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Eden Quinn Feb 25
I can´t breathe.
Feel a pressure
so strong
right beneath my chest.

I can´t breathe.
Three sport bras,
three elastics,
right on top of each other.

My back arches,
I can´t breathe.
I´m suffocating
but I would always
add another layer.

mer Jan 4
There is this person
with electric blue hair
who I am constantly
intrigued by.

Look at their skin;
like porcelain, it's so
and icy cold.

Their eyes speak to my heart--
the green and brown
moving in harmony
and making me smile.

They always have
black eye shadow around
these brown and green irises;
so bold.

I can't tell if they're a boy
or a girl--
maybe they're both
or neither.

They almost never speak
But their voice moves
smooth like milk
And their laugh is contagious.

But underneath their fake smiles
I know their secret--
The red marks that cover their skin
The scars that speak for themselves.
Ray Ross Sep 2018
Mixing ***** and juices,
On Tuesday morning, Monday night,
The parents are asleep.
The stars are so bright.

My body is a temple,
You're **** right.
If it feels good enough,
I'll respect it tonight.

Bandage my chest,
Hurts my ribcage,
I’m a ******* kid,
Shouldn't have to be brave.

You should've been a brother,
Should've got the name right,
Should've been her son,
Instead I'm drinking tonight.
Illya Oz Apr 2018
A life without gender.
Giving me my freedom that was taken.
End to my imprisonment by gender roles.
No I am not mistaken.
Don't ask me if I'm a girl or a boy.
Either is just not me.
Rather I am a person, a human being that is free.
I identify as agender meaning I don't have agender. I'm not a girl, I'm not a boy, I'm not anything inbetween, I'm just kinda... Me.
I hope that one day people of all different gender identities can be accepted and treated equally within society, because even after all the labels and categories we put ourselves in, we are all humans and no one deserves anymore or anyless them anyone else.
Carter Ginter Jul 2017
While I likely have no rhythm
and tend to trip over my feet
that would hold back a dance.

While I have debilitating anxiety
that highlights others’ stares
I may still give it a chance.

No, see, the reason I won’t dance
has way more to do with my body
and the fact that I’m trans.

As I move through the world
I feel the weight of my identity
in both physical and mental distress.

Of course everyone has baggage
that doesn’t stop them from jiving
but not everyone has to carry it on their chest.

Dancing requires movement of my entire frame
but the person I see in my head
isn’t the one that light reflects.

How can I move without highlighting
the feminine figure my clothes conceal?

How can I jive
while hiding how my chest wiggles?

Can they tell?
What do they see?

The questions anchor my body to the ground
So I cannot move.
I cannot dance.
flynn Mar 2017
i know what it is like
when your fortress of solitude doesn't look like you
you get looked at but somebody else is being seen

i know because that happens to me too
i don't know whose body this is but i want
her to come back and make it convenient again
that isn't really it, definitely not it
i don't know what i want

i have to write this because i know if i said it
or read it out loud
it wouldn't be my voice that you hear
and that's the whole thing, isn't it?

i'm sorry i called you cute but i
wasn't talking about You i was
talking about your idea to kiss my nose
and the message you left on my refrigerator
that was you, in there, i see you
i know that you are in there and
i am in here too
this is the hill we will die on
They make him smile.
Their eyes shows him a story.
Their heart speaks the words that their mouth can not form.
The blush that rises on their face tells him the truth.
Their words mean something to him.
kai Oct 2016
take a moment to point out a few positive things you love about your body, the positives can make the negatives seem just a little less important and sometimes thats enough.
2. take a look into the past at how far youve come.
3. surround yourself with people who understand or may be going through the same thing, i promise theyll do their best to help you get through this.
4. focus on the amazing things you and your body can do.
5. take a time out, slow everything down and just think about yourself for a little while. take breaks and just focus on breathing.
6. write, write, write. ive always found it easier to write how i feel than to say it.
7. be easy on yourself, please.
8. take a deep breath.
9. avoid spaces or people that will bring you down, they arent good for you.
10. allow yourself to feel, everything, the good and bad feelings but dont let them overpower you
11. just take a minute for yourself, let yourself breathe and remember: what youre feeling is okay, and it will get better.
glassea Mar 2016
i used to think myself immortal.

see, i grew up spanish next to english
and the only nouns left genderless
were ones i didn't know to say.

so i'd look at empty sky
(not el cielo, not with nothing to hold)
and tell my friends it was me up there.

you: imagine the god-named planetas.
i was the backdrop to their orbits,
not bound to el fondo, but more than words.

now i know el abismo is beyond me
but the only genderless thing i knew
was so deep i'd drown just looking.

now i know the word agender
but remember:

before i was this
i was infinite.
it's taken a while.
Sara Ackermann Sep 2015
I met with a man today,
not so much a man as….
a boyish adult.

He told me he liked me,
or perhaps “loved” would be
a better description.
I was showered with things that most
people would love to hear constantly:


I… not one of those people.

Now, that’s just the oversimplified version.
A more detailed explanation would go like this:
I met with a man today,
not so much a man as…
a boyish adult.

We went out for lunch,
and left there around five hours later.
For the first three,
we were doing all right.

Managing to have pleasant conversation
we even discussed our views on religion.
The last two hours
I am not sure how I managed to endure.

He told me he had "fallen in love with me",
and that every word I spoke had him falling deeper.

I explained that I have absolutely zero interest in any such things
(love, romance, all that jazz other people crave,
you know how it is)

I however, am not capable of feeling those sorts of attractions.
(don't want to be either)

As I spoke, he would reply by saying he was falling harder...
that I was pretty, handsome, cute, beautiful….etc.
Not a word of what I said went into his head.
And I knew it from the expression on his face,
that I was only being viewed as something to conquer.

That made the compliments even worse.

*I hate compliments to begin with,
at least ones in regards to my appearance.
For me, they are one of the worst triggers
on my extremely long list.
So is being treated like I’m broken.
Not so much a poem, as trying to get these thoughts and feelings out. So yeah. This guy is currently my only friend in college. Ugh. Why.
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