you, I don’t feel shame
Because you remind me that others feel the same
I just wish I could be there with you
And I know, you feel the same way too.
rebecca Sep 19
I don't understand
p e r s i s t e n t
I was fine two minutes ago
u n c o n t r o l a b l e
I know I'm okay
o v e r w h e l m i n g
e x c e s s i v e
I can't
i r r a t i o n a l
d r e a d
why did
d i s a b l i n g
I even say
p o u n d i n g   h e a r t
s w e a t
do that
t r e m b l i n g
why am I doing this
s h a k i n g
I can't
s m o t h e r i n g
do this
c h o k i n g
c h e s t   p a i n
d i s c o m f o r t
help me
n a u s e a
save me
d i z z y
I can't stop
u n s t e a d y
am I
l i g h t - h e a d e d
f a i n t
am I
c h i l l s
h o t   f l a s h
they all
n u m b n e s s
think that
t i n g l i n g
a freak
d e r e a l i z a t i o n
no one will
d e p e r s o n a l i z a t i o n
l o s i n g   c o n t r o l
love me
“ g o i n g   c r a z y ”
why does it feel like I'm
d y i n g
N o
n o
. . .
. .
Edi Sep 9
Heart's racing, I'm screaming in pain.
What's this?
Everything's spinning, I can't make out my own brain.
I can't hear anything but my own heartbeart.
It hurts. It hurts so much.
I don't even know why.
How did this happen?
I can't keep my balance.
Am I gonna die?
I fall to the ground, tears streaming down.
Can't speak.
Can't breathe.
Oh ***, I can't breathe!
Kelsey Aug 28
I cannot breathe

My nostrils caving in on themselves
The sensation of impaling arrows piercing my chest

My body is heavier than it was
A minute ago
When I wasnt thinking
My breathing.

Twidling fingers
The twitch of my jaw
Restless legs: a mind of their own

This bed doesnt feel as comfortable
As it did
When I wasnt thinking

"Just breathe"
"Its all in your head"
"Sink into the mattress"
"Dont look at how late it is"

My mind is much louder now
Than it was
When I wasnt thinking
My anxiety.
Maya Aug 16
is it normal
to stand in my bathroom
for ten minutes
at 2:20 a.m.
pepper spray in hand
door locked
listening for footsteps
waiting for my breathing
to become less ragged
so i can run into my bedroom
check my closet
and under my bed
for monsters that only
come from my head?

is it normal to stare into the mirror
wondering if that's really you in it
because you don't recognize
your own reflection
after checking behind
the shower curtain at least four times?
there's a reason i never want
to live alone.

is it normal that
even when i am alone
it fees like i am being watched
cameras, mirrors, windows of houses and people on the street.
they're waiting to laugh at me
or ****** me
or kidnap me
or stare at me
the list goes on.

everyone is out to get me
which i know isn't true
but that doesn't make
the feeling
go away.
i see you, government agent reading this.
Maya Aug 15
i feel like i am going to throw up.
***** anxiety
through the holes
moths made in my stomach.
we are going to die.
you can either
ignore it
or fear the day it happens.
no matter what,
it keeps coming.
death is an ocean
death is a desert
death is a city you can't
death is lack of change.
maybe if i try
running around
like a chicken
ill be able to avoid it.
or at the least
stop thinking about it
or anything really
for a while.

probably not.
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