My room is not nearly as messy as my mind.
The shoes under my bed could never compete with the secrets in my head.
The ever-growing pile of clothes underestimate my stories untold.
The demon in my bed fueds with the voices in my head.
Long forgotten pens, cracked and broken, cower away from my words unspoken.
My room is not nearly as messy as my mind because the monster under the bed,

Could never challenge the ones in my head.
I'll be more active soon. I promise :)
some things in life
are about as meaningful
as a pencil without lead.

- v.m
gonnna try to subtly return to this "poetry" thing over the next week or so ✨.
van gogh
ate something toxic
in hopes of becoming

while others
simply sit around
being sad.

- v.m
imma use the inktober prompt list for my poetry as well. if you want to see my actual inktober sketches, go to @eleanorafelix on instagram ✨.
blue is the colour of

never seen

never sailed

never said
“Blue is the color of longing for the distances you never arrive in, for the blue world.” Rebecca Solnit
where most people
lack kindness
and where kind people
lack friends.

- where lying is the new truth
and orange is the new black.

- where people are taught
that in order to be loved
by their knight in shining armour,
they need to hate themselves first.

- in which we exist,
not for ourselves,
but for the sake of our fellow inhabitants.

we live in an amazing world -
but perhaps you can't see that
because of the people who hold you
trapped behind the bars of society.

- v.m
inspired by a conversation i had w/ my future wife.
i skipped down the hallway
with a smile on my face.

i nearly slipped,
but grabbed hold of reality just in time.

- v.m
almost completely based on a true story.

it's such a brilliant day, and that made me happy inside - so i happily walked to the kitchen and almost slipped on the wooden floor. the counter saved me, but now i'm significantly less happy.

hope your day's going great though.
it's at night -

when the world is still,
when the only sound echoing through your mind is the ticking of the clock,
when everyone is asleep -

that things really start to feel more alive than ever.

- v.m
my thoughts are alive at night and i hate it.
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