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It's a platonic love
No fk  fk
A spiritual person
No **** ****
It's a platonic love
No hug hug
No kiss kiss
No hiss hiss
No fiss fiss
It's a platonic love
No fk fk
No sk sk
A spiritual person
Vacuous truth
Hedonistic tendency
Vacuously false
Where and when
Torch beam
Beaming smile
A spiritual person
It's a platonic love
Kitten Yvad Aug 17
Ah you walk into
my room
I'd been sleeping since
Half past noon

You walk into my space
Crying "and I don't wanna
be part of the human race"

oh no you walk into my heart

you're a breathing peice of
modern art
you breathe my feelings

I'm listening
in your pink room
sky our hearts beyond
this ceiling
Kitten Yvad Aug 12
summer eyes me shyly
from down the street
lost times that I had eyes
for winter, my love, my only

summer comes slowly
David W Aug 11
A fresh start to things recast
I start my job - it may be my last
New things, new roles, new people
Will I succeed, will I fit in
We...  Are on A Journey

At first, I see a pleasant face
A smile that cheers the soul
She turns and looks and dare I think
She'd make my life so whole
We...  Are on A Journey

It started small as some things do
A word, a glance, a sterling smile
The understanding is so clear
I marvel more and hold it dear
We...  Are on A Journey

As time moves on, I settle in
The days and weeks stretch further on
I feel secure and have a place
I long for her warm embrace
We...  Are on A Journey

Then one day she bears a gift
In jest, I'm sure as hearts abound
I love the thought it could be true  
I hope nothing can change my view
We...  Are on A Journey

One day she sits and opines
we have so much in common
I agree and say for sure it’s true
The path is clear, but can I woo
We...  Are on A Journey

Years pass and life it moves at pace
With joy and loss, a mix we share
We look, we smile, we talk
We know we fit but leave it sit
We...  Are on A Journey

The word is comfortable we share
The feeling is so clear
The word is love, dare it be
How can this work we’ll have to see?
We...  Are on A Journey

We are so good at being good
Platonic is the word
But love I know is such a thing
I hold out hope by just a string
We...  Are on A Journey

The eyes so strong and blue
And listening and attentive
Are but a window to her soul
I barely keep my self-control
We...  Are on A Journey

Friends for life it seems to be
The outcome that is best for all
and if it comes to that alone
My heart will not have turned to stone
We...  Are on A Journey
Love is water:
life-saving in its clarity,
drowning in its obsession,
home in its depths,
terrifying in its unknowns,
refreshing in its cool and heat,
pausing in its ice,
steeping in its boil,
relaxing in its tranquility,
overwhelming in its tidal waves.
SS Apr 25
I see her in the ocean breeze,
In dark and churning stormy seas,  
honey eyes taste salty air,
She’s curls forming in untamed hair.
I see her in the deepest night,
A starry sky of freckled light,
An asteroid, her fall to earth,
Caused ripples through the universe.
Write bad love poems for your friends because adoration isn't limited to romantic relationships! This is for my freckled best friend
Taron Apr 21
I love you...
More than quiet trips to the library
More than a up of delicious iced coffee
More than cancelling Friday night plans
More than Tumblr and Pinterest
More than a new book that hasn’t been opened yet
More than the old bookstore smell
More than the coffee shop no one knows about so I’m the only one in it
More than finishing my homework early
More than writing a new page of my book
Ursula Wolf Apr 19
Shimmering pain at the coldness of birth,
What's your purpose?

First moment of unfair life,
Why did you bring me here?

Hollowing crawls from my first step,
What's your way?

Enjoyements and sins, that took me away,
What's this all sh*t?

Cold breeze on my eyeball,
While putting the shoes on my hands.

I look into the nearness with my lips
And try to reach the core of the Earth.

I hit the space, because I want to talk to the wall,
and try to catch them all.

You mean what?
Wonders of self-lovingness,

Towards You, Me, Them, Those...

The gate that is close to open through the wall,
Let me in and find me lost.

Keep your hands to yourself and reach me,

Then kiss me while you are pushing


Love, that is screaming backwards,
Hold my brain with your crying heart.

Born me back to hauling death,
Let my eyes talk to your head,

Then take me and bring me back
On the thin line of curse of life.
Bleurose Apr 17
I'm looking for a Lily,
have you seen them?
They've probably changed much since
I saw them last.
I don't even know their name.
If you see them, tell them I miss them
and the beat of their hummingbird heart.
Their cackling laugh and warm hands.
If you see them, tell them a rose misses them.
We used to sleep in the same flowerbed,
but perhaps one should let sleeping flowers lie.
This one is about an old friend I had in my first year of college, who was talking about transitioning before we lost touch so I use 'they' because I am unsure of the right pronouns.

I think they chose to lose touch with me and that's fine. Understandable in a way even if they never, talked to me about their feelings most times.

I'm probably over romantisising our friendship, (which I designated as a moirallegiance) because in some ways they treated me badly. I think I treated them badly too, and I think in my recent months of lonely contemplation, I miss the companionship and warmth they gave me. College was a time where I rarely felt lonely and I miss that.

I hope they're happy though, I think of them often.

Little bat, lover of Octavia and Vinyl Scratch, master of mechaphantoms and griffins, scholar of electronics, A Bleurose misses you.
John James Mar 24
Sometimes traveling the roads of this city called life, you get lost and left alone.
But shining bright your hand reached towards me, a friend.
And friendship is a two way street, so hold mine and I'll hold yours.
As we guide each other through turmoil and grief.
I'll be your map, and if you'll be my compass. Together we'll make it home this night and the next.
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