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Words die little deaths,
Hopeful kamikaze runs,
Endings on windscreens.
William Marr Sep 6
now that autumn is here
it's hard to avoid
biting insects and pecking birds

but he finds it impossible to moan
no sooner has a wound opened up
than it's filled with sweet juice
Em Glass Aug 17
Gnats are just a nuisance,
Mosquitoes are a threat,
Fireflies are a fleeting try
At remember instead of forget.
Norman Crane Aug 15
A thousand beetles scurry up a hill,
Above, a hundred foreign beetles wish them ill,
Their rifle sights through slits in concrete bunkers weave,
A spiderweb of fire.

Now grieve each carapace, dry and still,
As you aspire to one day k*ll
or die defending your concrete tomb upon the hill,
For your, as every, generation seeks,
Glory to the strong! Death to the weak!
Mitch Prax Jun 24
The love bug
is not kept in a jar
but left to roam from afar.
The love bug
must be set free
to see if it was meant to be.
Charlotte T May 21
My skin crawls in your presence now.
This aversion is painfully present,
deep-seated, inexorable.
My antipathy
I feel for you is

Grinding away the
rind of my rib-cage,
I will not let the disease reach my
My fragile lungs
my tender heart.

The veil of insects and filth
upon realization that it is time for me to go.
Weaponizing insect repellent
for the pursuit of freedom.
Murakami May 1
I used to spend hours looking down
At the thousands of small critters
I used to look at the caterpillars
Checkered, bristle-covered enveloped bodies
As they roamed the soil for growth

A breeze, a storm
Enough to flood the land
The caterpillars gasped for air
Lost, alone.

But the sun struggled through
The storms calmed
And the caterpillars emerged from the water
Ready to fly,
Ready to metamorphosize.

Now I look up, up to the sky
and I finally see
Momentary beauty, splendid nonetheless:
Purple wings glistening through the wind.

That’s what I aspire to be.
"I'm graduating"
Blackenedfigs Apr 27
In a dream,
the millipede pleads to me
for his freedom.

                                     I look the other way
                                     and as quickly as he
                                     emerged from the dirt

                                                                                 He is gone.
Meat Stevens Jan 29
While you’re sleeping
The spiders bathe in your nightstand water
As the mosquitos play you Copeland’s “Fanfare For The Common Man”
The worms use you as a blanket
The bees outside your window spread rumors about the Praying Mantis
The roaches climb the bedpost to get a better view
and the ants want to be left alone cause they’re too busy working on their own things
while the Praying Mantis makes a move on the Brown Widow
It’s actually not a widow it’s a  Brown Recluse according my roommate, Charlie
He tells me their bites are harmless
But I don’t believe him
So I take a picture and ask someone on reddit spiders
and they tell me it looks like a Brown Widow but the photo quality isn’t too clear
I mean I got up as close as I could to take the picture
And we should really call an exterminator
Because the Ladybugs now won’t shut up about the Mantis
And the Moths are making a mess in the kitchen
And it’s really Gal the landlords job to handle it
But he’s too busy being a heart surgeon on the side so I guess I’ll have to do it
I’ll call today. I’ll call now.
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