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The lightest touch
Is all it takes
To stimulate
The thirsty mind
Desires like delusions
Bloom out of needs
To own and to possess
To have and to hold
What is the difference
Between marriage and
So many expectations
Inevitable like gravity
Forsaking the self
In exchange for
The we.
The body continues
Its fleshy desires
Long after
The mind is
When the desires of body
Overtake mind
What am I?
Is it me?
Is it, it?
Existential rumination, am I the player, the game, what am I?
She is the medicine
Take her
And call your wife
In the morning
Sexercize your demons
saranade Jan 2022
There's a spiders web
Of words I've said
Entangled in the calendar of time
A lovers rhyme of feelings

In minutes or moments or moves
I fell in love with you
A game of chess
Just to feel your breath upon me

I'd wish to call anyone
That singular one
The ´┐╝fable of teachings
Says we're reaching for something impossible

To not feel love across lanes
Indeed, sounds insane
We are wide, we are vast
We are fast to feel full at last.
Love is not singular
Nicole Jan 2022
Splinters of glass rip through my chest
I can feel my heart breaking and I know it's a mess
Grief fills my lungs with liquid, like swimming pools for my emotions
I wonder what's the right decision, when everything feels so broken
Some days it's hard to stay, but leaving would tear me to shreds
Back and forth and back again, until theres nothing left
See, I know enough of humanity, to trust I'd learn to breathe again
But the thought alone is devastating, like losing a piece of me instead
I have thoughts so problematic, I will only tell one person
Because if I'm honest I'm kind of messed up, holding sins inside me like organs
My cards tell me three's a party, which means I'm the odd one out
The universe once gave me hope and peace, but now she feeds me doubts
Tarot cards obliterated me with a year forecast that makes sense and hurts my heart
juno Mar 2021
i cant help but think about you all the time

even if it hurts me.
Orion Rosemary Feb 2021
Fiery soul with emerald eyes,
Listen close to my words and what therein lies
Dear sweet thing with dancing sliver hues
A stormy grey or seeping blue

There's nothing more I need than both of you.
So I'll tell you now, I cannot choose
And my dear lover supports, approves

Soft uncertain smile, now please don't shy
Listen close to my words and what therein lies
As for the large bubbly boy holding my hand
Intimidation is not his plan

I would only love one if I found I can
Instead I want to be you gentleman
So I'll approach this gently then

Long-full boy, wishful sighs
Listen close to my words and what therein lies
Because I love you both and hope you'll love me
I want to write a love song for three

Please listen closed
And do respond, darling
It's for my love of you both I'll sing
Ahhh, I'm so lucky my boyfriend is accepting of me and my endeavors. I really hope I can get my crush to unde stand and feel the same.... Regardless, good luck to those who nderstand, and any who are searching for love or maintaining it already.
Oliver Pace Oct 2020
I like the idea of you being home.
I'm not always home.
I'm not always thinking of home.
And without home, I'd be lost.
Searching for home.
Haylin Sep 2020
Dear ex-boyfriend,
I'm sorry you had to go.
It wasn't fair, but I understand.
Your happiness was just as important to me
as my own.

Dear ex-boyfriend,
I hope you're doing well.
Never will I wish ill upon you,
no matter how much I wish I hate you.

Dear ex-boyfriend,
I'm crying on the floor.
My sadness is a black hole trying to **** me into myself.
I miss you.

Dear ex-boyfriend,
I'm wearing the makeup that you hated.
I do what I want.

Dear ex-boyfriend,
You gave me hope that you would come back to me.

Dear ex-boyfriend,
I realized that I never needed you to love me.
I realized that I was right here to do it for you.

Dear ex-boyfriend,
I look back fondly on our time together.
I will always love you.
But you left, and please never look back.

Dear ex-boyfriend,
One day you'll find a girl better than me.
I hope she makes you happy.
Its been 9 months since we broke up. When he broke up he was straight and mono. Now he's pansexual and poly.
saranade May 2020
I know I can't be everything to you
But I can be something
That something is the best thing
It's the thing you'll love
You'll love to have

I don't want to be your everything
I want to be a golden something
The one thing you love
And more of that one thing
Is the everything I offer

That one magic thing you want
It's everything I am
It's everything I want to be
It's everything to be that one thing
It's everything for me

If I give you my everything
I know I can be that something
That beautiful thing
That you need in your life
It's my everything
It's me
eli Feb 2020
we are crackheads
we are not cis
we are not straight

we like messing around
and going on mall dates.

we ate,
we ran,

but i really dont want this fun to end.

she laughs,

she cries.

he laughs,

he cries.

we're having fun

on this small mall date.
jay - casper/bethany
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