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Mystic Ink Plus Jan 2022
As her words, she wrote
It's not easy
But it's not too hard

If you want to
Introduce yourself
Don't start from
Your birth
Don't show your
Academic trash
Don't share your
Visiting cards
All those, I don't care

Stay raw
Wipe your paint
Silence the ego
Be kind to your soul
Stay calm
Let your vibe speaks
That loud

It's enough
Genre: Observational
Theme: The truth is that
Eva Encarnacion May 2021
hey, hi, hello
—this is your life,
the view is vaguely familiar
out of the passenger seat window,
two years of autopilot
isn't generally recommended—
the mind can time travel or so it thinks
unannounced comings and goings,
quiet reintroductions occur daily
as to alarm no one of your departure
Can be read top down or bottom up

"Most people I know live their lives moving in a constant forward direction, the whole time looking backward" –How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe by Charles Yu
Gabriel Apr 2021
Take four
and make mistakes,
wake in the morning
to check
that your fingers are attached
to the undeniable spot
where your hands end.
Watch the clock
in case it stops;
Dislodge the plaque
behind your gums
and scream in silence
at reflection-you.
Tick tock.
Script the helix
and watch it spiral,
dipped in mothers’ milk,
everyone, gather round
for the epiphany
T-minus twelve days.
Creation calls.
Victor Frankenstein here?
Making something other than history,
constriction in the surgical instruments.
The fate you are going to meet
is going to be so beautiful
for everyone else.
You are going to scream.
You know,
a lot of this is about birth.
Through these broken walls
I hope you realise
that everything here
is supposed to create life.
Even the mistakes.
Someday I’ll write a love letter
to Rosalind Elsie Franklin, like the ones
strewn about my bedroom,
where I tell her about my day
and ask if she would like to stir sugar
into tea with me
and call it a case study into romantics.
Now, pick your metaphor
and run with it, show me
how exactly you’re supposed
to be reading this.
And when you find the answer,
let me know.
Welcome to the beginning.
From a collection of poetry I wrote for a creative writing portfolio in second year of university, titled 'Spiral'.
Nak Aug 2020
I'm a villain
and a hero

A loser
and a winner

The best
and the worst

Here to liberate my soul from this curse

The dichotomy
between the know it all
and the know it none

The higher being
and the lesser one

In order to
find my real purpose
and be satisfied

I must see through the boarders
and keep my eyes beyond the prize
Zuri E Jun 2020
Into reading, a lot
probably introverted
weird is good in my book
I am serious like that...
Cook like crazy
Pen in hand is how I function
The University of Wolverhampton builds artists
some fix broken bones, mend hearts, build technology from scratch
I speak truths in worded lines at night when the world is an endless sea of tranquillity
life is exhausting
everyday is leg day when you are running away from things that keep you awake at night.
some call them problems. we all have them, you are not alone.
take a break, smile it is ok if your body is not what God's are made of. food nourishes. give your heart What it needs, be compassionate, be human, smile more...
A smile just makes life a little easier, doesn't it?
If you can't on your own, wine does the trick too
Let's paint a new story together.. music in the air. Lips, they speak truth to existence and kiss body parts... they tell us, "we can" ... and then, "we believe" ...
It starts with a "hi, hello, how are you?" ... see you on the other side where people are REAL! ... it is true, uncommon valor was a common virtue in the good old days. Not so much, today.

Claudio Mazzoni Jun 2020
Blood of my blood
Thick and strong like rivers mud
You overcame many lows
Gifted me wisdom; gave me love
I gave you effort, I made you proud of
And now I am you
Blood of my blood
My emotions flow like a biblical flood
Little creature, little you, person of my core
I gift to you, forever more, my love
Dr Zik May 2020
I am a your wish
travel between two milestones
in search of
You Lord!
A Ziket from Zikorean Poetry
Book: Simple Words
Poet: Dr Zafar Iqbal Khokhar
Ikaros Nov 2019
o **** that fake moody mockup?
the one with teary laugh! too quick feet!
etymology; from rival to flying to fall
matchstick underwater
brims over leftover feelings
burn the stage & hope it's not overdramatic
what to run from? barks every tree
8pm morning coffee for a lost boy
catch me
There was a prompt to introduce yourself in 50 words, I guess that's that?
RVani Kalyani Sep 2019
Poems need your listening,
Though I'll do the reading,
And though it has the rhyming.
You need to feel the feeling,
Hope my poem will be heart touching,
And I hope it will leave u smiling.
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