Iamezzycrown Aug 7

Black image,
white heart ,
golden souls,
which once trampled on loamy brown soil.
Now in the blue sky ,on this day I remember your beautiful colours.
I miss the old school goodness.

To my fathers,
And father Fathers before me.
Down to the route of my lineage.
From west, east ,north and south of the black world.

Their voices remain melodious like the singing birds in calm forest.
Painters of rainbow,
Legends of time,
Flash back in history.

The Africa culture has always been a beautiful peacock,
One that captivates the mind of all men.

On this day, I take the oath to die as a black,
Nothing less ,I stand firm in my belief,
I remain unshakable.
I plant myself under the soil of custom and tradition.

I drink the toxic wine my ancestors left behind,
I promise to slay the roaming lion of civilization.
I remain a royal loyal soul on my fathers soil,
Not a slave in the foreign land.

Africa the Joseph among his brothers,
When I die give my wealth of belief to generation to come, let my soul embrace the hug from the land of legends.

Black I came out of my mothers womb,
Black I will return to my ancestors.


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I used to find Facebook interesting,
I find it dull.
Have I changed,
Or has the World changed?
Probably a little bit of both.
I'm more cynical
About the ambitions of people on Facebook,
And President Donald Trump
Is doing his best
As many Aspirations as he can.
To be honest,
I like the extremes.
That's on Tumblr,
But discouraged,
Or against the rules on Facebook
I guess I'm losing interest in Facebook
Because I have
No one to impress
But myself.

This morning,
I could not use Hello Poetry
Because I was receiving a warning on my Computer
That Hello Poetry is an
"Unsafe Website"
This is ironic because, Hello Poetry contains
Very little Imagery.
"You mean to say that a blog  like Tumblr"
"That  contains lots of porn"
"Is safer than a purely EDUCATIONAL site"
"Like Hello Poetry?"  I thought.
I didn't feel angry
As much as I felt perplexed?
So, I'm glad Hello Poetry is back up and running properly.
Without photos and images of various sorts
That demand one's attention,
It will always be
The best place online
To focus on
Just Writing Poetry.

FADE Jul 30

You need not put your tough face
In front of me you don’t need
To add made up stars to your shadow
Just come and let me take hold of your heart
Then peacefully crumble in my arms…

AAA Jul 20

Here is where i start, My happiness i demand now. I stared. I watched myself in front of th mirror and i didn't know who i was looking at. My hair is short and frail broken ends and lifeless strains . my eyes glossed over like the baby doll i clung to as a scared child. My skin is covered in pale patches, the weight on my thighs and stomach that kept me warm when he was gone has vanished, skin and muscles lay on my bones. I feel as if i have been going through the motions for so long pretending to feel beautiful and full of life that i forgot how scared i am of losing control. i feel like i finally have a chance of changing  myself and i am letting it slip away! because i am scared of gaining my control back! i loved him, but i hated myself and he left and i mourned that loss but now it's time to bury that relationship and gain back a sense of who i am. i am not as broken as i seem, i have flaws. i have room to improve. i want to be happy... i want to start feeling how i actually am not just telling people i feel happy! i haven't cut since feb. but i can't act like i havent thought it. i cant act like i don't want to. but it is time to heal and it starts now. with love and support i will rise out of these ashes. i have walked through the fire and it destroyed me. now it's my time to kick back!

In the  spirit of President Donald Trump,
I disregarded all Environmental Ethics
And aggressively mined Tumblr
In search of ideas
For my next poem.
I sent my drill
Into the  depths of Lascivious Hell
In search of the most raunchy  ideas
Which would offend
Even the Children of Satan.
I clear-cut  the Forests of Controversy
Simply to supply enough fuel
For my own Burning Desire
To infuriate everyone.
In the editing process,
I violently eliminated
All unwanted blog entries
In order to express my message
Of  dissolution and destruction
With determination

This is a poem I just posted on Tumblr. I think one must be a Tumblr user to get the joke.
Mikayla Smith Jul 11

“Overdose” - July 11, 2017

She lay on the cold concrete,
Dress lifted, head held down.
Her insides have gone numb
As innocence bleeds into the ground.

After it had been done,
He told her she better keep her mouth shut.
Told her it was “all her fault,”
Said she shouldn’t have dressed like a slut.

Then, she goes home,
Suffering all alone.
No one to listen, no one to care,
Nothing but the imprint of his menacing glare.

When will it end?
When will it end?

He stays awake at night,
Listening in on his father’s two o’clock rage.
Didn’t bother to wonder what it was this time,
Just another one of Daddy’s alcoholic haze.

In their brokenness,
The shadows don’t even come out anymore.
The walls surrounding are slowly crumbling
But it doesn’t surprise him anymore.

Love knows nothing but black eyes and bleeding hearts,
At least that’s what he’s come to know living in the dark.
The whispers say, “Escape while you still have the chance.”
If he did that, his mother’s blood would be on his hands.

When will it end?
When will it end?

In their brokenness,
The tears flow faster than they ever have before.
Something to take away the pain,
Something to end the internal war.

The flag of surrender sits on the table,
They’ll walk through the walls they built so high.
Maybe there’s a better home awaiting
In the wounded sky.

When will it end?
When will it end?

Every day, people suffer in silence
And we just watch them wither away.
We read their scars like words on paper
But never ask them what caused them pain.

Our fellow humans would rather die
Than “bother” us with what’s on their mind.
They would rather take away their life
Because we have closed our hearts to the outside.

So, I have a question for you, my friends.
This stigma that we haven’t yet changed,
When will it end?

Not my usual poem. Inspired by a Tumblr post.

On Tumblr,
I am  not going to offend anyone with my posts.
Absolute liberty is the rule there.
No one is going to tell me
That the video I posted
Of a nude woman in Queretaro, Mexico,
Putting lotion on herself
Is obscene.
However, I have one warning for men
Who try to use Tumblr.
Don't try to befriend
A nude model!
Appreciate looking at her,
But don't try to get in a serious discussion. with her.
These ladies have passionate feelings about things
That are hard for most guys  to understand.
They might believe in What they're doing
Just as much as Religious Zealots!
Exhibitionists need Voyeurs
Just as any entertainer
Needs an audience.
It's a SYMBIOTIC relationship.
If you try to befriend
Someone who you like to observe in the nude,
The fantasy  will fade.
You might start to perceive her as ignorant and vain
Rather than sexy and smart.

deery Jul 7

I can describe to you in full detail
all the pain
and where its located

a pit on the bottom of my stomach
it either slowly crawls into me
or something beckons it out

a hole at the bottom of my rib-cage
like I have been shot
with the power of a million words

two hands shake at my knees and neck
it feels stiff

the feeling is oozing
its dark
and it grows in groups

I fear it

skye Jul 3

i'm nothing special.
i'm just a collection of thin bones and heavy thoughts.
people think i'm special.
and they get to know me
only for me to teach them that i'm a bother.
i'm a bore and i'm sad.
i'm distant and i'm best at pushing people away.
i want to explore but i'm terrified
and they think i'm not interested.
i'm bland and i'm dying.
i don't matter. i'm just matter.

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