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CommonStory Mar 13
Seems like yesterday
That i saw that look in your eye and nevermind
Almost empty non empathetic
A little psychopathy

Seems like yesterday
I held your waist
Coke bottle thin just the right proportion

Seems like yesterday
I yearned to know the ferling of your lips
You on the physical plane
The one on top
****** physical thangs

Seems like
Well it doesn't seem to me
I have yet to know you
The you now
The you in 20 years
That'll seem like yesterday

For now my senses betray me
Because i want tomorrow to be today
So i can dream of yesterday

Smile when we initiate
Sensual *** play
Cry on your wedding day
Scream the baby is on the way

And weep the day of mourning
So in the morning i can ache
And remember
All the little everything
That seems

Like it was yesterday
Copyright Matthew Marquis Xavier Donald 3/13/19
CommonStory Mar 7
The one truth in this life
Is that matter of fact
One of these days
You're gonna die
So just
Copyright Matthew Marquis Xavier Donald 3/6/2019
CommonStory Feb 22
Before I start this

Thank you,

I used to be so helpful

I need to call my momma

I think I need a girlfriend

Time to talk to papa

I used be so different

Now I know the problem

Maybe I should love her

But where's the issue

Maybe I should bleed

But I am not a cutter

I love the pleasure sensation

But not the feeling of slicing my skin like butter

On a summer day

A wonderful day

Through my skin with an iron dagger like a tragic story

I need to get my ****

All together probably

I need to stop my procrastination

Well maybe I'll start tomorrow

Where are all my virtues

Behind the sins I follow

This is not the issue even the though rhe consequence follows in sequential order
Bordered on my persons if the action do more than my conciousness can fathom i shall falter with this ******* world

That's why papa said my **** is int he dirt

But I do not like cabbage

Maybe a couch potatoe

why does it even matter

Before you go to the next step

Please read the disclaimer

In this day and age of digital things

I got everything I really should need????
Copyright Matthew Marquis Xavier Donald 2/22/2019
CommonStory Feb 19
The shortest days of my life
Was before I existed
And after I exited

Everything else
Is just between the blink of my eye
Copyright Matthew Marquis Xavier Donald 2/19/19
CommonStory Feb 17
Its all right and ok
I still love you today
and i dont want to go
But i dont want to stay

I would hate to say i love you and lie at the same time

Oh why oh why
Oh i
Oh i
Know the difference and it's different every single time

Oh why oh why
The motions and movements
The way that you say

Oh i
Oh i

Cant really stay

And I'd hate to leave
But baby please

Oh i
Oh i

Hate this feeling that you're giving ne
Copyright Matthew Marquis Xavier Donald  2/17/19
CommonStory Jan 26
I know we've lost emotions
We've reached a higher level of interaction but  it takes more than time to
show our emotion in emoticon
Like laughter is just a click away
72 different reactions all a smile face while we blindly display these and somehow still feel out of place

We arr more than signs
Emojis and emoticons
A higher of communication
And somehow it still gets lost in translation








But im sitting dowb typing out how i feel without a doubt


Feel so


And empty

I must send

****'s and emojis

So shorty

Can know me


Copyright Matthew Marquis Xavier Donald 1/25/2019
CommonStory Dec 2018
A laughing clown told me
Happy people
Don't smile
Copyright Matthew Marquis Xavier Donald 12/11/18
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