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Haylin Sep 11
Dear ex-boyfriend,
I'm sorry you had to go.
It wasn't fair, but I understand.
Your happiness was just as important to me
as my own.

Dear ex-boyfriend,
I hope you're doing well.
Never will I wish ill upon you,
no matter how much I wish I hate you.

Dear ex-boyfriend,
I'm crying on the floor.
My sadness is a black hole trying to **** me into myself.
I miss you.

Dear ex-boyfriend,
I'm wearing the makeup that you hated.
I do what I want.

Dear ex-boyfriend,
You gave me hope that you would come back to me.

Dear ex-boyfriend,
I realized that I never needed you to love me.
I realized that I was right here to do it for you.

Dear ex-boyfriend,
I look back fondly on our time together.
I will always love you.
But you left, and please never look back.

Dear ex-boyfriend,
One day you'll find a girl better than me.
I hope she makes you happy.
Its been 9 months since we broke up. When he broke up he was straight and mono. Now he's pansexual and poly.
saranade May 15
I know I can't be everything to you
But I can be something
That something is the best thing
It's the thing you'll love
You'll love to have

I don't want to be your everything
I want to be a golden something
The one thing you love
And more of that one thing
Is the everything I offer

That one magic thing you want
It's everything I am
It's everything I want to be
It's everything to be that one thing
It's everything for me

If I give you my everything
I know I can be that something
That beautiful thing
That you need in your life
It's my everything
It's me
MerlieJ Apr 29
We met as friends
I was sleeping with the neighbor down the hall
You had been together for years
As time went on
We drank, we played games, we kissed
at parties and out at bars
We grew closer
We swam in the pool, naked.
We became use to each other's bodies
We took baths and smoked cigarettes
We slept together once, but never again after
You wanted more from me
and I felt the pressure of two
You wanted things I did not want to give
But how intimate it all felt
How safe.
Parker Poole Apr 14
I've got to keep getting up everyday
but I don't want to
the empty space in my chest
keeps begging me not to

being split between two people
can be pretty rough
thought I had so much love to give
but I guess its not enough

why should I have to choose
I just want them both
so I muster my courage
and write it all down in a note

discouraged, invalidated
feeling pushed aside
I just want to run away
but I'll never be able to hide

constantly torn & so confused
there's no escape from this
I pray that God hears me
please heal this loneliness
eli Feb 27
we are crackheads
we are not cis
we are not straight

we like messing around
and going on mall dates.

we ate,
we ran,

but i really dont want this fun to end.

she laughs,

she cries.

he laughs,

he cries.

we're having fun

on this small mall date.
jay - casper/bethany
eli Feb 23
yikes i love you guys and-

i know i wasnt dating them first and that it was a mutual thing

but god.

im catching feelings
Marri Jan 30
I am yours.
All of me,
Every single last inch.

I am hers,
All of me.
Down to the last inch.

I am his,
All of me.
Including every inch—

I’m sorry.

My heart is yours,
My heart is hers,
And my heart is his.

Can’t you see?

My love comes in the most powerful pattern of three’s.

I’m sorry.

I love you.
I love her.
I love him.

You can’t make me decide,
You can’t make my heart shatter once or let alone two times,
Please don’t make me cry.

My love is for you, all of you.
My love is for her, all of her.
My love is for him, all of him.

Yet, my heart creates separate beats for each.

I have three hearts, one that loves you fully.
One that cares so deeply.
One that wants you completely—
Is that not enough?
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