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Lee Jun 5
it asks me

the line after the word
and yet full
of my hesitation.

for a moment,
i consider.

i write it out,
just to see what it looks like:


i am filled with a happiness
a longing

i look up from the page
and imagine

imagine the shocked looks
the incredulous stares
the confused glances...

i scratch it out.
just a little day to day thing that most people take for granted but that triggers a panic attack for me
Lee Jun 2
oh, i talk.
but i'm still in the closet.
i guess i'm a coward, then.
Lee Jun 1
i am not a girl;
or a woman.

i am not a child looking for attention.
the only attention i want
is you looking at me and saying

look at me and say
i am okay with who you are

i don't mind your panic attacks,
your adhd,
or your inability to stop talking
when you're nervous.

tell me it's okay to be who i am.

tell me you don't hate me for
who i love
who i want to be.

call me Lee.

call me the name i chose
the name i decided to try on.

tell me it fits me.

i am agender,
and i will not allow my voice to be silenced.
happy pride month!
Lee May 26
i am not like you

the though that's been
swirling round my head
for years


i couldn't understand
what it meant.

but now

i feel the word in my mouth
roll it around my tongue.


thispanman Apr 29
Dress, makeup
Heels, leggings

Too-big pants, no makeup
Oversized shirt, men's shoes

Regular jeans, little makeup
Sweater, tennis shoes
No gender

Fancy shirt, tie
Skirt, heels
All gender

All these
But I'm
Still me

And that's okay
Genderfluidity *****

Especially when nobody respects you for who you are.
Kole J McNeil Feb 12
Long beautiful hair
Rosy cheeks
Red lips
Framed eyes

Who am I looking at
This Face in the Mirror
It's not mine

These amazing curves
This body to be envied
This amazing dress
These pale blue eyes

This Face in the Mirror
JR Jan 17
Where is home? Where is the place that I belong?
I stare into the mirror and see someone else
Long hair, makeup, wearing a dress
Why is my reflection a stranger?
Why isn't the place where my soul dwells
not a place I can call home?

Where is the place that I can go
when I need someone to rely on?
Where is the place where someone understands?
Where is the place where I don't have to hide?
A place where I can let my guard down,
and break the walls that surround my heart

When can I spread my wings?
When will I arrive
To a place where I can finally see myself  in each mirror I turn to
To a place where I belong?
To a place where I can call home?

I know the fight to get home
Is a long and hard one,
full of pain and sorrow
Full of tears and bitterness
Though I am in a dark tunnel now
I can see the light, at the end of the darkness
a place where I can truly be me
A place where no one stops and stares
and asks me what is wrong with me
A place where no one looks at me strangely
A place where I don't have to be scared

It's not my time to spread my wings yet
But when I do, I will touch the sky and be at the peak of my life
and finally...
be surrounded by people I can truly call a family
A place full of love
A place where I can truly be me
To a place I call home
Soooo...I think some of you know and it's kinda obvious because it's in my description. I am agender...and although I may not be in the most supportive place where I can truly be myself, I know that the time will come where I can finally spread my wings and truly be me. Thank you so much to all my allies who support me! To the people who are struggling with issues caused by ****** orientation/ gender identity, you are not alone...don't give up! Remember that you are valid and loved and that one day, you will be able to spread your wings and be your true authentic self!
Bede Sep 2019
What is it, how can we tell?
Are we forced into it, a cell?
A trapped enclosure, a set of ways
Dedicated to telling one how to be.

Not inherently bad,
But dangerous,
When we talk about
Dreaded gender.

Keep your codes for morals
Let me wear my skirt.
My dressed all lay dusty
Because I was afraid I would be
Looked at
As lesser.

No longer,
For I am truly,
Not akin to a single
Form of gender.

The one true way
That of self-realization
Comes from the acknowledgement
That I am me
Male, female, none, both.
I am Bede.
mer Jan 2019
There is this person
with electric blue hair
who I am constantly
intrigued by.

Look at their skin;
like porcelain, it's so
and icy cold.

Their eyes speak to my heart--
the green and brown
moving in harmony
and making me smile.

They always have
black eye shadow around
these brown and green irises;
so bold.

I can't tell if they're a boy
or a girl--
maybe they're both
or neither.

They almost never speak
But their voice moves
smooth like milk
And their laugh is contagious.

But underneath their fake smiles
I know their secret--
The red marks that cover their skin
The scars that speak for themselves.
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