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Ceyhun Mahi Jul 9
A light in darkness was your glowing face,
Maybe the spark who lit the candle of
Passion I had, brightening my nights and days,
With just an admiring and kind love.
Never would I forget your face for years,
You were my happiness, a simple joy
Who l had captured in my heart, the tears
Were blessings I would forever enjoy.
I could not grasp your soothing presence, though,
No – 'twas too far away for me,
The more distant you were, more did you glow,
Becoming a part of my destiny.
    I truly believed that it was Divine,
    Noble, because you could never be mine.
Brumous Jun 22
I knew how stupid I was,
to believe you
without a second thought

But, I wish you'd remember
the touches of care,
the way I ruffled your hair

I wish they comforted you
as my words were fruitless
to express worry

when loose tears appeared
and slipped down your cheeks

I liked you
despite the lies told

Now, that's passed
I'm the one who remembers
and you already forgot.
It wasn't love
Perhaps it was infatuation.

We aren't necessarily friends. They were somebody
...somebody I cared for
How could you do this to me?
Just because i compliment you on your beauty
What the hell is wrong with that?
It's not as if I called you fat
Did the last 3+ years mean nothing to you?
Blocking me on ig and sc just ain't cool
Just a couple weeks ago you said I was always there for you
And now you go and pull this treating me like a ******* fool
Is this how you treat your best friends?
I pity the next guy that tries to befriend you.
You never deserved someone like me
Caring for you like a big brother would
You and I used to be tight; like my bud
Now you're just another woman that shattered my heart
But of course I doubt you even care
You got your boyfriend so what's the use of a best friend. Go ahead and kick me to the curb. I'll just shoot these phrases at you: Karma is a *****
What comes around goes around
You reap what you sow
About a dat ago I noticed my ex best friend if 3+ years blocked me a week ago because of a statement I made and it just hurt so much that I decided to write this poem to help me deal with the pain.
It's always the people you meet by chance
That make life bearable and leave you
Standing in a trance
Unaware of the effect they have on you
Like our fate had somehow
Become intertwined with one another
Somewhere along the way
Like a gust of wind traveling
With such beauty and grace
You're unaware it is there
And helping fuel your lungs with fire
In which you need to stay alive
In order to be with the people who somehow
Got stuck with you
Platonic or romantically in love
With someone's grace and personality
Unexpectedly crossing paths with someone
Who has a lot to offer for your life
To heal or break you inside or offer help
And guidance along the way
Like a soul to hold you in safe hands
As you pass through all places in life
~ This isn't my usual poetry style but I like it a lot
Vira May 6
Words, waiting to be told – he said

How do I express what I hold
In my soul, in my longing for you to behold

It feels like a desire of a lifetime
Just to hold you once for real, in the hands of mine

I have held you for time immemorial in my soul
The wait seems forever when I will see you for real
Love and longing for a platonic soul mate  - the relationship that can never be...yet can never let go....
You ****** *****
Don't sit
He's crying
He is dying
Why did you
Come his way
Told him
You would stay
Why did you
Promise him heaven
If you were to stay
For days seven
You say
Your love is modern
Laden with
Honey dews of heaven
Have some grace
On your face
Come and save
His life
Be his wife for life
I shall call Plato
From heaven
For stopping
Honey dew supply
So that
Platonic love survives
tia Feb 9
when you grace the garden
i am overfilled with sunlight!
an intense admiration
leaves me with sudden blossoms
of an ever gentle pink...

won't you come closer?
i don't ask of you to be mine
nor for the warmth of your hands
i simply asked to be loved
every now and then...

and when i realize my feelings are one-sided
my appearance falls apart one petal at a time
leaving me to cry among the decay
when the flower is no longer a beauty
what reason do you have to stay?
it can be interpreted as romantic love but i'm not really capable of that
Jay Dec 2020
At first I was falling,
Stuck in a whorlwind,
Stragiht for the ****** bin.

Twisting, turning,
Tumbling through-
Then I found you.

You held me firm,
And helped me stand.
Now I know me.
Here I am.
How peculiar that a single person can change your life so much...
Jay Dec 2020
You are always there for me.
You lift me up whene'er I need.
Your kindness spreads through my bones,
Reaching in and peeling back the facade.
Within your loving grasp, I'm calm.

Your strong arms hold me fast.
Truly I am free at last,
Holding on until my last breath
To you, my life support, my friend.
The warm red glow of peaceful balm.

Everybody needs somebody like you...
For Ethan, the one person in my life I couldn't live without
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