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Clelia Albano Nov 2018
Blaise said "the heart has
its order". That's true.
Mine travels on a map in
progress. There are no
borders. Sometimes it faces
gigantic stairs and I have
to throw it up above to
prevent it from being
drained. Sometimes it
joyfully takes a ride high
and low between the
spaces of your thoughts.
I whisper "don't give up"
and it doesn't, because
you are its deity and it
is your summoner.
Because Love it's not only chemistry
Äŧül Jul 2018
I shall talk a bit about Pressure,
It's about how it you can measure,
Learn physics well & earn a treasure.
For all the physicists!
1 Pascal = 0.1019716212978 kg-N/m²
My HP Poem #1714
©Atul Kaushal
Rip Lazybones Oct 2016
I have remained in silence and solitude for quite some time now. Yesterday, I encountered Pascal for the first time. I was so moved by him that I decided to murmur from the bottom of the well in which I currently reside. The following is just pointless minor thoughts about him and, the most hated form of writing. a haiku or two inspired by Pascal.

Hands over your heart
Belly facing the moonlight
Back riding the tide

Where do I belong
Does gravity have family
We get along fine

When I look out past the moon, the things I see have already occurred. From the opposite point of view, have we already occurred? They told us to prepare for our future when we were growing up. Our time here is quite short, to describe it generously. I like to think that staring into the night sky gives my soul a chance to get a head start.  I hope it isn't considered cheating.

We look up to space
It does not look down on us
But we are noticed

Truth is just a definition. I never took the time to look it up in a dictionary. Every dictionary was originally created by a human. That means somebody was the first to define truth. I think I need to read the table of contents, maybe even the foreword. Who has a signed first edition?

The sea pulls me out
Secrets splash into my  ears
The tide returns me

"One pascal is the pressure exerted by a force of magnitude one newton perpendicularly upon an area of one square metre." He wasn't named after the complicated equation. I doubt he even has a water proof calculator.

My rambling will seem utterly pointless to anyone, but myself. Worst part is that I won't even be able to see these from the stars, but I'll still understand my current self at some point. Maybe we can share perspectives, if you ever find me. Please don't search for me, search for yourself.

No double digits
The silence shall continue
Thank you for living
"Man, the point where the ocean meets the sky. I feel I could swim between the two. I want to swim through space and learn its secrets, but the universe is so heavy with endless knowledge. And knowledge can be a burden on the soul. The more you learn, man, the less you know." - Pascal

"Heroes aren't necessarily the dudes who run into danger, but the dudes who stop you from doing the same." - Pascal

"Don't bottle up your feelings. It's bad for you, man." - Pascal

"Today is totally righteous." - Pascal, everyday
Illya Oz Sep 2016
The red balloon flies up
into the endless blue sky
Out of reach of the little boys
small frail hands
He cries for the loss
of his precious friend
His mother sighs
and tells her son
'You should have held on tighter'
When I was little my dad use to read me this story called 'The Red Balloon' about a boy called Pascal who found a magic balloon that became his friend and followed him around. In the book it was like everyone was trying to take the balloon away from him and in the end the balloon was popped by some bullies when it was trying to protect Pascal, which always made me sad, but then lots of balloons came and carried Pascal off into the sky. I still really love that book, though I think it may have been a movie first.
Trupoetry May 2015
You're probably reading this from the same place I'm writing it
behind a desk
outside the box
trapped in a corporation
free in my thoughts

You're probably reading this for the same reason I'm writing it
because words matter
because it doesn't matter
the way everything matters

You're probably sick of reading
yet we are hardly anything more than what can be proven
we're probably
the invention before probability

The loving  likelihoods of life
like crawling before walking
like falling when learning to walk
like walking into runs

The statistics of confusion
divided for the mystical equation
of adding all things make believe
subtracting all things real
and solving you for yourself

— The End —