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Love can be a maybe with perhaps
It’s a periodical of words drawn by couples
Then again maybe love not at all
Words upon caring or uncertainty words
But are couples truly listening to what the other partner is saying?
How do they compliment each other?
Yet, I believe each couple must have a feeling in what love means
Love comes in days, months and weeks throughout the years
Romance if truth in preserver
Hearts enter like a portal
At times, love can become a violent storm going through the stimulation like a black hole
But it is no illusion
Do couples see what the stars in the sky are saying?
However, is there a twinkle within the love between couples?
Hearts should be stirring perfection into admiration
Love becomes the scale between Desire and Cherish
The finale within the kiss
Not a wish
Periodical love
Hearts enchanted
It takes follow through
But requires pursue
Love advice
That is what keeps love together with a mixture of honey, sugar and spice
Extraction to the nice
Newsweek love, the yearly affair, hearts centered for the next level surrounding love
You read on now enchant on
Love is endless
As couples are priceless
As I recall you didn’t want me anymore
We argued all the time
Your rebuke being my move on
I responded with I will get along
There was no love only cheating on both sides
Get out, you can’t reside
Commitment has no meaning
It was simply lies
I am not a light switch being on and off
When you stepped out
Your cheating was known all about
From sunset to sundown you were nowhere to be found
I now have peace and tranquil
I have no tears
I don’t want you ever to come near
I am able to move on
My heart being a locked secure door
You are a person I will always ignore
You only want to put me down
But I am not falling to the ground
You are long distance by my standards
I have a totally different approach
My words are no joke
You say you want, but really didn’t need
My life now is focused on me to continue to proceed
No further need
Goodbye now forever
Each given step of excellence
Charisma within essence
Soaring deep into harmony
Perfection from the soul
Rise up and down
The movement in practice from many lessons
Be tough as each step from the beginning that was rough
Golden style
The slippers providing no slip
Elevation upon elevation of performing arts illustration
Dazzle having a phrase
The musical tone adding to amaze
The accomplishment descending of praise
The Golden Slippers are the excel
Each constructed movement having a story to tell
Golden Slippers
Accounted for
Finale in galore
The rhythm settled down the golden slippers
Take a bow
Harmony tick tock
Precision right on the dot
Tone around time
Each clock sounded like a musical blend
It was totally breathtaking within
It was the clock’s version of “The Hand Of Time”
The moment in the hour
The second at the minute
The place being any place
The fact of time having no waste
Serene yet gentle
The clock’s playing the skies song of “The Rhythm of the horizon above”
A place in time to think of
Your time is now
The sounds
Acceleration of time
All being one of a kind
The time instrument of delight
The thought of suggestion in might
Time opening the eyes and seeing today well into tomorrow’s daylight
Fast moving hands of time
Now settle down and unwind
Your time you didn’t expect
Time after time
Mystery date
Asking questions in romance relate
If we were to date, do you believe in fate?
How do you see love?
If you had any choice of any Planet to live involving love making, which Planet would it be?
So many questions, but dating decisions that need to be made
The mystery date into romance
A couple having one chance
Heart into the other
Maneuvers in sharing love
Mystery date in what questions with responding answers
The moment of truth
A mystery date is then selected
The winner stands holding hand in hand on National TV
A date becomes the process
The finale is now in recess
Harmony in family unity
Strength in support coming from the community
Rochdale Wives all have different stories to tell
But you will find commitment in shell
One particular Rochdale Wive has a loving story
Read on with all its glory
It was 1970 when a Shareholder named Mary Lister moved into Group One
She was single and moving into a One Bedroom Apartment
It was going to be furnished with all her assortments
Then John Benjamin was also single and moved into Group 2 in the same year
Watch as something is going to preserver
Somewhere a love affair was going to become a moment by moment with romance getting a very little chance
It’s love that was going to build and grow
So it becoming an relationship moving very slow
Mary Lister and John Benjamin really took to really knowing each other and their backgrounds were exchanged
Mary Lister was a Manager at a Large Investment Banker Corporation
Now John Benjamin was a CPA Accountant
So they both were going over assets being what their dating relationship in portfolio would be
It was all about accessing
But Mary and John seemed to be intrigued with each other
It became not a date, but when into another date
Mary Lister made sure she wasn’t going to be late
Surprises into the main event
But something surprising at Rochdale that Mary Lister didn’t anticipate and had no expect, it was a proposal in the Big Mall in front of moving shoppers, and of course she accepted the hand of marriage of John Benjamin
So a year later, Mary Lister and John Benjamin became Man and Wife
It all happened through the Rochdale vision of possibilities
Yet one wonders what reaction to the proposal from John Benjamin if Mary Lister had of said No
I won’t even wait for an answer
Mary and John Benjamin are acquainted in everlasting bliss
What comes after is that Rochdale enchanted kiss
The beauty and commitment that will never be missed
The Rochdale spirit with merit
Walk on into Holy Matrimony
Connecting hearts as one
Man and Wife being among
Her story wasn’t always so sweet
Slippery in fact
Listen as Miss Butterworth traces back
It was at the Oak View Plantation
It wasn’t a place full of fascination
The City and State was Clever, Alabama
Her life was full of struggles
Miss Butterworth was often beaten morning, noon and night
Her whole life was life with unquestionable plight
Miss Butterworth wanted to see freedom as her guiding light
That night, Miss Butterworth made her escape
Vast rivers surrounded the Plantation all over
When it rained she found cover
But her determination to be free rang high
Here’s why
Miss Butterworth often talked to other slaves of Freedom ways in the East
That was her vision in encouragement at least
Miss Butterworth thought back that all she could think about running through her mind was, “I had to be free”
She often heard Dogs with Slave Masters tracking her paths
She ran and ran until she was out of breath
Miss Butterworth maneuvered through the many rivers undetected
That was how the plantation dogs loss her scent
Miss Butterworth was now her own human body in represent
She knew within her heart, she had a purpose and reason to live
Slavery was only a form of suppression
But that plantation taught her a valuable lesson
“You must be determined enough and move with reaction in stating enough was enough being victorious
Miss Butterworth made it East to New Jersey
Her eyes were wide opened to a new beginning, and a chance to excel
Miss Butterworth immediately fell to her knees and prayed to the Almighty Heavenly God
Through his mercy and blessings, he got her through
She was not on Freedom Road
Now you know the story being told
Miss Butterworth’s name is famous on many Syrup bottles being her threshold
Freedom now and forever
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