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Well I was a world away from you when you became a bride
And how could I know I'd love you and call him friend?
I was a different man than you know today, in a different life
I don't know how, I don't know why, and don't know when
I became a father as you took your vows
How did we do life changing things at the same time?
And now that you're both in my life I have no doubt
That I am yours as you are his, as he is hers, and you are mine
You make every sad song go away
You make every love movie about us
And I don't know if I told you today
But this love between the cule has shown me trust
Shown me desire and acceptance
I've waited a lifetime to see
Myself gain repentance
And I was beginning to think it'd be
Little more than a fools dream that I could escape the heat
That my past was my only future
That my own and spirit had my soul beat
But now I see the bigger picture
No matter what I may have done before
I know that I am forever yours
sara Jan 7
I don't write about your friend.
I think he makes me think too much,
and with less room for feeling
my heart and his can never touch.

The distance grows between us,
although our minds collide;
he always makes me laugh
but he can never make me rhyme.
why is the dictionary def for polygon a def of my luv life:
Polygon: plane figure with at least three straight sides and angles, and typically five or more.

I’m just laughing to mask the chaos x
Why can't I just be happy with one?
Why couldn't I have just fallen in love?
Anne J Dec 2018
Thy is not blind, thy is full of life
Yet it be thy eyes has lost all soul
Thy colors have fallen and brutally died
There’s no hope, to find them is no more

Black, grey, whenever and wherever you go
Never to reappear in this monochromatic world
All colors have gone as if they vanished into below
Get them quick; they’re in hold!

Children will hear, children will be told
Of the story of no colors around
Only black and white are left, as the rest are mold
Grey in the sky, grey on the ground, colorless all around

Yet, in my hands, in this little polychromatic portfolio
I am still able to see the colors that left so long ago
I made this poem for an English project for the first semester of my freshman year in high school. I can't believe that was 2016, and I'm already about to enter into 2019 as a junior...Time sure flies! I was looking in google drives and suddenly saw this, and I knew right away that I had to upload this.
As you can see, even when I was younger I had depressing ideas for poems ****. Looking over this, it's not only nice to see how much I've improved, but also strange how I typed out gray in the British form (grey) when I'm American lol. I left this poem without any edits to show my work view of mistakes. xD also more lol I rhymed around twice in the third stanza.
Final lol: there was 2 spaces between the 2nd and 3rd stanza instead of one like for the reason of spaces between he four stanzas. I left it there to show how much I've grown lol.
asha Jun 2018
is it okay if i love you too?
is it okay that i would love to
kiss you goodnight,
hold you during the day
& cook for you in the mornings?
is it okay if i
laugh with you,
ramble about life with you
& play with your hair?

you can fall asleep in my arms when you're  tired
& he will kiss our foreheads & lay a blanket over us.
you can sleep between us, safe at night.
you can come home to our meals, our laughs, our open arms, our hearts
you can kiss us both, love us both, have us both.

is it okay if i love you too?
is it okay that we both love you too?
Sleepy thoughts. Been thinking about this a lot lately.
Hannah Dubrow Feb 2018
I wanted my love to make you feel free
I just wish in your freedom
What you wanted was me
When your poly bi girlfriend breaks up with you.
Pick yourself up my kleintjie
Your heart is in your eyes and your tummy is empty
There's always home in our arms
Always a bed to keep you warm
My lover and I will keep you sane
The others don't know, they don't understand, they aren't the same
They all blame me for your possible demise
But all I want is to hold you tight
They push you with hard words and take no pity on your gentle soul
We want you to be okay
We understand
We love you whole
Chin up my kleintjies
You are the two who fill the holes
R A Lee Jan 2017
Commanding and adept your hands guide mine alone supple lips.
She tastes of cinnamon.
She squirms but can not move.
She is not afraid.
Our hands grasp her neck.
Tonight she belongs to us
With every gasp she moans.
My mouth is quivering, thinking about tasting her.
I search for her thighs from my satin darkness.
They are warm, wet, and inviting like the ocean
she tastes of salt and sunshine.
My tongue glides over her ****** , slowly, tenderly as our body heat rises and
then crack goes the cat o' nine.
She can not breathe and I can not see yet there has been no greater ecstasy.
Jem Aug 2016
when i was younger
i was never able to pour
my hands shook too much
trembling with each thought
each drink i attempted to serve
would splash right out
i put too much force, too much pressure
or simply didn't give enough
i'd shake the cup
the spout
change my mind on the direction
flighty and afraid to give
there were many stains
in my childhood
some never washed out.

slowly i learned
how to steady my hand
my enthusiasm sparked over many glasses
passed around to visitors
a bartender
with no cost
i searched for myself
in the midst of others
in the missing hours
in the scattered napkins
i never stayed long enough
to learn if they liked the drink

eventually my arms grew weary
all of the vessels
heavy and solid
they wore on my mind
i had given too much
it was only when i had stopped pouring drinks
that another's lips
asked for a sip
with hesitation
i poured a cup
he did not drink
instead we spoke
while the ice melted into the glass
finally he took a taste
of the watered down basin
i was sure he would spit it out
we had waited too long
and i didn't think it was good in the first place
he looked up from his glass
and i felt conscious
of my freckles
my crooked smile
the way i laugh when i’m nervous
i wanted nothing more than to melt away
when he politely asked if i would pour him another cup
as he had finished his

and then that i knew
that this cup was meant for him.

we shared our drinks many times
he poured me new and exciting tastes
and i returned the favor
there was always the right amount
of sweet in the drinks he served
happiness was found in the cabinet
where our cups clinked together

until the day i found myself
waking up, stumbling around,
and my cup had grown
confused, unsure
i poured his drink
he sipped his morning coffee
but there was some remaining when he left
how could that be?
i asked myself
glancing around, expecting the sunlight to whisper me the answer
i grabbed my cup and ran off
not wanting to let the drink go to waste
but not knowing what to do.

through the street
through the grass
i wasn't sure what i was looking for
when i saw them pass into my gaze
they gestured me over
the blanket beside them, a gesturing hello
we spoke of the trees and souls
and how one could fall in their sleep
the wind tickled our hair
as our colors fell into one
natural and free
we laughed and i remembered the cup
burning in my hand
not empty
i placed it in their hand
as if that was what i was supposed to do
i told them i had made this drink
and given it away, but some remained
without realizing that it could be wrong to share
a smile was all it took
for me to realize
that this cup is made for more than one.
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