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lost Oct 17
a teenage crush; adoration, lust.. love.

once started out beautiful, destined to fail.

to the girl i once loved;
thank you for everything you had done

for everything you had shown me;

but i had to move on, for this love was not for us, it wasnt meant to be
those beautiful moments i will forever cherish; im learning to let go the anguish.

thankyou for adoring me, as i adored you,
so this is badly written but, as she has moved on i have learnt over these past months to move past the hurt, anger and stuff we went through and look at how she made me view life differently. for that, i thank her.
You know How to be happier?
Forgive yourself first,
  Before you forgive others.

Never hate,
  Just live with full of love.

Live simply
  Forget all your ego, and get your pride on your feet.

Expect a little,
  For less disappointment  and discouragement.

Give a lot,
  The more you plant the more you reap.

Smile more,
  To avoid your sadness and cover your pain.

Forget the past,
  Keep moving for your future and dreams.

Most important.
Being happy is always a choice. It's up to you if you choose to be happier or not.
Lulu Jun 12
I was a strange feeling,
After so many nights,
And so many days,
To feel slightly happy again.
aya May 16
you look happier
without these ragged edges
overlapped colors
smudged painting
as i paint you
without my touch
its been a while since i posted something here,, ngl ms rona ***** HSBHUFHU
Wyatt May 1
I wish that I could
write happier poems.
I wish that I could
be a happier poet.
I know my work is gloomy
and I tend to repeat myself,
I wish that I could
make the reader smile
instead of feel my pain.
I really wish that I could
write happier poems,
but it’s just not in me.
I wish I could do so much more with these words. I wish I could be happier.
Kezz Apr 4
When my mind is full
I watch my thoughts
I realise crosses
are really the same as noughts.

I watch my breath
fill up space in my chest
and pacify my ego's need to protest.

Control is not a prerequisite
of a happy soul.
The same way your 'other half'
is not a prerequisite to your whole.

So once in a while let it all go
receive yourself,
the highs and lows.

Don't 'empty' your mind
in attempts to unbind
unwind, rewind, or realign
for how can you?
When you've no idea
what you've just declined.

So when your mind is full
and paints your heart grey,
become mindful of the fact
your thoughts make you that way.
I've recently started meditating.
I'm so much happier now that I'm dead.
But between waking and sleeping there's people you might forget.
And I don't want to forget you.
**** me all over when I do.

Swimming right through the grid.
Just to find you back again since you hid.
You were paddling along with me and pushing away hard cemented concrete.
Uncovering old treasures that we lost on the street.
Not too many, but we set them free so they can be anywhere.
All the time like the dust you wear.

It's a little bit softer.
But there must be a moment to let it all be over.
And I don't want to really leave you.
**** me all over when I do.

Floating right through the pit.
Oh I needed it, I needed this hit.
Let me fall into the endless sea.
Without pushing the waves aways from me.
Not too many, but we set them free so they can be anywhere.
All the time like the dust you wear.

It's a lot lot clearer.
A lot lot nearer.
The end.
I'm so much happier.
In the end.
Life is so much better now that I'm dead.
Dreaming is much nicer when I'm not in bed.
With eyes of blue and sea foam too,

There’s not a moment in time that
Is for Andy
CJ Feb 5
I will not lie
Every year on this very day
the more I want to die
but is the voices that keep me alive

On this day
I'm expected to be happy
as everybody wishes me
But I've always felt empty

Nothing has changed
Every year is the same
From the silence in my room
to the noises in my brain

My wish for every year
will never be different
whether or not I could be happier
Then the previous birthday
Will I ever be happier on my birthday?
Am I selfish to just wish to be happy?
Amanda Jan 12
I am trying to write happy poems
To smile once more
Dull ache in my stomach
Trying to ignore

Try and try to be stronger
My chin up high
Living in the present
Let it pass me by

Trying to focus on the good
Instead dwelling on the bad
Start making new memories
Missing old ones had

Try not to complain much
To stifle tears
Embrace what is in front of me
These are my best years

I am so sick of wasting my life
Chasing goals impossible to attain
Stop throwing my health and money away
Learned down a bottomless drain

I have been alive for two dozen rotations
Around the boiling sun
I die a little bit every day
Decomposing each one
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