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JayceeJellies Nov 2014
She comes over for the night,
She seems to be alright.
I'm not sure if I like her yet,
But that doesn't seem to matter,
She's just that close to my sister.

She started to stay over on school nights,
Something just wasn't right.
Soon enough she never left,
I began to feel like I was being replaced.

I'm not trying to sound selfish,
And no I'm not jealous.
But I am confused,
Why are you telling me this unfortunate news?

She hasn't left for weeks.
I'm sick of being the subject of greed.
I want my family back.
Just tell me that she'll eventually leave.

I'm now starting to feel neglected.
I've been replaced in every way I had imagined.
But you don't seem to see it that way.
I don't think the girl is leaving any time soon.
JayceeJellies Jan 2015
She comes over for the night,
She seems to be alright.
I'm not sure if I like her yet,
But that doesn't seem to matter.

She started to stay over on school nights,
Something just didn't seem right.
Soon enough she never really left,
Her and my little sister were basically compressed.

I'm not trying to sound selfish,
And no I'm not really jealous.
But I am feeling quite confused,
Why are you telling me this unfortunate news?

She hasn't left for weeks.
I'm sick of being the subject of greed.
I just want my family back.
Just tell me that she'll eventually leave.

I'm now starting to feel neglected.
I've been replaced in every way that I had imagined.
But you don't seem to see it the way that I do,
I don't think the girl is leaving any time soon.
I  grew up childishly neglected my emotions
Because I got taught the stereotype of a man
Nothing more than a teenage boy crying into a pillow
Keeping the noise low
And his eyes dry before his mother comes  home
Umi Feb 2018
Iron which has been exposed to the rain, is likely to become rusty.
Weakening, brcoming fragile along the way, changing colours.
Because it couldn't resist the cruel, cold, pungent, sharp rain,
which has been brought by onimous, dark, clouds.
Those have come to claim the heavens, in malice, for themselves as they spread their offspring, letting it fall to the earth, fertilising it.
Once standing proud, the iron faced the weather carelessly, brave,
in such sense that it might have looked intimidating, impressive and
of course noble to some degree.
But for now it has aged, has become frail, feeble and slender.
Distorting its structure until suddenly it is not capable of holding
itself together, falling back down to the earth from which it came.
With enough care and treatment, such a fate would be avoidable,
But it is overlooked, chosen to be replaced instead of getting enough attention and so the metal decays in its oxidation, through time.
Until all of it has become a soft, crumbling powder.
Ruined by the simple raindrops, coming from a stormy day.

~ Umi
I’m darkened by you,
Twisted and broken,
I’m lost in a sea,
Bitter and frozen,
I’ve taken all I could have,
And suffered all I could not,
I’m destroyed by the actions,
You seem to have forgot,
I wanted you there,
I needed you so,
I was just a child,
Why did you go?
Dani Sep 2018
Even when I'm simple you turn away,
I am sitting here telling you I'm not okay,
Turn your head from my cries if you’re mean,
These things I tell are something, they are keen,
Understand that you’re not there for me,
Paying bills is not the key,
I cry to you, of all I care,
So much I have had to bare,
No pity please, I want none,
But I'm not liking the shun,
You always disrespect my heart,
Irresponsibly shooting a missing dart,
Hello there, please remember me,
I need attention too, can't you see,
Denial fills you, in your mind,
Thinking you are so kind,
The love I feel, but not the attention
Is any of this comprehension
Listen to me, here me out,
Be there when I begin to cry out.
Neglect is known to us all in some way or another
Speechless, ignored, could
You even miss me at all
If I fell away?

If I drowned like my
Words that everyone doubted
And learned to neglect?

A silent heartbeat,
With the silence you put to
Everything I say?

I wish a friend would
Like my company, I just
Haven't found one yet-
I'm quiet. I'm talked over a lot.
edit: i finally found a friend that does :))
Meg Pasnik Jul 2018
Hot metal purrs next to me, harsh breath cresting my skin.
I wonder if he has a name.
He shouts in color and heatwaves, desperately trying to ask for my forgiveness.
"I didn't mean to scare you,"
I see red above me.
"please come back".
Somehow I can never escape the metallic noise that seems to possess me.
Why can't I leave him?
Amoy Apr 2018
Five Years old, ugly and shy.
I saw you letting go and I cried.

Mummy! Mummy!  Please don’t go.
Will you come back?  I don’t know.

Mummy! Mummy! Do you care?
Please, please stay. I want you near.

She looked me in my eyes and said,
“Don’t call me that.  Call me by my name.

It’s Marcia.  Give it a try”.
That’s the last day I saw her…

Until sixteen years later, one day in late July.
Theia Rhea Dec 2018
Look! She is drowning
You never once turn your head
Even though she cries.
Your fine bespoken suit, hand and glove
A perfect fit, we are in love.

My blue Hellenic dress, now threadbare
It fell apart, but we didn’t care.

It’s all unraveling, as we cling to a thread
Taken for granted and now it’s dead.
@LadyRavenhill 2019
Olliver May 2018
I want to remind you of all the times we shared.

When I helped you stand in an elevator at 8 years old because you were too drunk to stand yourself.

When you missed my last band concert because getting high and crying over him was more important.

When you told me I treat you like a dog, but I get anxiety whenever I'm around you.

When you told my brother he should have never been born. A drunk man's words are a sober man's thoughts, you know.

When you said I was too immature to decide if I should stay at your house or not.

When you stopped being my safe place.

When you tried to make me feel guilty for not coming out to you sooner. It made you mad that even though you have been calling it a phase for a year that I didn't think you'd exept me.

How about the time I tried to put my younger brother to sleep and you yelled at me for asking you not to distract him while cleaning; he would never get to sleep that way. But I was "scoulding you".

Don't forget when I was 4 years old and you came to visit me and promised me a new booksgelf for all my moovies, and didn't even remember the next time I saw you (a month later).

And I've been told plenty of time of when you left me with my grandma to go get some food, and came back about 4 days later for your child.

I was sick once and I remember throwing up, wishing my mom was there to hold my hair, but I figured I hadn't seen her in so long that maybe if I prayed she would hear me up in hevan?

When you dropped me off without saying I love you, even though I said it three times and I was mad.

Now pick those out in perfect chronological order. Tell me what was the old you. Tell me you changed. Lie to me. Im already used to it.

Now you might understand why I'm counting down the days until I live with my father.
Allison Mar 2018
I've taken up writing biographies,
but I'm starting at the end.
See I'll write us back to eighteen,
full of freedom and backseat heartbeats.
I'd write us back to twelve,
and tree house book pages turning.
See I'd write you wild, child.
I'd write you blanket forts,
chances to consent,
and that lion heart
that was yours
when you were barefoot.
mariamme Jul 2018
they say the walls talk:
four, of blank off white,
plaster & wallpaper plastered
with whispered conversations
the years peeling like paint
& if you're silent like me,
you could hear the pain behind
& the pretty words too.
lovers from twenty years ago-
hear the flowers in their mouths
petals of lust against the grain.
stifled crying in the corner,
shadowed still & dusty
with months of neglect.
the past finds it's fingerholds yet,
creeping back into our homes
as though we had never left,
& neither had the others.
so many things are said
in the silence of four blank walls,
soon to be covered by
pretty things that cannot mute
the remembering of pain.
26 july 2018
NewCaleBoy Aug 2018
the extermination of the straight white male

soon we will be gone and the remainder carried over into zoos for
“safekeeping,” our DNA and ***** harvested for science purposes

you will be pitched advertisements

send $ to San Diego Zoo so they can save the few remaining
white rhinos (which they neglect to mention are in preserves in Kenya and the Sudan, but send $$ a way)
and the last three straight white guys
(surfer, techie, and an aborigine)
to preserve the species so the world can modify their cells
to stop sexism, racism and other male diseases
gonna maybe mate them with the rhinos,
which will be expensive cause of all the rhinoplasty,

so send me some
money, money, money

Vicki Kralapp Aug 2012
It is almost gone, the fight to sustain, to go that extra mile.
I cannot go down that road again without the promise of change.

Hope is nearly extinguished;
a flame snuffed out by years of beurocracy and neglect.

Groping through the darkness that has enveloped us
as we struggle through days without end.

The much dreaded evil has crept under doors and into our ears;
voices of torment and faded support.

Fighting the good fight was not meant for this.
It was the promise of something more.
All poems are copy written and sole property of Vicki Kralapp.
Jonathan Moya Jun 19
Icarus’ sister exists only in living stone,
the watchful daughter of the craftsman
in the middle of his own labyrinth,
once his prized creation, placed in
the prime line of his drafts, design, eye
of his genius, now a relic existing
in a dusty nowhere cobweb corner
stained with Minotaur blood,
watching her fleshy father
falteringly stitch wax, feathers, twigs
to a frame that could not
take the water and sun of every day birds,
not even the weight of a son’s pride
who complacently raveled and unraveled
his father’s clew, half hearing  cautions,  
his mind flapping beyond the planets.

She cried over how Daedalus could
dote over such mortal error
while she exists in perfect neglect,
cried a tear turned prayer that
mixed with the dust, the murderous
blood crusting the rusty teeth of Perdix’s saw,
knowing hence  that men **** their best dreams,
fear the successful  flight of  their ideas, and  
that her faith, trust now forever lived with the gods.

Hephaestus heard her and bellowed her mind,
taught her to seek inspiration in the rejected
metal slivers that littered the workshop
like the sand of Naxos where Theseus
left Ariadne in her abandoned dreams.

In the cry of that other lost daughter
she heard the sound of ascent,
saw father and son in erratic flight
and followed to the top of the labyrinth
to watch two glints align in descent
and one splash into the sea.

Graced with the knowledge
that forbearers would
name the waters below for this fool,
she deposited Icarus in their father’s arms,
and flew away on brass wings of her own design,
wingtips skipping waves, seeking the sun.
Kevin Hayes Dec 2018
Waiting Waiting

slowly fading.

From everything that used to make me.

I'd come around but then you'd hate me.

Not in the mood to entertain thee.

Neglected pain, but now I face it.

Trapped in my mind, stuck in the basement.

Hoping that I'll better with renovation.

Took out the doubt, and put some faith in.
JAW Jul 29
You look divine
The way you hold the glass of wine
as if it will never spill
Seconds pass and I am under your spell
Pick me like a spring flower
show me there is no hell
Tipsy like the glass slipping from your fingertips
Now its hopeless
The carpet is stained
it started to rain
You give up and go to bed
Without my kiss on the head
Just red on the floor
Was not meant to be poured
N Dec 2017
People always say that relationships are hard,
but they are not supposed to feel exhausted.
It shouldn't be so self consuming and agonizing.
You put me through this emotionally draining cycle almost every day.
It goes like this:

you get provoked and infuriated,
I push to defend myself,
you argue then neglect me,
I feel at fault and withdrawal myself,
you manipulate and guilt trip me,
I apologize,
you are apologetic yet unlawfully canny,
I build you back up.

After the cycle,
You are left feeling complete yet
I am left with an ample void.
After the cycle,
your integrity, contentment, and overall mind set,
are surely enhanced and amplified
I am left with an everlasting void
that expands through every small dispute

you guilt trip me after every single fight,
saying you aren't worthy of me,
that you aren't good enough.
I can't let you think that,
so I fix your thoughts.
It's so tiring.

I'm trapped.

I care about you, so how could I leave.
But even if i wanted to, I couldn't
there are barriers.

your friends would hate me,
your sister would dislike me.
your bestfriend yet also my bestfriend, would leave me.

I cant risk these things.

I feel trapped.

But i love you,
so its okay.

Daniel K Jan 14
The wind bore coldness.
Never was it’s fault; the lack
Of sun’s affection.
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