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K Eaglechild Aug 12
Even if I crumble to the ground, send him my strength
Even if I collapse under the weight of the pain, tell him I’m always here
Even if I drown from my own tears, please don’t let him shed any more..

My love is my sacrifice,
Love is so beautiful

(And so is he)

But why am I experiencing the worst parts of it?..
I thought loving someone
to be a
Bhill Jul 4
Is there time in our life to have
To have that extra
That extra something
That extra something that makes us smile
That smile that creates a happier self
A self that gladly spreads the happiness along
Along to others
Others that without that smile
Without that smile, they would be
Well, they would be frowning
Who wants to be frowning when everyone else is smiling...
Just saying

Brian Hill - 2019 # 164
Smile it out people...
Elizz May 28
I've met my maker
The thin blue lines
That hold space on paper

Have busted
All bestowed
By the figure occupying the chair in front of me

Starred drops of laughter
And sea scented smiles
Wrapped and bound

By flesh blood and ligaments
I smile
Writers Block

Is what I've taken to calling him
But Tyler is a lot shorter
One week left of school... And then less than a year of school left
Susana May 16
Shorter! Shorter!
Please conclude
Make me happier
I will be beautiful then
Johnny walker Mar 19
I keep you here with me my love for I never left
you, In my thought, you'll
always be so I'm not alone no more
For every thought I have of you keeps you near to me such lovely thoughts now I have sadness slowing fading
To now better days that lay ahead for I'm no longer lonely now for still
have you who gave to me so much In
And although your gone you still bring so much happiness to me beautiful
memories our time together that carry through each
And makes me a stronger person much kinder too
so much I owe to you for your love you gave to me
so much happiness along the
Through the twenty years we had and the son you gifted me bless you my darling forever I'll love
forever In my heart you'll be you were the only one for me there will never be
Forever In my thoughts you'll be sadness fading now to happier times we had and of better days to come
allison Feb 20
life update for you:
the voice has lost
and now i'm thriving.
sequel to "the voice"
except happier
Why do
get angry
when they
get stuck
in traffic
on their way
to work?
Like they'll
be happier
when they
get there.
Hope I made you smile
With you,
light seems even brighter.
With you,
life seems to have more meaning.
With you,
smiles seem to be happier.
With you,
time seems to tick by slower.
With you,
all of my worries seem to float away.
With you,
I feel as if I have more to live for.
Without you,
I don't know what I would do.
Some people really know how to make a difference.
say Jan 2
another year gone
only a memory
from now on
a new chapter lies ahead of me
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