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lua Mar 20
Of midnight dreary and starlight’s end
Singing gentle tunes in the lions’ den
Each growl muddled with a lonely saint’s cry
Drinking in the sorrows of sinners who’ve died
I pray to a dead god, an exploding star in the night
The words overflow, thick and bright
Like blood in my veins, like roses in the summer
It reaches out to me with its cold, bluing fingers
A lion roars, they wither, they die
And in seconds, ever wondrous, they breathe life
I see this, I scream, I shout, I cry out
I say, Take me out
Take me out!
Take me out!
Give me the thing I’ve yearned for
The thing that my heart aches for!
The thing that I crave!
S e t   t h i s   d e n   a b l a z e
mal frost Mar 15
as the sun cast its
brilliant rays
upon the bay
the tropical waters glimmered
in silent light
on the shore,
the lions - majestic, golden creatures -
stirred from their slumber,
if only to growl heartily
at the dawn of another day
before turning over
in the pale, sticky sand,
so that their damp manes would be warmed
by the fierce guardian in the sky
inspired by The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway - part 1 of some writing I scribbled in the back of my during calculus
Chandler Ames Feb 26
bully and beast
tummy and tongue
circus trainers thankful
that they tame lions
FloydBrandon Feb 8
Well I’ll be the first of my kind to admit
I like the type of girl that spits
On my clip
**** me until she gets rich
If I go all in   on you go all out on me
into the lions den
Eatin that ***** like a savage
cause I’m wild about it
Robby Dec 2019
I am the lamb
Lead me to the post you prepared
Tie me there tightly

Take your knife from its sheath
Plunge it deep in my neck
Drain me until there is no more

Love me while I perish
A Aug 2019
To end a broken star,
Galaxies twist a turn from afar,
Hearts of lions know where they rest,
Upon the lonely plains,
And to end a place, to dream,
Upon the lilies, resting frogs,
A mouse trapped, stinging bog,
As the bird sings and screams.
For this prompt on Write the World by Poets and Wordsmiths: "This prompt is simple, dear poets. Borrow the title from Hilda Raz’s stirring poem, “Narrative Without People” (full poem copied below for further inspiration), and write your own poem—a narrative in which no human characters appear."
Jackie Mead Mar 2019
A Lion called Leo, that’s his name.
Golden Fleece body and a head framed with a golden mane.
Leo is King of all he surveys.
As he stretches his body and basks in the rays, of the midday sun of the Savannah Plains.

Leo is the head of the pride.
The Alpha Male to the Lioness bride.
Father to seven newly born cubs.
He sits alone, camouflaged amongst the scrub.

Leo senses danger ahead.
He ****** up his ears and lifts his head.
Sensing trouble ahead, he sets loose a loud roar.
Scarring the Vultures, who overhead soar.

The Lioness hears the warning sound.
Gathers her cubs and ushers them to the ground.
Lion and Lioness, now working as a Team.
Lion and Lioness, one skilled fighting machine.

The Lion starts prowling, picking up pace.
Keeping himself hidden behind rushes, not leaving a trace.
The Lioness stands proud and alert.
Eager that no cub should get hurt.

The Lion continues hunting its prey.
Stealthily circling and closing in upon his catch.
The preyed will not see another day.
Leo uses his large claws to trap, ****** and dispatch.

Lion and Lioness, a winning team.
Nature’s, skilled fighting machine.
Not hunting for a thrill.
This is hunting for survival, **** or be killed.

The Lion returns to his place under the sun.
Once again basking in the rays.
His Lioness and cubs safe for another day.
Part of a nature project I'm working on in 2019.
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