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If there’s one thing for sure abt myself. ,
I’m going to survive  ,
I will figure it out
Sea's End Oct 2023
My lover’s hair is caught up in the wind’s path
And begins to interweave.
The breeze is caught up in each strand
And begs desperately not to leave.
im in such a different point in my life now than i was when i posted my older poems. holysh**
ag Aug 2023
What if we never
took the leap?
Would we still
be happy like this?

But if things may
turned out different,
And if things turned out
to be happier,

I’ll choose happy
than happier
if it’s with you.
ky Jul 2023
If you're happy with her,
stay with her.

If you could be happier,
Elizabethanne Aug 2021
You leave me
and it feels like coming home
since nothing important ever stays
You leave me and its because I never did learn how to share
you wanted every single piece of me
Except I have nothing left
I want to give you

-I am sorry for lying about loving you
- I don’t remember loving anyone
megan May 2021
I’m standing at 29th and park
wrapped up in someone else arms
only a month we’ve been apart
trying to be happier since you

he takes me out to all the bars
I avoid the places we called ours
I’m smiling but inside I’m torn apart
I’m not happier since you
Time has passed
Since I was last here
And I wonder,
Is it because
Im happier now?
Man Mar 2021
the cigarette smoke
laden in the air
threw the pattern seeking portion of my brain
and i saw you
as free as i had always thought of you
without the hardships of this harsh reality
it made me sad
to think of you
with how you were at the end
but you're happy now,
with hope
lost Oct 2020
a teenage crush; adoration, lust.. love.

once started out beautiful, destined to fail.

to the girl i once loved;
thank you for everything you had done

for everything you had shown me;

but i had to move on, for this love was not for us, it wasnt meant to be
those beautiful moments i will forever cherish; im learning to let go the anguish.

thankyou for adoring me, as i adored you,
so this is badly written but, as she has moved on i have learnt over these past months to move past the hurt, anger and stuff we went through and look at how she made me view life differently. for that, i thank her.
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