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Pyrrha Jan 23
You aren't trapped in darkness
You are simply hiding from the light
Taking a break from being seen
Nyctophobia is the fear of the dark
ScarringRhythm Dec 2017
The muted pain from a gory nightmare
that lingers even after waking up
the fear of the dark that beckons a stare
the comfort drink sitting cold in its cup.

There's no point trying to go back to sleep.
Even when awake, an ache still remains.
There's no solace from the creatures that creep
for when pain follows, dreams have painful stains.

The cycle of fearing the Night begins
when a dark thought within finally wins.
Penelope Winter Jun 2017
Some people are afraid of spiders
Because they've felt fangs in their skin and the venom in their veins.
And they say the way to cure it
Is to caress the eight gentle legs and learn to trust the eight gentle eyes.
Some people fear the sea
Because they've felt the air leave their lungs, believing it'll never come back.
And they say the way to cure it
Is to let one's body be embraced by the tide and embrace the love of its waves in return.
Some people fear the dark
Because they know what hides within the absence of light and they've heard what goes bump in the night.
And they say the way to cure it
Is to turn off all the lights and touch the shadows. Finding the beauty in the ignorance of what happens around them.
But you, brave soul,
Do not suffer from arachnophobia, aquaphobia or nyctophobia.
Only one terror controls your life, daring you to face it.
For you, my friend
Fear love.
Because you have been broken
Time and time again
By those who said they loved you.
And the only way to cure it
Is to fall so deeply
That you forget the spider bites, the rising tide, and to turn on the light at night.
But mostly you will forget all those that hurt you.
And your heart
Will be free
To love

- p. winter
Illya Oz Jan 2017
There is not one person
that isn't afraid
of the dark.
The fear
of the

A fear of the unknown.
Peter Watkins Apr 2015
I never truly understood
why some have a deep fear of darkness.
The unknown, things before you unseen;
these things are only childish fantasy.
For when I remain, in the deep black,
it's a haven from an attack.
People hurt people, animals hurt people,
monsters can only come as people
and they can't see me while I'm here.

It's more than an enemy,
for it has two dimensions
existing also as an ally,
if you use it correctly, confidently.
It becomes liberating when alone
to walk through the darkness of your home.
Listening to creaks and pitying,
those that would even attempt
to hurt you.

So why jump, falter,
why stumble at every sound?
Why listen, between each breath,
for the reason of your cowardice?
How about taking each step,
without a second thought
and brimming with confidence
step through the ambush night brought...

Knowing, that night never brought an ambush,
it simply taunts and demands your confidence.
Show it, that you're the master;
remember that you grow safer
when hidden in your dark haven...
Ever since I began to believe in this I stopped being afraid of the dark. I wanted to put the message into a poem so here it is.
tal Mar 2015
“Are you afraid of the dark?”

No. Not at all, in fact.
I really don’t mind
A pitch-black room.

What I am scared of,
Is my dark.

The dark that swallows my vision
When I lay down at night to sleep.

This deep, dark dreamland
Is far more severe
Than what any nightlight could fix.

Sleep is a tsunami.
I am a swimmer in the middle of the storm.
With each paddle, I am taken out and under.

Insomnia is my buoy.
The constant rattle in my head
Reminds me of the tempest to come.

Nightmares are like sharks.
They eat and gnaw on my thoughts
Shredding my soul to pieces.
This was written with a sleep-deprived mind.
Zach Hanlon Feb 2015
Paranoia in the dark of night

creating shadows into figures

and creatures from stacks of ***** laundry.

It whispers sounds of footsteps into my ears,

feigning the noise of an intruder.

It makes the darkness malleable

morphing it into a monster under my bed

or a boogeyman in my closet.

Maybe I’m paranoid of the dark…

Or perhaps whatever lurks within it.

— The End —