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Through the mysterious
Open doors with no locks nor keys
Not a place
Not recognizable
Not an event
The Enter is too nowhere
Far out within
Once you Enter, there is no way out
You have arrived
Can’t get out
Can’t yell for help, the walls are enforced against sound
All you can do is move about
Mind wonders
Eyes wanders
Nowhere through never was
Stumbled on something you never knew
Your curiosity wants to learn more
You know no more than you know now
You entered the portal of nowhere
Go through
Entered Trap
Caught and always will remain
Nowhere forever
Enter keep
Never to return
Moment leaving OZ
Follow the yellow brick road
Directions being told
Walking and walking on caution
500 Miles to Wizard Castle
The Directional Arrow is going crazy pointing in all directions of North, South, East and West
Which way?
I guess use my own judgement in getting to the Wizard
I heard the Wizard is mysterious and often gets furious
I certainly don’t want to be curious
Then again, it sounds serious
That Wizard better have respect when I arrive, no jive
I will not be in for any of his foolishness
Wisdom, help me out here
This is all I got to preserver
Wouldn’t you know it, it is starting to Thunder and the rain is pouring
I need to get out of the rain
There’s a tree I can duck in
I am hungry, and I see an apple and I will pick
That tree branch stick slapped my hand and the tree is speaking that it is forbidden
Don’t tell me I walked into the Adam and Eve territory by mistake
For heaven’s sake
I am really loss and made the wrong turn
That directional arrow was way off
I must find my way back to the yellow brick road
Here I go again, walking, walking and walking
I walked 500 miles, and finally reached the Wizard’s castle
Knocked on the castle door, and someone answers the Wizard is out
He will not be seeing anybody today perhaps never
The Wizard thinks he is clever
No respect nor regards
Dropped in OZ and only to be locked out by the Wizard
I am certainly in a jam
Reminds of a song, “The Trouble I am in”
How will I get back to New York City?
The Wizard is out
I guess I will have to find my way myself
I need encouragement
Does anybody think I will get back to New York City/
Maybe or never
I will have to do the best I can
Time is wasting
Until when
Anybody’s guess
Don’t even think it
Until when
The thought of a bus
The ride and comfort
The force of exhaust
Run and chase
Exhaust blown in your face
Wheels maneuvering over the open road
A solid glance of behold
Journeying transit or motor coach
You take the vote
The Driver at the wheel
Road safety for real
The Bus Stop
Destination granted
If there was no bus, there wouldn’t be movement
Buses come and go
That’s the way it is you know
Buses in vintage saw
All one can say is galore
Bus Theory
The concept is ride
What travel provides
Battles of the world
Powers of incantations
Flight of Broomsticks
Evil on the minds
Witches brew with a broth
Human stew
Witches sleuth
Determined with desire
The *** full of fire
Witches with no remorse
Revenge and more revenge
Battles to win
Worlds to transcend
No Fiddle Faddle
Incantations disappear
Witches in and out
Thank you Lord, I live
It was affirmative
Tomorrow was no finale
I was granted live
Testimonial for the world to see
Life’s wonders that surrounded me
There was plenty of doubt
The impossible proved moving about
Tomorrow directed on continuous
To some people, it makes them furious
Actually serious
Nonetheless, I live
Blessing gave
Faith uplifted
Thank you
You must see beyond the portrait smile
Struggles while
Life’s battles
Survival’s wonder
Separation between Life and Death
Black Man always standing tall, Head up and Chest out
Black Man’s stature
Human wars
Ashes of devastation within the heart
Blockade from closed and locked doors
Misunderstanding world
Centered with no attention
Lesson of wrath
Put down with not wanting to be around
A Black Man allowed what the world allows in his thinking
Threat with no ambition
Standing on promises, but no sound permission
The black man cries in wanting to be accepted and living among
A boundary line between Hate with no love
Options left, right or back but no forward
Opposition block
A Black Man being a man doesn’t stop, but sees fate as a learning tool having understanding
Spoken tongue forbidden
The Black Man’s thought, “Where is it ridden?”
Treason placed on the Black man
It’s a no stop and be inspired still
A Black Man has his own achievements to fulfill
Standing on principles and maneuvering through obstacles
Anguish through temptation
Being Black is the only representation
Scars and wounds the black man has carried for years
It’s the legacy voices that say preserver
Family values and virtues
Black Man Humanitarian
Created and centered for responsibility
Black Man being his own man
Not what the world expects nor sees
Won’t step back, but only reflect
God’s creation that became a sensation
A reason to live
Embrace in the fruits of the land
Black Man portrait
Painting texture
Color arrangement
Vision of the beholder
Artist touch
A mind to create
Skills to paint
History and Theory
Artist story
Elegance within beauty
Worthwhile paint
Center of attention
Tones of illustration
Art lines that remind
Life like
What an Artist can create
Through the Artist telescope
Thinking beyond the canvas
Turning draft into a painting
Constructing through the eyes of transformation
A look but don’t touch
Intrigue dazzling the mind
Good, Bad and Essence
Show and tell
Seeing in believing
Artist painting feeling
Reality captured
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