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CommonStory Nov 2020
Its time to tell the truth and all that
I took an L it was all bad
It should've been
Life love and luxury
Luck, love, and loyalty
But it wasn't that

I lost love to lechery
Lust had you run from me
Leeching life force from me
Lacking more than symthaphy

I look at you what happened
Only lames love like you i see

So love wasn't the same on both sides

That why I took the L and crossed the line

Coming for to to love me
Didnt know that luckily
That's what you wanted from me the whole time
Copyright Matthew Marquis Xavier Donald 11/10/20
CommonStory Mar 2020
The only reason
I'm disappointed depressed disoriented

I had expectations
They let me down

Disappointed in what everyone thinks they do better
Disappointed to think I'm any different

Depressed at human nature
Depressed that I try and do no better

Disoriented because what's real is a dream

We stay asleep not because we can't see
But because we can't believe what we see

So row slow down the river of eyes closed

For when i lose expectations
I expect I'll find hope
Copyright Matthew Marquis Xavier Donald 3/21/20
CommonStory Mar 2020
I swirl at the thought of us human

Nobody thinks they're wrong


Nobody is doing anything right

Copyright Matthew Marquis Xavier Donald 3/11/20
CommonStory Mar 2020
The best you ever had
Is just a dream
The best you ever had
Already happened
What ever happened
To that dream

Love has never be so
Especially with your eyes closed
Hope you ever glad
With the picture ever so clean

Coronoa and tacos
Lime and jalapenos
On that sunny beach from
That, one, night, of, love

From here to Albuquerque
You felt it in the flurry

Truthfully i miss it
Sun dried kisses

But the best already happened
Now it's just a, dream
Copyright Matthew Marquis Xavier Donald 3/3/2020
CommonStory Apr 2019
We aren't friends
We're just cool

Theres no reason i can't give kindness
And dismiss you like I'm mindless

I don't mind it's
Just something

I do to make me feel a little better about living
Through my anxiety and pain

Anxieties and pains
Crush girlfriend wife migraines

Eating disorders
So now i eat junk because it rots my brain

Maybe it's insane
Maybe i don't feel like myself when i express these thangs

These rack my brain while i rack these weights

**** now im going to be late
That's another 15 that i wont be paid

Now i have to look at my supervisor say
This is why you won't get a raise
At same time another mans chick is on my brain
I just want to see her taint
No not that one
That **** stank

In the meantime im ******* with a chick that's twice my age

And another with 6 kids to date
**** I'm in a pickle
Few can relate

This is the **** that I hate

With my third eye strife
This is my life
And when i dig my grave its gonna to be very nice

With my cake
And my bed
Made it
Laid it
And ate every slice

If i do right
Can i just say that I'm kind
My egos bind
Why am i lyin

This is why i Write
Its not for you this time
Copyright Matthew Marquis Xavier Donald
CommonStory Mar 2019
Seems like yesterday
That i saw that look in your eye and nevermind
Almost empty non empathetic
A little psychopathy

Seems like yesterday
I held your waist
Coke bottle thin just the right proportion

Seems like yesterday
I yearned to know the ferling of your lips
You on the physical plane
The one on top
****** physical thangs

Seems like
Well it doesn't seem to me
I have yet to know you
The you now
The you in 20 years
That'll seem like yesterday

For now my senses betray me
Because i want tomorrow to be today
So i can dream of yesterday

Smile when we initiate
Sensual *** play
Cry on your wedding day
Scream the baby is on the way

And weep the day of mourning
So in the morning i can ache
And remember
All the little everything
That seems

Like it was yesterday
Copyright Matthew Marquis Xavier Donald 3/13/19
CommonStory Mar 2019
The one truth in this life
Is that matter of fact
One of these days
You're gonna die
So just
Copyright Matthew Marquis Xavier Donald 3/6/2019
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