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  Mar 27 Edmund black
Chuck Kean
The Beauty Of Poetry

    What is Poetry, that is the question
Shakespeare and Poe
Most definitely the best
Any of us will ever know

I’m just a simple man
I write in simple rhyme
Never knowing the Intricacies
Of that period of time

But does poetry really need to be
So deep and have such complexity
To be held to such high honor
By all of our human society

I believe that poetry can be
Reduced to a mere word or two
And there’s no law requiring rhyme
It’s just the way I present mine to you

So be it Romantic or Religious or if
It’s of Darkness or Drollery
It’s all relative and wonderful
That’s The Beauty Of Poetry

Written By:Charles Kean
Edmund black Jan 17
People say that
Real men don’t cry
       Then why am crying?
   I never knew
    The true meaning
      Of a poem
It was only you,
My love at first sight.
My heart became a canvas,
Where I splashed colours of endurance,
And when at last you accepted me,
With your soft lips on mine,
Waiting for you was worth every single moment.
  Jan 16 Edmund black
ok okay
Sometimes it feels easy to rot away
To lie in bed
As your mind decays
Some nights feel lonely
And as boredom sinks in
Your thoughts run wild
Until you can no longer think
It can hurt sometimes
To waste the day
As you watch the sunset
You wish it could all go away
But as hard as life is
You are cared for and loved
So do not lie in bed too long
And know that you are enough
Edmund black Jan 16
In a world where
All the beautiful things exists
It takes a beautiful mind
And a strong willpower
For a soul to love unconditionally
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