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Liz Carlson Feb 2021
get out.

heart racing,
can't catch my breath,
hand rubbing against my thigh repeatedly,
pulling my knees up to my chest and holding my body so tight, it hurts,
i can't think logically, only fear and loss of control ensues.
my own thoughts tear me apart and scare me.

the only real danger is in my thoughts,
so how do i get out?
Raven Blue Feb 2021
Anywhere, Anytime;
Anxiety Attack, Panic Attack;
Sometimes I cry;
Sometimes my chest tightens;
Sometimes I feel choked;
Sometimes I hyperventilate;
Sometimes I feel like I'm dying;
It's hard...
But I'm trying to fight....
Raven Blue Feb 2021
I'm about to burst;
It's getting worst;
But they're here;
I'm trying to endure;
I'll shed all these tears,
Kenneth Gray Oct 2020
Worry a'creapin
Confusion sets
Nerves are startled
Fear Upsets

Minds a racin'
Thoughts implode
Face is flushed
Fear Explodes

Hearts a'flutter
Chest tightens up
Voices stutter
Fear Erupts

Hearts a'poundin
Sweat then rolls
Panic resounding
Fear unfolds

Deaths a'loomin
Dreads attack
All consuming
Fear is back

Peace a'buildin
Calm ensues
If Gods willing
Fear defused
I learned a 2 beat structure similar to this from a friend on Facebook. I took what I learned and put my own twist on it by bouncing back and forth between 2 and 3. Even kind of a 3-4. I think it sounds better with that beat rather than a constant 2. As if I did anything to explain what I mean by a beat-structure lol. Its just my personal language that I use. I used that structure while thinking about anxiety and this is the result.
MN Jun 2020
It’s a trap
I fall unknowingly,
It comes anytime
An emotional meltdown  
Suddenly I stop breathing
My hands freeze
Face turns hot
Like the blood is boiling
My legs trembling
I close my eyes
And the poison
It comes out in tears
A silent cry
Like an open tap
Like drops of rain
From a heavy tree
And everything freezes
I hear no sound but my heartbeat
I see nothing with my open eyes
All I feel is the wind
Blowing through my hair
The air stuck inside my chest
But I breathe
Slowly but surely
It’s suffocating
Yet I breathe
It’s heartbreaking
And I still breathe
I am not giving up so easily
StormriderIX Apr 2020
can you say
I make everything

didn't even want
to try
to understand.

do you refuse
to even try
to understand me?

wanted to talk,
my point of view.

say you want
to do with my faith.

do not think
it important
to support my identity.

      I care

said I
wouldn't care
if you died.

Not once.
Not twice.
But thrice.

can you say
these things to
your own daughter?

Once in fury.
Twice I have some doubt.
Thrice I know.
           You just struck out.
Sarah Delaney Jan 2020
Even in a room full of people, I have never felt so alone.

Sabika Jan 2020
It hits like a bullet.
Caught off guard,
Triggered by the circumstance,
Fuelled with the negative thought,
Your mind starts to race and all sense is blur.

It hits like a tsunami.
One second you could breathe,
The next your nostrils and mouth is forced shut,
Your insides are burning,
You’re crashing against sorrows
And there’s oh so much desperation
For the need to simply

When the feeling is this intense
You won’t know what hit you.
lenore Jul 2019
my insides may curl up like sails in a storm
but my heart is the flag, unafraid to be torn.
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