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Maha May 10
I never knew how to say it.
My lips couldn't form the words.
But you taught me how.
I know you learned too.
Time and time again I've seen things end.
But honestly, you're my best friend.
And if this is only for a little bit,
Then let's stop and look at the birds.
There's only one thing to say now,
I love you.
To Her.
Dedicated to the sheer amount of platonic love I feel for my best friend.
Good luck on ur finals ***, I'm so proud of u, we can def go get Korean food to celebrate this over!
A M Ryder Apr 21
In romantic relationships
You speak Latin
And your empire falls

In platonic relationships
You speak Greek
And think about caves
Peter Gareth Apr 4
Sit on a downtown bar
Hanging on myself
Besides how pathetic it may look
Pouring some ales
Celebrating less mediocre happenings
In a quite mediocre life

When I'm suddenly caught
With a red hair blue eyed beauty
Having a dry martini across the hall
Casting a kind of bored look on me
Pretending she isn't actually interested
(Or was it my mind and she really wasn't?)

I patiently wait as she finish her drink
And ask for the bartender to serve the lady another one
"From the gentleman sitting on the bar", he says

She waves her glass
Inviting me to sit along
As I leave the place with a polite smile
Call me crazy
But I'll be old fashion this one time:
Platonic affairs make a much better writing material
Ich kann die Liebe ,die ich für dich habe, in jeder Sprache erzählen
Ich kann deine schönen Augen in jeder Sprache erzählen

Du bist schweigsam
Du bist einsam
Aber ich habe dein Herz geliebt

Ich kann die Liebe ,die ich für dich habe, in jeder Sprache erzählen
Aber ich kann dir meine liebe nicht sagen
Weil ich weiß dass du mich nicht liebst
Carmen Jane Mar 18
She felt his gaze upon her,
So she turned around
To face him and to dare him,
To look straight in his eyes

And what she saw was vastness,
The size of his big soul,
The kind wishes and prayers
That he said before.

She held his hands,
Though they were not touching
She cupped his heart,
So she could kiss it.

She then had to turn around,
But she hoped he was still there
To continue to watch her,
In case she fell, to catch her.
Star Eyes Mar 15
You love me? I love me, too.
We have something in common.
Let's be friends, until the end.

You hate you? I hate you, too.
We have yet more in common.
Let's be brothers, you and I.
I don't really know why almost every freakin poem on this site is a free-verse, romantic poem. I don't mind it, I guess??

I did a sort of parody on it, ha- though I love my meters too much so I put seven syllables per line anyway...

This is, like, the ultimate friend zone poem X'D
OpenWorldView Mar 15
divine attraction
between two enchanted souls
safeguarding their bond
Ben Jan 26
everywhere is the smell of you.
its not unpleasant. the *****
offends the nose, i will admit,
but you can hardly be blamed,
and everything else is fine,
and you are doing ok.
i love you, i love you, we said that
a lot. and that’s ok! for we are
friends. and friends love one another.
if i’m honest my memory is hazy.
i know i tried to  help you —
held back your hair,
kept you upright,
walked you back to the safety of home,
and held on to you.
it was silly of course,
i knew you would be fine,
but god knows a very
loud part of me could not
bear to see you like that.
in any case, you’re ok now, and that
is All That Matters.

there’s nothing to analyse here.
i know there’s nothing at all to see,
to notice, but i haven’t stopped trying.
because i know i love you —
i knew it so clearly then, and
i know it just as clearly now.
i can’t help but wonder if that’s it.
do i love my friend, my best friend,
the best friend i could ask for
or is there something else at play
here, something i’ve locked away,
something more intense.
i don’t want to believe it.
so i focus on the i love you
because i know it’s true.
i feel it so clearly and so strongly,
more colourful than anything else i’ve felt
in years. i love you, and i know you love me too
but nonetheless i will lie
awake and ashamed
of the vast realm of possibilities
for hidden meanings to those words
i drunkenly slurred to you that night.
i will have to keep looking
under the surface of that i love you.
Iska Jan 26
I met a child
On a warm summers day
Who reminded me
How to laugh and to play
Round and around
The pool we would swim
Caving to our every whim
And in that child,
I found a spark
That breathed the life
Back into my broken heart
To a Barnacle.
The best Barnacle.
Yağmur Kaya Jan 23
I cannot reach you
In any thought of mine
Or in any universe
Or in any destiny of god
But my desperateness for you
always exists
In the wormholes
Or in the unknown galaxies
And I know it, I will love you
until cosmos reaches its limits
But guess what,
no one knows
when will it
or will it ever
As my love's existence and fever
But I accepted it, your impossibility
Now even a dream of you is actually enough for me
Because love is not about having
It's about feeling
And I can feel you even if you're not here
Or even I have never touched you or hugged you or kissed you
I don't need any memories to love you
You are enough for me
just standing somewhere
breathing, laughing somewhere
Somewhere where I've never been
But it doesn't matter, cause I've learned
How to always feel you
Within my being
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