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Kelly Mistry Aug 10
She whispers
“Maybe you should cross the street.”
“He could be a threat.”
“Are you surrrrre you’re safe?”

Such goes the daily commentary from my inner racist
She is persistent
And ever present

Always ready to inform me
About differences that are scary
Stereotypes that could be true
People that could be a threat

The least inattention allows her
To spring to the fore
And take over

Battling her is tiring
And feels thankless
And lonely

But if she wins

She divides me
From those who would support my struggle
As I support theirs

She divides me
From family
From friends
From connections that sustain me

She divides me
From myself

So the battle is necessary
But I wish I could believe
That someday she would retreat for good
And the battle would be done
η May 30
Girls constructing blocks,
and boys with chopping boards.

Girls driving cars,
and boys wearing scarves.

Girls do pick up a fight,
and boys argue to prove they’re right.

Girls are loud,
and boys are loud, too.

Quiet now, children.
Pack your toys right away.
During play time from class Sapphire II.
Jenifer S May 14
What happened to all the beautiful girls?

Ones with fire in their eyes and gold in their chest

What happened to the precious pearls?

Who flowed like the wind and shone like the stars.

Did the ocean take away their sweet treasures?

And leave behind these empty shells

Whose shallow exterior can never measure

To the gem that lay within.

Did they ascend from the Earth?

And leave behind their shed skin

Whose plasticity cannot worth

The firmness that they held within.

Did the fire burn out their light?

And in their place plant seeds dud

Whose bitter fruits cannot incite

The fiery passion they fuelled.

Did the Earth swallow them whole?

And replace them with thorns

Which cannot fill the empty holes

That they left behind.

Or maybe it was the work of man

Who took those girls for granted

Moulded them to suit their wants

And bred them to the expectations they implanted.
When we we younger, we had no prejudice or judgement against one another but as we grew older, we began to separate and segregate and build a heirarchy based on stereotypes and social expectations, where once best friends were embarrassed to be seen talking to each other. What happened during those years of growth for us to turn out this way?
idiosyncrasy Jun 16
they say
boys want a girl
to talk

i just
want a girl
to judge herself
come as you are. that's just how i want you <3

let's grow together.

I am a woman

I am a woman
who loves women
who loves men

I hate that I get confused
I hate that I act differently
depending on whom I’m with.

My name is Mayara Deo
I have a shaved head
I wear man jeans
I spread when I sit

And I rather prefer to be called masculine
than feminine

I love my female body
I feel **** in bikinis
I feel **** in boxers
But I feel observed
         preyed on
         & harassed in bikinis.

I am a woman
I do have a ******

I hate being told that I am not a man.

I hate that I still confuse
my identity
my sexuality
my being

for the sake of society’s expectations of
of whom I should be.

I crush on guys

I crush on girls

I have loved a man

I have loved a woman

And if one day
I love a person
I hope to marry them.

I hate labels
**** stereotypes

I ******* hate that they’re ingrained.

I hate not being considered
a manly-woman

a womanly-man.

My name is Mayara Deo
I am a person

And I want a person
to fall in love with my mind.

I don’t care to bear children
I do want kids
I want to always have a career
I want to care for my home.

I want to be seen as an equal

I want to feel comfortable
wearing a suit on date
with a man.

I want to feel comfortable holding my girlfriend’s hand

For I want to feel valued
as myself.

**** all men

**** all women

who choose to not understand

why I feel so confused:

It’s because of you.
Reappak Apr 15
An evil mother, with grey hair
Flaunts her red gown
Desiring, her selfish,
wild daughters
to get royally crowned

After a painful death
Her real hidden face
Once cunningly cloaked
Is finally invoked!
She was a sugar coated pill!

Soon the dishes and the laundry
The sweeping of floors
Are forever those
stepdaughter's daily chores

The clever lady, never gaiety
gets the royal call
She plans devilish things
Locking Cindrella down
Wildly tearing and ruining
Her charming ball gown

In the end, she's left cursing
the perfectly fitting shoe
She deserved that
Old cruel shrew!

But why is it always
The step ones forever cruel?
Why O why? Is such a mother shown?
What would a child feel
Who has a mother, step
Even, if she isn't mean or vain
The child will think, she's Lady Tremaine!
We should bring a change!
Phoenix Oct 2018
Once when I was little, I had to go to a nicer place and I needed something “fancy”
What is fancy? Is it a dress with a bow or a suit with a tie…
Is fancy a stereotype of gender or is it just clothing…
Is fancy a GIRL in a dress and a bow or is it a BOY in a suit and tie

How can I be fancy if I am not the girl in the dress or the boy in the suit
This was written when I was confused about my gender and at the time I said I was genderfluid, I’m rereleasing it( January 7th 2020) because it part of my work and I shouldn’t hide it from the public
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