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My Dear Poet Feb 2022
A lizard and a tatt!
imagine that…
his lover left before she came
gone on a whim
leaving him
with a tattoo of her name

now full of regret
but soon will forget
when his words finally come true
his promise of change
never too late to arrange
a shed of skin and off with the tattoo
Marco Feb 2020
In the forest late one summer day,
between the trees and prams,
a sweet girl whistled a small tune
that made the rabbits dance.

They danced and hopped and frinked about
and it was all quite nice
until the Wankerschmacken came
and brought a plague of Braifs.

The Braifs, they danced and frinked as well
and grew and grew in size
until they grew to twelve feet tall
much to the girl’s surprise.

The Wankerschmacken watched with glee,
with joyous hate and hunger,
the rabbits, the girl, they were confused
as they stared down the Schmacken’s flanger.
The flanger was his mouth, of course,
filled with teeth like daggers,
and the beast lunged after the poor girl
who through the forest yaggered.

She yaggered and ran and over a root
she suddenly fell and cried;
The Wankerschmacken took his chance
and this is how she died:

The monster opened its flanger large,
its throat was charcoal black;
A blue tongue stretched and grabbed the girl
and hurled her into its depths.

She fell for an eternity,
she seemed to fall for years;
And in its stomach she cried and cried
and drowned in her own tears.

A century has come and gone
since this cold-blooded ****
but if you put your ear to the woods
you can hear the Schmacken still.

It snores and roars deep in its sleep;
Can you smell its rotten breath?
but once you do it is too late –

You will die a vicious death.
A nonsense ballad heavily inspired by Carroll's "Jabberwocky", one of my all-time favorite poems.
croob Apr 2018
when I show him to you, your forehead
is enveloped in creases —
“he has to go,
he probably carries diseases.”

“But don't you like this guy?”
“I mean, he seems kind of useless,
and how will you feed him,
he looks kind of toothless.”

(this is when I knew
not to associate with you,
'*** you were absolutely

“Really…?” I ****,
to which you only nod.
I shrug: “Well, to me,
he’s a little green God.”
Winter Sparrow Mar 2017
The lizards are out.
They crawl among us again,
Bringing about an end to a season.
Winter has passed.

A cold shiver now
Turns into an uncomfortable sweat.
Our armor becomes lesser.
Our days become longer.

The sun pierces our skin,
The cold no longer protects us.
People show more skin.
The time of temptation.

Christmas becomes St. Marys feast.
The fan replaces the christmas tree.
It is now not a time to gather,
But a time to go out in the sun.

Getting drunk by the beach,
Enjoying sweet waves on your feet.
Sand crawling on your hands.
A slight breeze in your hair.

Summer is here.
Winter is dead.
The heat prevails.
The cold descends.
Illya Oz Sep 2016
If the lizards tail
Is to ever be cut off
It always grows back
Even if things in your life hit you hard and try to break you down, you must still keep growing to keep living.
GaryFairy Jan 2016
we keep them in cages
we want all of our friends to see
so we put them on stages
they should be out there running free

my friend on the table
won't stop scratching at the glass
I've chosen to disable
this animal's natural path
This isn't about domesticated pets. This is the reason I don't go to zoos. It is so sad to see that look in an animals eyes.
Seán Mac Falls Dec 2015
Each time bigots shine
Crass losers winning at cards
Donald Trump shows hand
Arlo Disarray Jul 2015
i saw a spiny, little lizard
whose skin was rather dry
i told him he was ugly
and it made the ****** cry

i told him i was sorry
but then that was just a lie
the ***** boy ran off
and he had himself a cry

i laughed as he had an outburst
i got huge tears in my eye
this lizard was hilarious
quick jokes right on the fly

he didn't have to work too hard
he didn't have to try
he was a clown by nature
i will laugh until i die

the lizard ran away from me
because i made him cry
the rude ******* just took off
without telling me "goodbye"
i work in a pet store, so i was inspired by an iguana who was making me laugh.
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