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Martin Boško Apr 24
Who am I to you? How do you see me?
How do I sound? Do you even like me?
Are you watching my every step?
Are you laughing behind my back?
Do you make jokes? Am I the main gossip?
Just a false feeling
But the fact that I know, doesn't mean I can stop it
Morgan Vail Apr 1
Searing pain in the chest,
Longing for inclusion, for aid.
Rather a stab wound than be subject to,
Rather I touch fire than long,
Yet my eyes wander and nerves shake me,
Into the caged mist,
Like a cornered animal.
Any god would know I attempt,
Though I still wade in comfort,
Coddled by self mutilation.
The snake seeks refuge in the throat,
Thrashing as it sinks lower in the body,
Slamming each time against the lungs,
Desperate to escape this prison,
Decorated with dirt and sleepless nights.
My breath is stolen by its scales,
Bleeding out in mute acceptance.
I’ll hide away if I have to,
And having to is like all the time.
When my heart beats too fast,
And even when your hand is entangled in  mine,
I have to hide away - but know I tried.

Other people just don’t understand me,
In the way that you do.
I try to be happy, meaning I put on a smile,
But deep down inside, all I want is to hide.

I can’t be around others,
And I think that is easy to see.
But I love all of your colours,
Around you - I can be me.
- Bethany Collery -
@poetry.bethanycollery on IG
parker Mar 8
Everywhere I go
I watch the floor
Each crack and line memorized
as i scan them.
feet shuffle behind, scuffing them
leaving new marks to find

someone speaks.

my mind screams to look

i cant.

theres the crack,
the spot,
the scuff,
and all words fall on deaf ears;
and my feet shuffle on

why does tile hold my mind?
why cant i look you in the eyes?
social anxiety makes it hard to talk to people
e Mar 7
liquid dawn, headphones, cold, and restlessness
pills, tears, and helplessness
it’s at times like these that I feel like I’m falling behind, without facing
disquietude, medicine short of patience

I hid in the bathroom to spit out my disappointment towards me, always the abomination
because I just can't seem to do anything right, what a desecration
they knock on the door but I have no breath left to answer
could it be because of my pounding? I can't endure the slander

lips lie then pray for attention, for someone to cry for me
but that someone is not there, and it's so dark in here
I spout nonsensical filler words in every sentence I speak.
I say things, to say something, without Adding any meaning behind it.
Because my most exposed,
Raw thoughts,
Would make this group go silent.
I'm not accepted,
Unless I wear this filter.
It filters out all insightful and Substantial conversation.
And replaces it with a slop of words,
That make me
Feel sick.
I'm sick of saying something that means nothing.
The classroom was filled with laughter and joy,
And dancing young teens
All i could feel though was jealousy and hatred
I hate them for being so happy when my world is so dark
I hate them for being able to socialize and make friends
I hate them for being gorgeous and tall and skinny
I hate them for everything that i'm not
It makes me mad knowing its not there wronging it's the universe
sophie Jan 19
she plays soccer

her coach is flamboyant
and loud
and nice
and she feels

so so very small
even though she is goalie
and has big feet
and spidery hands

she faces a lot of doubt
in goal
at home
on the court where she practices

is she valued?
is she liked?
do people think she’s ok?
does it matter?
social anxiety.
daphne Dec 2020
how do you do that?

walk into a crowded room
shoulders strained back
with a grin so wide
your head held high

i can't help but fiddle
finding a place to hide
frankly, i'd rather die
than ever meet their eye

how do you speak
and emit such an aura of confidence?
are you so sure of yourself?
what if they find you unpleasant?

when they approach me
my lungs can't help but falter
my sentences come out stuttered
something wrong i'll surely utter

and when we finally leave
both you and i sit back with a sigh
yours filling you with melancholy
mine, relief, because i just survived

you must've enjoyed the party
there's a loose ***** in your mind
but now to me they're blind
so i'll be absolutely fine
my brother and i are complete opposites. he is the life of the party and i'm the grim reaper lurking in the corner of the room.
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