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Zoe Grace Aug 15
New thoughts
Invading my mind
Help me
This is not what i would usually find:

Sick and twisted
Blood and gore
Things that i've never,
Ever thought before.

"You can't have slaughter without laughter!"
"What's a funeral without a bit of fun?!"

Stop it
I'm scared
Illya Oz Apr 2018
Am I forgotten
Or did I forget
I left this place
And didn't turn back

So much old poetry here
Such a naive younger self
It's been only a year
But nothing feels the same

When did I forget how to smile
When did breathing become so hard
When did I stop caring that I cared too much
When did my poetry become start to sound like a cry for help

I'm not remembered
There is no one left to remember
It's been a year
And now I'm back
Hey, I was an active user on here a year ago but left (i don't even remember why). I've started using instagram to post my poetry but recently it's gotten too dark for me to share with the people who follow me there, so of course now I'm back here to vent my frustations on a poetry wesite where no one remembers me. Hello I'm Chase, it's nice to meet you.
jess Feb 2018
the sound between the music is comforting to me,
it's almost like a void -
but a happy one.
it gives you a slight moment of euphoria,
time to think about, time.
time advancing.
it lasts long enough for you to think.
the static is the anticipation of,
"whats next?"
a soft presence.
it appears for only a moment,
time sails on.
idk what this is but it was in my notes with the prompt of "Write about a record player"
eccedentesiast Jan 2015
I touch my cheek
And feel the wetness of it
On my hand

I wipe it away
As I whisper to myself
"I can't give this world more of my tears."

— The End —