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Tunnel vision


No precision

Almost gone

Blurry vision

The world spinning

Vision fades

Lights out

Gone today
Andrew Mar 7
something feels off
not wrong
but tonight will be rough

my chest hurts
so much
i feel trapped in this shell of myself

dizzy, shaking, afraid
laying on the bathroom floor
nobody can see me

ive started to cry
too dizzy to stand
cant open my eyes
my body is wrong

it will never be over
drying the tears
time go back
be who they want me to be
blake Mar 1
eyes are dripping like gutters after the rain
hands are shaking like an addict's
breaths are short and fast like someone who ran a race
mind is stu-stu-stuck like a br-broken record
Lily Feb 28
~When you have a panic attack, I want to just wrap you up in my arms and never let you go, never let anything or anyone harm you ever again~
Chloe Peacock Feb 26
Clouds yell angrily
Rain eats at the ground
Screaming chaos  
swirls all around

My head rolls back  
My eyes turn pitch black
My mind starts to *****
My grip begins to snap

I know I'm not crazed
I know I'm still sane
But the wind still rattles  
This broken window pane

I have to move
I have to do something
I know I'll lose it if I do nothing

I don’t feel okay
I don’t feel fine
I'm plagued by something  
I cannot define

I feel dead
Yet also alive
I'm starting to wonder  
if I'll survive

My mind goes astray
My head starts to sway
I have to run,
I have to get away.  

Something pierces my petrified panic  
Permeating peace
Out of darkness I fall
Hearing heaven’s call
Perfect release  

Though I’m still left sore
From that horrid dream
God, it seems,  
sees so much more
Lost Feb 17
this moment suspended in time
observed closely
through the lens
of my perspective
becomes a thoughtful synopsis
an autobiographical excerpt
that encapsulates a bigger whole
This is an old poem from my notes that I just found and lightly reworked. Enjoy
Evelin Aveli Jan 30
I sense a lot;
my saturated feelings
consume me, eat me,
clench my heart,
and softly pet it

as though it purrs for me to move,
to breath, to keep existing,
when no existence is enough
for me to feel alive
and present.
Evelin Aveli Jan 29
Panic stifles, suffocates.

My throat feels dry; a clump,
that brings disquiet in,
sticks there like a hull, a twig,
and moves its sharper edges
along my trembling soft insides.

"Get out!"
I would scream,
"Get out, worries and my fears.
Remain, serene feeling."
Kai Jan 23
Pressure around my lungs cutting off the air
Agitation and alarm shooting through my veins
Negativity surrounds my thought in a haze
Inkblots in my vision from asphyxiation
Crushed with the heavy weight of it
Part six of a series I'm writing called "The Little Words".
Rowan S Jan 18
Alliteration isn't cheesy
Not for me.
When I use words to stave off the clutching squeeze of
A panic attack
I can write:

"There is pressure on my chest and I feel anxious."
"Pain presses me into purgatorial prayers."

Alliteration becomes the stutter into which I
Skid to a stop
Today has been a rough day. Here is me, publicly coping.
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