I've had ham in donut sandwiches
rattlesnake etoufette
frog legs in a home made stew
meat in every way

Elk in a casserole
venison bourguignon
fish made with finest wine
sautéed roe, right after spawn

Lizards mammals plants and fish
you name it I've been there
my favorite of all I guess
wet beaver with
no hair
Mind is still there this morn ROFL ;D~
  23m Edmund black
the past hour
gripped from far
my cowardly stroke
backing away
this moment.

late realisations,
float away.

bed of roses,
my beautiful fantasy.
bed of thorns,
my pessimist mindset.
just wilted flowers,
my true reality.

staged alright
these hard emotions
have built this messy home,
my head feels light
spilling all the thoughts out
I go unnoticed
Forever unheard
Everything is unfocused
Everyone is unnerved

I see all
None see me
But when I fall
I am all they see

I have a voice
That no one hears
There is too much noise
Too many fears

I long to be heard
But none will listen
Time is blurred
Or is it just fiction?
I wrote this when I was twelve. Middle school is a bitch.
It is finished this morning
looks well built.
High up under the eaves.
A perfect little cup,
marvelously engineered,
laboriously layered.
A nest!
Swallows building a nest above the air vent. They keep getting it built, then it slides off (3x now)! There is poor adhesion to the plastic of the vent cover?
Birds just don't understand plastic. Hoping this time it holds.
Love is too amazing
      For anyone
  To be sorta loved

        If you’re
Going to reach for
The heart , I would
Hope  that you use
       Both hands
The heart is never a thing
      To be taken lightly

          Don’t try
Grabbing it with one hand
       Holding on
 To someone else’s

Never to embrace
          The new
 While holding on To
          The old

   Love isn’t love
   It moves beyond
  Action is everything
  If you truly want
           To be
  In someone’s
You will create the best
Way to get  there

 We all  deserve a
Consistent kind
Little purple bloom
Striving onwards with a smile
Rising in the dark
This was inspired yesterday after i saw a little purple flower on its own , it caught my eye as it was so lovely , anyway it also about positivity as my Dean as left his job after 18 years to work with our son and i hoping semi-retiring in the next few years too as he deserves it xxxx
The Sun is just another
In an endless sky of stars
If we saw it from far away
Would we know it was ours?

It isn't too remarkable
In any special way
An ordinary little star
That rides the Milky Way

But when seen from our point of view
The Sun is like a god
So wonderful, so full of light
So powerful, so hot

It's bright enough to light the sky
And paint it blue and gold
It shines on us, it grows the plants,
It warms us when we're cold

I think we would love any star
That brought us so much light
But our Sun is the only one
That shines on us this bright

Sometimes the ones who look
Ordinary from far away
Will dazzle you if you will
Just give them the time of day
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