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Man Jan 30
Fight the fight, and
Rage into the silent night.
Bid goodbye only to
Hubris. Trust in instinct,
Trust in insight.
What you know and can prove,
Not what you hope inside.
Love, guard, and take the word of
Those who are allies;
Act only in turn, when you are more wise.
Barter acting in plain sight with guise;
It is not the sacrifice of advantage,
Nor the trade of surprise.
Keep to your bonds, keep to promise;
Protect the people, protect the country.
Protect the planet; nature, everything.
Uplift virtue, promote democracy,
Prioritize education, ensure & expand rights

Love your neighbor like a brother,
Cherish your community;
Across collective nations,
We can have paradise
Caosín Dec 2023
You have no clue about the lengths that I'd go too,
To hear your curling name on the merciful wind,
To caress your slender fingers inside my own hands.
The earth bore my heavy footsteps-
It is a long fall here, from Eden, and I broke many bones,
Just trying to get to you. Just to
Roll your name inside my mouth like a prayer. Just to
Hold you in sweet devotion, the two of us, wanting for nothing more than we could
Fit in our hands.
So when you call me, late at night, with a bottle or two in your hands,
Telling me all the things your mother
Should've said. And didn't.
Know that to be near you-
Even in a phone call. Even in a dream.
Is the thing I have wanted since before I knew your name.
Lol I acc love her so much
BLD Oct 2023
why does it seem as if everyone has left me?
my hands quiver as i verbalize these thoughts
and the sweat from my palms dampens the page --
my vulnerability has become difficult to manage,
despite my mind's intent to remain good-willed
and my heart's discontent with the language misunderstood

friendship does not require ideological consistency,
and to believe otherwise is a detriment to the love
we are fortunate enough to experience in this life;
intellectual supremacy equates to the patronizing rhetoric
embedded within the elitism of the morally superior --
your grim clouds turn our progressivism dull

i will say what i need to retain a friend,
but the judgment within is a grudge untouched,
a ghastly bruise that never seems to mend --
you do not get to determine the language i speak,
the words i weep, or the healing i seek
when a bond so potent is forgotten so easily

to question my morality is to question my identity,
and those who know are the ones to see me grow
as i flourish from the bounds of these restrictions
and inch my way upright, stronger than before,
disallowing my words to be misconstrued,
a prohibition of the trauma i continue to elude

a Leo is loyal like the lioness of a pride,
gnawing at the flesh of the ones who betray --
grudges maintained in the chill of the winter,
a midnight breeze toppled an unchanged core --
it is not a star, this dim light retreating above,
merely the fading memory of our platonic love.
frog Oct 2022
I fall too fast
I fall for friends
I fall for anyone
I fall for everyone

I fall in love
I fall in love too fast
I fall in love too hard

I fall in love a bit with everyone
I fall in love a bit with everything
I fall in love a bit with all my friends

and I wish I didn't
Alex Braun Jul 2022
I want to see the sun with you.
The rising, the setting
The ******* rainbow it makes.

I want to see it all with you.
But if I can't, when I can't
I want you to see it on your own.

I want you to experience beauty.
Over and over
Every sunrise, every sunset.

I want everything for you.
Every precious thing
Every little thing.

Every soft moment that might brighten your day
I want for you.
This sunset is yours.
i want to love you.
braid your hair and make cupcakes love
drive full speed to the mountains love
friendship before *** love

i want to love you like a unique tatoo
that only we know the meaning of.

i want to love you.
newborn fresh innocence love
give you half of my kidney love
break myself in two in order to catch you love

i want to love you.
friendship before *** love
CIN Mar 2022
I'd like to say i'm doing better
That i'm being productive or feeling good
But mostly i just feel tired
And think about seeing them again
I had a dream about them last night
I decided one day to just fly out and visit them
Seeing them again was surreal
Like eating after starving for days
Or breathing after choking for so long
We embraced and i felt my heart stutter
My smile bright like moons
And for a while i was drunk on their presence
Wanting to only be with them
And thus spurred a realization within me
I love them
More than anything i love them
Platonic, romantic, neither
It doesn't matter
I love them
This is all i know
this must be more than just care
frog Dec 2021
On the second day of knowing each other,
we looked each other in the eye
and laughed.

That was three months ago,
and since then,
I've just been falling for you.

Your smile, your eyes, your strength,
your kindness, your love, your personality,
I love it.

And I don't know just yet if that love
is platonic
or romantic,
but I do know that I am

comfortable around you.
basil Aug 2021
i love people too much
but i won't let them know me
because i'm afraid

that they will love me back
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