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His last name Strong describes him perfectly
Strength in his own right
Strong and Might
Gorilla Strong started on his journey as a Weightlifter
He would lift weights beyond expectations
In fact, when he lifts weights at the gym where he trains appropriately called “INTENSITY BEYOND”
Every weight he lifts sounding like an Earthquake around him with shakes and vibrations
It surrounds Mr. Strong’s training formation
His body parts seem to muscle flex without Mr. Strong doing a flex
Mr. Strong has received numerous Weightlifting awards and top honors in sportsmanship

You are probably scratching your head in wondering who is this Gorilla Strong is a person who I made up in my head
However, it would be surprising if Gorilla Strong really existed
So where did the first name of Gorilla originate?
It wasn’t from the ridges of Africa nor a descendant from King Kong
It describes Mr. Strong’s strength capabilities and Gorilla built structure
But there is another side of Gorilla Strong
He became a competitive Bodybuilder
How does one go from Weightlifting to Bodybuilding?
Easy answer, Train, Eat, Preparation and Transformation
Mr. Strong competed in Bodybuilding Contest in winning the Mr. Sensational Title
Because Mr. Gorilla Strong is unique and was wonder and instilled competitive
No imagination or dream, but fierce competition in what bodybuilding could become
The stage was set and when Gorilla Strong stepped on the Posing Dais or some would call the podium along with the other competitors, there was no comparison as to who would win the bodybuilding show
Mr. Strong was vascular, constructed, muscle pumps and showed promise and plenty of detail
It was because of his Weightlifting days that paved the way for Bodybuilding
Even when Mr. Gorilla Strong shook one’s hand, it was like shaking hands with a vice
He was just that strong
After all, one’s last name of strong is nothing to ignore
Think on crush and ouch
Some might think that Mr. Gorilla Strong might be too strong
Just saying, what if Mr. Strong was arrested, and was put into handcuffs, do think they would hold being his strength?
It might be considered a strongman act
Gorilla Strong being a man of excellence
Essence at its best
Powerful with might
Mr. Sensational
Global name
Gorilla Strong
The Night of the Christmas Bus
Holiday accented all decked out
People observed as it was moving about
Santa was aboard
** ** ** accord
Santa told a Christmas story of the Christmas Bus
The children were aboard being a plus
Children were all sitting in their reclining chairs
They listened carefully with care
The Christmas bus that journeyed to the North Pole
As Santa narrated, the wonder became behold
The bus arrived at Bus Toyland
All kinds of scale buses were there
Each had their own stories to share
All the scale buses were of all kinds
They all unique and genuine
Some had operating lights
Others made engine starting sounds
There were some that were remote controls that were found
The scale buses would capture a child’s delight
However, Santa has a bus story to tell tonight
There was a European bus sitting all alone
No momentum and not full blown
The European scale bus was considered as a misfit because of a weird design
Every bus should be in a child’s hand
This is the Christmas Bus Caravan
The other scale bus models were singing, “We are buses for every Boy and Girl, it will bring them joy to enjoy”
But that didn’t settle for the poor European scale bus
There was no fuss
Misfit is a European Scale bus that sits in a corner
All neglected
But that is about to change
The story relishes with a rearrange
Santa felt bad about the whole ordeal
A child’s heart is warmth being for real
Santa abruptly shouted, “Every bus deserves a chance being part of a child’s heart as the holiday season is about joy and love being the reason
Santa thought to himself, what a wonderful idea, and a misfit European bus no more
The misfit European scale bus was told his, and Santa and the other scale buses saw the Flashing headlights of approval
By the time Santa finished the story, the children had felt a sleep, and dreaming deep of buses to keep
Imagine Christmas morning when the children woke up
There would be cocoa filled in their cup
It’s the midnight hour, Santa is busy with the Elf’s packing all the toy buses for the night ride
Santa said Off Greyhound, Trailways, Coach USA and Academy and into wintry road
We have a schedule and must be on-time
As you know, Santa is genuine
Christmas cheer as Santa preservers
Buses travel during the night to touch a child’s heart
Dash away Dash away
Buses rolled into their getaway
Love on hold
Hate on told
Appreciation with hesitation
Please give me your divided attention
I am hated by many
To some people that might sound uncanny
I consider myself avoid
Bitterness in people’s heart with no joy
I did nothing wrong
I feel within the world I don’t belong
But I have flavor being God’s create
In his eyes, I am his appreciate
My name should be called Shame
People want me to be the blame
Cherish me while I am alive
Through Mercy and Grace is how I survive
Death will strike me one day
Tomorrow is not promised
But your hate of me is not honest
No matter what I say or how I say will still muster your continuous hate
I am human and deserve respect
Love and Joy should have enduring effect
I am the sea to the shore
Standing like a lighthouse with your hate I shall ignore
Your truly hate me within your heart
I have no forgiveness to your hate
I live on appreciate
You can hate me now until
My heart is genuine and kind
Your hate is relished on confusion and sublime
Forgive me
No matter what, my world will continue to revolve
I got my own problems to solve
I am bold with God’s threshold
Hate has no place
Your hate of me is deleted and erased
You are not the better world
There’s a place above that makes hearts swirl
Hate metrics on call
I have seen and conquered all
It was an Arizona Sunrise
A new day to recognize
It was a Greyhound bus pulling into a Terminal bus stop
Passengers felt alerted and confused
Suddenly winds began to blow
Tumbleweed surfacing in moving and it they weren’t slow
Shutters were hitting what looked like deserted homes
It was a town that was all alone
The Arizona winds blew hard and strong
Passengers on the Greyhound bus felt the bus should move along
A new passenger stepped aboard
He had a Spanish accent
The Mighty winds continued to blow
The Greyhound bus finally pulled out
Destination being Los Angeles
A Ghost town that will always be remembered
Thoughts even through slumbered
Winds surrounding a Greyhound bus stop being an Old Rusted once Gas Station
There’s your presentation
The wind that caught everyone’s attention
Journey wind unknown
Mystery full blown
Ghost town from when
The story that comes to an end.
Run Turkey Run
Don’t even go on a prowl
Turkey knife
No cut
No Cook
No seasoning
This Turkey is running for its very life
I am not stopping to see the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade
This is living that needs to be made
No stuffing
No eating from this turkey, and if you are disappointed, tough
Enough is Enough
If meat is what you want, try duck
I will not be plucked
You are out of luck
I am running as far as I can go
When I become breathless, I will move slow
For now, I am on deadline time and all systems go
Eventually, my turkey legs will thump me for a ride by way of hitchhike
Being a Turkey, I am expected to be polite
I am in a plight
Turkey run on never to be done
I want to live among
I am running anywhere from any oven
I will never be an outdoor cook out
Speedily and Steadily heading about
Give yourselves thanks
This turkey is on the move
No catch me if you can
This Turkey is never on when
What meat will you serve that will be something for you to prove
I am on sooth
Happy Thanksgiving and Turkey legs just move
Several stars in the night
They were shining bright
A child made a wish
He waved to them a kiss
Held several dreams
Embarking like moving streams
The child wished for a Toy Robot of his own
Too a parent might find that a bit blown
But that is what the child’s dream being shown
There were many other wishes
Yet too many to mention here
The child even prayed to the stars in making his wish happen
The Toy Robot was always his number one goal
The child asked his parents for the Toy Robot, but his parent felt it was too expensive
Be careful what you wish for as you might just get it
There was a knock at the door
The parents said “We are not expecting any company”
When the male child opened the door, it was a toy robot at the front door in a box
It was definitely a surprise, and the parents had no idea who delivered the toy robot
It is still a mystery even today
The male child didn’t care because he was given what he wished for in the stars
Was it the stars or just a coincidence?
It happened like in an instance
No one is saying or don’t really know
In any event, it just goes to show
Dreams can sometimes turn into reality
The toy robot’s name was “Perfecto”
A happy child
Perhaps one day the stars will give us an answer on how that toy robot actually materialized
For now, let the child think the stars made his dream possible
Perfecto on
Day into Night
Anticipate of Thanksgiving in plain sight
Uniting families and friends
Thanksgiving offering no pretends
Total inspiration at the end
Giving thanks
Smiles with Laughter
Food that comes after
Bringing people together in the multitudes
Beginning until conclude
Destinations to numerous destinations
Mercy and Grace following
Seeing people face to face
The thought of the Thanksgiving Feast
Worries behind and stress carefree
Where ever your journeys take you whether at home or destination to
Let Thankful pursue
If you are alone, be Thankful to be among the living
Every day is Thanksgiving
Living and Breathing is a reason
It doesn’t matter the season
Reflect on memories gone by
Table setting with food to eat
Various desserts adding to the treat
Your thanks
Don’t take being Thankful for granted
Remember to pray for the misfortunate
They deserve Thanksgiving as well
Remember the Pilgrims who made this holiday
Praise Heaven Authority who embraces our lives each and every day
Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your feast
Family and Friends time
A blessing one of kind
Be Thankful for one another
Let the Feast begin
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