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Omni Winters May 2018
Don't they understand?
We crave the very thing our loved ones are scared of.
"It isn't healthy! It isn't normal!
I'm concerned for you.
I'm worried about you.
Think about
what you're doing to yourself.
Do you think this is beautiful? Do you think you are beautiful? What are you going to do about this? You need help. I want to help you, let me help you. Look at what you're doing to yourself..."
Who the hell do they think they are to tell us how we should act or feel?
How would they know what we're going through?
People like us are strong. We have our goals
and intend to fight for them.
**** what they say.
I crave the unknown. I crave what others fear.
Sever my pain away and open up new
beginnings with your tool of mass destruction.

© 2018 Omni Winters
May 13th, 2018
I apologize for my use of profanity in this piece of writing. I tend to use a lot of it when I feel emotions such as anger and I feel like it is the appropriate time to use it, even though there are better words to replace it.
Jonathan Oct 2018
That got your attention
Didn't it?
Even though I am a stranger
Who couldn't possibly know it to be true
And worth is subjective
Those who know you would disagree
And point out your merits
And you would weigh yourself
To realise that not all parts are equal
Who am I to say such things?

And yet you take the time to read it
Reread, incase you misread
In reading you contemplate it's truth
You are my puppet, and me your puppeteer
How could you be such a sheep!

Why are you amused?
Why does insult carry more meaning than praise?

It's easy to hurt.
Sticks and stones may break your bones
But words can make you think you deserved it.
We are social beings and so
We look for validation
But insult stands out
It leaves a branded mark in our brains
And so we spotlight it

It's easy to be sad.
But it's fulfilling to be happy.
Being positive is hard
But it's worth it in the end.

How could I possibly know?
I couldn't.
But I do.
And soon you will too.

What are you doing now?

You are reading!

Now you are smiling.
You're Wonderful

Inspired by Dennis Willis's "You Are a Hallucination"

Sticks and stones line borrowed from xkcd's comic.
Chloe James Apr 21
Frustration like knots in a perfect string of thread.
Only i know what it's like to feel that dread.
The vicious creature will deprive you of the truth.
Now the audience will only see me as aloof.
It seems I'm the only one that is sincere.
But none of them listen as they all adhere.
I now fabricate the knots on my perfect string of thread.
As now all the hope in my heart has been left dead.
Sometimes being alone is a good thing.
Apporva Arya Oct 2018
When I see around,
I see people
dancing to the beats of
Negativity and sorrow.
So I close my eyes
And create my own
Which stirr my soul,
Warm my heart.
I dance at my own melody...
And finally open my eyes.
Look up at the blue sky,
At the creator of all kind,
Give him a smile,
And let my heart fly.
I believe love always find its way because love is the way.So whenever darkness will rise then I will sing LOVE with all my might because love is the mightiest.
Chloe James Apr 21
A narrow path leads my way.
Little did I know I would end up astray.
For what they have told you is mendacious.
nothing else could give them that sensation.
That validation.
That hydration for their unquenchable thirst.
So believe me when I say this, it isn’t the first.
Don’t always take the obvious route.
They will approach you with their knout.
Sometimes we befriend the wrong people.
Marya123 Mar 18
I don't know how to believe
That there'll be a kinder time
With something good to receive
A hill easier to climb.
Oh it's just a waste of hours
Thinking it'll soon be nicer
Fate has stripped me of my powers
While I grow none the wiser.
If anyone's reading this
Tell me it will be okay
That there is a unique bliss
After my fears go away!
I remain stuck in a hole
The world's always moving on
This night, I ask, with all my soul:
Will I ever see a dawn?
Negativity is a bane
Don’t feed it your pain
It will grow manifold
And leave not a trace
******* you into its vile vines

The goodness in you, a boon
Revitalise the seeds
Nurture well, and see them flourish
To be cherished on a sunny day
Or a chilly winter’s night
Just some thoughts
Chloe James Apr 21
Her voice resonated through my mind, cushiony like cotton.
oh if only I hadn’t forgotten.
Her words would ruthlessly tare through my flesh like a dagger.
I try to tip-toe, but inconveniently stagger.
When will she become too perfidious for her throne?
if she were to atone for her sins, how would I know she had grown?
I will sedate.
my emotions for you will try and dissipate.
Now because of you I will never follow fate.
On the exterior people perceive themselves in a way that'll benefit their social status. It's in the interior where all their inner demons lie. Sometimes we have to be selfish, be cruel to be kind, but some people take advantage of that phrase.
Michael John Oct 2018
a sophisticated double negative
ensues a devastating clarity..
and a few lines on a train
why comely

fine england
touched by an
autumnal wand..

to barren sparkle
gold the shiver from
the gods..
around the bend
come by dream´ s winter..!!!)

astrix..a child´´ s poem..another
good one from twigzy..
With just a few words
you crush me to smithereens
taking and taking without giving
anything in return
Even as something in my chest
Even as I feel my walls crumble
nothing can halt the sting of hurt
that follows you
You handle words like a double-edged
a prodigy in the art of inflicting
Spitting acid into the air between
it collects beneath my flesh and
eats away at me from within
So I summon shields of wintery smiles
and icy eyes
in the futile hope it will ensconce
bandaged bruises
I make myself stand tall before you
and unexpecting.

-Esther L. Krenzin-
Dad, you can be so hurtful.
Cylia Aug 2018
The devil is weak,
Trying to speak.
I don’t believe-That the words that he say,
Can keep me upbeat,
And could really delete,
Me, from this world that I hate, but also love, till the day I leave,
Then I’ll soon be complete. More than free.

I leave it be.
For when I do speak,
that all of these words are orderly said and doesn’t cause havoc and destruction that clumps up inside my head.
#positivityspreads #speakup #don’t #hideaway
in 1992, a child is born
and handed a gift.

he opens the box labelled "life"
and examines its contents.

a blanket hand-stitched
with hope, perseverance,
and comfort

draped over a teddy bear
stuffed with fearful nightmares,
and heartache.

a blue jar labelled "sadness",
containing fluttering butterflies
symbolizing joy.

a ticket for the rollercoaster
he's finally tall enough to ride,
with no warning
of the endless ups and downs.

that two-minute rush
of adrenaline
followed by hours
of motion sickness.

this child
is now twenty six.

he is staring at the empty
box labelled "life" -

at the worn-out blanket
lying next to
the teddy bear's stuffing -

at the shards of blue glass
and butterfly corpses -

at the torn up carnival ticket.

he regrets ever accepting this gift.

- v.m
this is a very real story of a very fictional box and a very non-fictional human.

now, this very real ultra violet remarkeyable is here to tell you that you have been given your very own box labelled "life" for your very own unique reason. all you have to do is discover what that reason is. only then, i think, will you truly appreciate your very unique little box.

my butterflies are alive and well. i hope yours are too.
Alex Smith Oct 2018
Like an albatros
I criss
Then cross
Lines of red ink on me
And what's the cost?
I keep fighting,
But lost
And cut my ear right off
Like Evander Holyfield
Or Van Gogh,
An artist
Now trust.
And me,
The curse
Who gets worse
The more you get to know him.
Everything I do
Is like a ******* sin.
And life is a pool
I can't jump in-
I can't swim
And then I sink
And think
Of those who can't swim too
In my ocean of negativity
And now dying virtues.
This is my cue
To leave out
And choose
The ones who know what
I'm about
Before I lose
My sanity to clout
And pick a fool
Like me.
A maniac and insomniac
And freak show
To be.
MG Dec 2018
how do you explain:
i'm the one who's broken my own heart.
years of allowing negativity into my cracks,
tolerating it's bloom.
only now trying to rip out their roots.
but they have grown like weeds.
manifested in my chest, tangled throughout my ribs.
trying to make them love me, to make them see.
trying to fall back in love with myself,
is really not that easy.
it actually hurts more than loving any one else.
because you know, more than anyone, what you're capable of.
good and bad.
but please, in my upmost hour of desperation,
im begging myself
to take myself back.
she misses you.
she needs you now more than ever.
still waiting for me to come back
Gemma Apr 2018
Let's take a break
Lead me the way to a brighter place,
Break away from the negativity , the full time hate that I drape upon myself,
before it's too late .
For the first time in my life I can announce that I'm taking this time off for myself ,
It's not that I usually have help
No I'm too busy doing things for others
I wasn't taught to be caring
I was born to be a lover .
I participate in life for the people ,
Not the money nor the ecstasy
Those things never meant much to me -
I am only breathing today
tomorrow I will learn to love myself
Alexx Luceanu Nov 2018
Raised a man by a small little boy,
Who took a mind and broke it as if a toy.
Pushed away for fear of being a burden,
To speak helps they said, no chance of words spoken.
desire for compassion and understanding is all that was asked,
To have people there not put up a mask.
An iron knot in the chest, voices in the head.
15 years of this, better off dead?
They tell you aren’t you too young to die,
then laugh and say man up when you begin to cry.
Prayed an entire lifetime despite the disbelief,
God won’t save now, only shaking his hand will bring you peace.
Preaching compassion and awareness that’s what was said.
Yet still the message sent is a hollow non replied read.
Unspoken acts what he put a child through,
The things experienced before 22.
It’s not just one, we’re all in pain,
They tell us to do it for the personal gain.
Don’t be like the rest, why be the same,
When you can have it all, complete life’s game.
Believe me,
The pain won’t subside with a claim to fame.
It’s now become where none know what to do,
No light in sight will this life be seen through?
Don’t worry about that they’re just voices in a head,
Once woken,
minds that have remained unspoken.
For too long has there been suffering there’s not need,
Simply a desire for acceptance and some food to feed.
There’s no issues beneath the earth when you’re 6ft down,
Can’t you see there are grown men struggling now?
Fear of rejection when abandoned by most,
Walking the green mile these youthful ghosts.
Give your word you’ll do your best,
to help another when their depressed.
Open your mind, why be a hypocrite,
Ignorance in reflected eyes you have to admit.
Copyright 2018
ren Nov 2018
all i think about is you,
how you might not be feeling well
and you’re probably quite overwhelmed
or how maybe you’re enjoying yourself
and smiling so brightly.
i wish i didn’t have to think of you,
someone who could think of someone else,
even if you’re so important to me,
there is someone else more important than me
and at the end of the day,
i’ll have to face it when you say,
it’s just not you.
i prepare myself-
i prepare myself for a far worse heartbreak,
i do not understand why,
should i simply just let go?
it feels so impossible,
letting go of yet another one of my loves
and i don’t want to just simply let go
because i want to hold on so tightly
and to stay for as long as i can.
my heart will have to accept the pain,
the pain it may possibly be given
but for now,
i’ll have to wait for you,
no matter how long it takes-
i will wait.
i can no longer be quick to assume,
i just want you to know that i apologize,
i apologize for dragging you down
and making you feel like it’s all your fault,
that you made me feel this way,
when i am the one that makes me feel this way-
i am the one making such assumptions,
i am the one that makes the tears fall,
i am the one who chooses to cut off people,
i am the one to make such a big deal of this,
soon you’ll realize that i am the one
and it was never ever you.
maybe she’ll convince you of that
because i really can’t,
it is like my words have no meaning
or you’re just not hearing them.
you’ll have to do what you have to do,
say what you have to say,
do not let the guilt wash over you that day
because it’s about who you really feel for
and if it’s just not me,
i’ll understand because it always can’t be me.
i say i’ll stay even when you decide
but i’ll try,
i’ll really try just for you.

you: an angel, battling himself, tearing himself apart over losing someone he loves and breaking their heart. poor angel, why does he have to deal with such difficulties like me? he’ll have to say goodbye the day he decides and a small piece of his heart leaves only to be put back together by the one he loves the most. it’ll hurt but it’ll go away, he will get over it and maybe so will i. no end to his suffering, this poor angel i will simply never stop loving no matter if there’re more angels because he is my angel. i hope he does not regret his decision when the time comes because my angel will have the one he truly loves for once.
i poured my heart and feelings out in this, i really hope whoever sees this, enjoys it!
jordan is a star athlete,
envied by all
on the opposing teams.

jordan is also creative,
and intelligent,
and an all-round amazing

jordan is strong,
and powerful,

but also delicate
and emotional.

jordan wants you to know
that she doesn't have to
conform to gender stereotypes.

she knows her place in
this world -

she knows that her place is
wherever she wants it to be.

she is independent
and doesn't need your negativity :)

- v.m
august 8th.
happy women's day!
jordan and i want you to know how amazing you're doing. have yourself an amazing day/night/morning/evening & sparkle like the unicorn you are !

[this was sort of inspired by an ad i saw on instagram a few weeks ago.]
Benjamin Rain Aug 2013
Evil monarch, that huge tadpole.
No reason to rush it all.
Cowardice, procrastination.
Your feedback is nothing more—

—Than negativity and more barriers
With more obstructions, how to fall?

Beta thinker beta person,
Pleasing people is your call
No greater malice than silence
Crippling people, you adore

Negligence is your perfection. To obfuscate, illumination.
But with hopeful consolation, we write in quiet desperation.

For the God that troubles mankind. And these tyrant, hinder growth.
They have killed our brilliant mindset.
I hope my poem--
I hope my poem kills them all.
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