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Soar beyond the ridges
High above any bridges
Wide Open Skies
The wonders feeling like a Corporate Enterprise
Commitment to emphasize
Tomb stone grave
Rise to everlasting
Soar into tomorrow
A Soul missed in sorrow
Skies delight
The shining light
Soar like never before
Released to soar
Free Spirit
Surrounded by Salvation for sure
This is a true story
It will be told with all its glory
I was asleep in a dream one night
It was God who appeared to me in plain sight
I was swished from my inner self
I was travelling not like everybody else
It was the journey through the glazes of space
But I was on way to the Holy place
I saw Heaven outside the pearly gates
I know some don’t believe and can’t relate
But for me, I did appreciate
This is my testimony in tell
It is not a story of oh well
God flew me around giving a sightseeing tour of Heaven but not within
Remember, flesh can’t enter Heaven as the Bible states
I know for Heaven sake
God was my narrator and he spoke these words, “Continue to walk with me, and you too will here with me”
I asked the question, “How soon can I arrive?”
The Lord responded with, “This is not your time as I only wanted to get a glimpse as a look see”
Heaven from what I saw everything the bible said it should be
I know for some people this is hard to believe
But it was my personal tour, and I had the opportunity to receive
Later, God immediately returned me back to my fleshy body
It was 6:00 am in the morning, and three things happened, Glory, Praise and Hallelujah
Mission accomplished
The Heavenly Tour that was complete
None of my vacations would have been so neat
Heavenly travel beyond any travel
I have no reason to gravel
But total amaze being noble
Did you hear?
Tears to God
We shed tears to God, but does God shed tears for us?
The wonder is all in God’s amaze
As I read each given word by Imran Islam, my mind focused on the word through God’s wonders that are always at the surface
As I read even further, I saw assured
It was total inspiration from beginning to end
Yet, when walking with God comes commitment
Then followed by condition of praise
My own testimony is living at God’s will
Do we following God with trust fulfilling the bill
Sometimes Darkness you can’t see direction, but when light is offered, one guided through guidance to conquer all struggles in circumstances
Opportunity being a chance
Faith is how one advances
Heaven is wait
The World has individual dates
But the Poetic words says only a moment
Time will fulfill
Be ready at will
Each individual Poetic chapter sustaining the Holy Scriptures in the Bible
I thought of “Steadfast, Understanding, Wisdom and Knowledge”
This is who the Lord is and will always be
Within our hearts, this is something we all should see
Seek and you shall find
A Lord powerful yet Merciful and kind
Attributes the Lord wants us all to have and live by
Salvation, give the Lord a try
We are all God’s Messengers
Words in and out within the Lord’s goodness
Poetic words of God’s love embrace
Pray and be blessed
Be guided completely, but don’t take God for less as it is his everlasting in how we reach success.
A man comes out on stage named “STEPPIN”
He’s ready to perform
So who is STEPPIN?
He was a man who danced his whole life since he was 15
His talent surrounds his Grandfather who often taught him step dancing moves
But it was his Grandfather dancing wit on the Broadway stage with sheer galore
STEPPIN’S Grandfather conquered and saw
He encountered prejudice and Envy
STEPPIN’S Grandfather was determined to perform being a must
Assumption wasn’t going to make him fuss
It was all the action of music and dancing being the plus
He often got mixed emotions in BOO’S and Applause
But music was STEPPIN’S Grandfather clause
So STEPPIN feels he has an act to follow
It’s in the legacy and need not be shallow
Every given step is a cheer in STEPPIN’S Grandfather
So every given step with the beat goes on in his Grandfather’s honor
So as the show goes on
Dazzle to delight
Captivation under the spotlight
On and on and on
STEPPIN encourages everyone to live in harmony and get along
There is much to say about Florin Street
A Street full of unity
It’s also outside a major city
The place of joy and happiness
It is in Chestnut Grove, Vermont
It’s where dreams and hope come together
The wintry slopes
The winter feel of snow
At Christmas time, Florin Street becomes its own wonderland
The senses of love
Yet only a tot can embrace
Florin Street comes alive in any Season or Holiday
The Neighbors become your family
Festive Love all around
The stars would twinkle every night
The Church bells would ring Florin Street inspiration
It was no time to be said, but every given moment to be glad
Florin Street was the place to be
The atmosphere was the place and still is for all to see
Enchanted, but more than once upon a time
It was how the ice sickles would shine
All the Neighbors would be dancing and singing
There was so much good will
It is even still
Florin Street being a look back
But my story was a total fact
My mind is a personal projector
Florin Street always invites outsiders to enter
Those were the days
In fact, those memories will always stay
At least, I have a place for a getaway
No matter whether I am depressed or struggle, Florin Street will always cheer me up
Joy from the heart
Florin Street being my start
Increase with decrease
Associate with accelerate
No need to be famous
A Poet is like Amos
Poets have heart
The feelings are
They are like the Earth that revolve
The mind is capturing thoughts to solve
The emotions tell the story
The Poet comes in many words
It’s the outside world that needs to hear the sentences verse by verse
It’s all unrehearsed
The Poet is who
The creation is from where
But it doesn’t stop here
The words emphasize the purpose with a reason
Poets represent Freedom of Speech and Expression
Perhaps corresponding from a learning lesson
The doors may have been locked
But the Poets inspiration becomes the unlock, the key to open up
Extraordinary and ordinary are the Poets concept dialog
Appreciation comes with the applaud
It’s the Poets clause
They are dedicated to the wordy craft
They are the open and close
Yes, it is a suppose
Poet matters come from experiences
Situations are the instances
Poets are calm during and after a storm
Commitment is the norm
Poets unify in bringing the words and sentences to the people of the world
The highlight being, Poets wouldn’t Poets unless the mind didn’t show it
Day has become Dark unexpected
This is the hour
Time has stopped like a stop Watch
Movement is at ease
The End of the World
Shame brought to the Earth
Deceit has ended the new birth
Enriched in sorrow
The concluded tomorrow
No time to pray
Evil in and out
Don’t shout
Voices with no ears too echo
No one will hear nor listen
The Evil Soul shines with glisten
You showed doubt having no hope
No assurance for cope
You tried suicide
But that didn’t work out
You tried to drink Peroxide
But nothing poured out
You stand alone being alone
There is nothing for you to say
You can’t be saved
You didn’t behave
You must perish
Be must be punished
Forgotten no more
This I am sure
Death is your destiny
Destruction the final victory
You were never born
Your name has been deleted
Your despair shackled by defeat
The Earth and your Soul totally dissolved
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