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It becomes a secure and
congenial home
When a woman is around,
bonny circle..
If you treat them well
They bless your heart with
love and arouse
your intrinsic glow
Dear women..
You are strong and comely
May this day allay the
extreme heat
and assemble serene skies

Buven Thepoet
Sheldon Dsouza Feb 2015
She walks a narrow path,
over a valley filled with wrath.
One wrong turn,
and in the fire she's left to burn.

She always dreamt to stretch her wings, but never did fearing the stings.
She always wanted to soar high,
but feared the endless predators in the sky.

A smile she wears as the day goes by,
lets no one see the tear in her eye.
The pain in her heart goes un noticed by most,
though it rings from coast to coast.

Her voice no one ever heard,
not a single sentence or word.
No laughs of joy nor cries of pain,
all for herself to contain.

Lonely at times she gazes at the night sky, trying to catch any falling star that may go by.
Wishing for her misery to end,
wishing to enjoy life and its moments with a close one, a friend.

Laughs and cries to herself at times, putting down what she feels into rhymes.
Pushed around forever,
rarely allowed to pursue her own endeavour.

Her goals and dreams,
never morph to reality it seems.
For others she lives,
without thinking her everything she gives.

How long will this go on,
how long will she suffer from dusk to dawn?
All the injustice and spite,
will this continue to be her plight?

Why can't she be allowed,
to rise up and touch every cloud?
To laugh more and less to cry,
all set bounds and limits to defy.

To fight and to resist,
to deal with every twist and tryst.
To have an equal foot on every front,
no more to take the brunt.

Her eyes never to sparkle with remorseful tears,
to do away with all her worries and fears.
Her freedom to life and right to every joy, lets protect and not destroy.

To end her pitiful plight, and let her enjoy her life’s glorious flight...
Butch Decatoria Dec 2019
I am she
Who compliments & completes
The dream-lover and wishes
Made when he is asleep.
I am she

Who suffers the most,
Giving birth, cradling ghosts,
As the crone or maid,
(Once and always)
Sister, mother, daughter, wife.

I am she
Who waits through the night.
I am she
Who equals the strength
Of his light.

"See me with your loving eyes,
See me more than the tears I've cried!"

I am she
Who is willing
To go with him to war,
Not a man but as an equal,
(I'm both soft yet hard)
I am she
To whom he'll give his heart
I am the tunnel's bright end
I am where
The family starts,
The breast which nurse small men.

I am she
The twin,
The Juliet,
The Goddess divine!
I am she
Who deserves the same
in life, and for all time.
(Peace be…)
I am she
I am you
I am her
I am the one besides
And inside
She is I…
The romance in the dress,
Patient Partner to the ends,
Tiny dancer on the floor
I am
The one that loves you
Forever &
Revised final edit.
Breeze Mar 2019
We are told that we are free
To be the women we want
That we are independent
To be who we want to be

The textbooks tell me
It has been that way since 1960
We are on your level
The Glass has shattered from beneath your feet

But sometimes I  think that I am too much
When Im happy
“Too much smiling”
When I laugh
“Too much laughter”
When I joke
“Too risque”
“Too rude”
“Too lewd for a woman “

When I sit
I am told to sit cross legged
“There are men in the room”

When I wear what I want
I am told that I am showing too much skin
“Do not tempt your fellow brothers” they say

When I am under the covers
Seeking pleasure
The voice from the pulpit speaker echoes
“Those are for husband’s touch”
His hands
It’s sacred
“It was meant for his alone”

All these rules and regulations
For women to follow
We are said that we can walk now
In the light of liberation
But only under their shadow
truly I must admit that I am a bit rusty, but I decided to pick up my pen (my laptop, rather) and start writing what was on my mind.
chitragupta Mar 2019
I know today the world celebrates you
But in my heart, your festival plays all season
To craft songs in your praise is honour
And this wordsmith is honorable aplenty

I know I'll never know the pain
The way societies have pushed you when
You blinded them with your radiance
Now enlightened they can only apologise

Justice is the cry!
Tell me it is not my lone heart
I do not strive to appease,
it is just what every woman deserves
Even if I lend my hand to
just the ones close to my heart
They say intelligence comes from one's experience,
and wisdom from those of others'
Wise I have become,
so I pledge to be better than my fathers
Happy women's day, world.
As we celebrate the day, let us pledge to make a woman's life easier at work, school or at home.
And lend them our courage and support whenever we see institutionalised gender injustice.
Those little drops of individual effort can create oceans collectively even if governments are unable to.
jordan is a star athlete,
envied by all
on the opposing teams.

jordan is also creative,
and intelligent,
and an all-round amazing

jordan is strong,
and powerful,

but also delicate
and emotional.

jordan wants you to know
that she doesn't have to
conform to gender stereotypes.

she knows her place in
this world -

she knows that her place is
wherever she wants it to be.

she is independent
and doesn't need your negativity :)

- v.m
august 8th.
happy women's day!
jordan and i want you to know how amazing you're doing. have yourself an amazing day/night/morning/evening & sparkle like the unicorn you are !

[this was sort of inspired by an ad i saw on instagram a few weeks ago.]
pk tunuri Mar 2018
When you're a girl
The more beautiful you are
The more problems you will face

When you're a woman
The more stubborn you are
The more future you will create

Over the years, many men might've tried
To let you down and suppress your dreams
But, you've never lost the hope
Kept fighting & proved yourselves at times

In fact, you moved us
Motivating every single day
By achieving your dreams
You made this world a better place now

Thanks for being so kind, sweet, loving & caring
All that we(men) can give you is our pure-hearted love

I love you Granny, for all the stories you told me
I love you mom, for being there, every time I failed
I love you sister, for all the fights & advices
I love you, my dear friend, for trusting me

I can't imagine a world without you all
Happy Women's Day!!
Happy Women's Day to all the wonderful women in the world!!
YUKTI Mar 2018
One more time raise your voice, my little girl
One more time hold the ***** hand approach you
One more time cut that tongue that gave you the names
One more time take the  avatar of empowered "Maha Kali"
One more time be UNSTOPPABLE
YUKTI Mar 2018
They said "do not make the castle in the sky,
you are good-for-naught"

I replied " one day not only the castle
but the entire sky will be mine "
Jeff Gaines Mar 2018
Well great goodness, where on Earth do I start?
The Garden of Eden  … or the bottom of my heart?

How can I make this as honest and heartfelt as I can?
How would I share with every woman in the world, the emotions of every man?

Yes, we hold them in. It's about pride. It's about standing tough.
But you'd really not have us any other way … you love to polish what's rough.

And we really love you, make no mistake, to you we are forever beholden.
We'll not forget those meals and those band aides and all those clothes gently folden.

You taught us to tie our shoes and look after our sisters and brothers.
And that unless we are standing for something correct, we must always be kind to others.

From you we learned that women are our partners, other halves and mothers-to-be.
Which leads my poem in another direction … as I continue my praises with glee.

Our wives took up where our mothers left off and carry our hearts in their hands.
They made us soup when sick, bore us amazing children and walked beside us in the sand.

They undressed us when drunk, both for fun and when it was needed.
And stood understanding when we failed miserably, as their warnings went blindly unheeded.

No matter our place in failure, glory or fame, they were always standing by our side.
No matter our outfit, five o'clock shadow, even our beer belly …
they always stand there with pride.

And in the brave new age, where we all live, they now do things so amazing.
They race cars, cure diseases, head up companies and set many trails a blazing!

What would we do without these women from our birth to our end of days?
How do we love them, now and forever?
You simply can't count the ways!
For International Women's Day 2018
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