M 1d

does it hurt knowing i'm hurting
does it burn knowing i'm burning
does the sting from your chaotic brain ever lead you to believe that the hurt will always hurt because of what you believe
- M.

AAA May 13

Walking through the same street we did a year ago
But things have changed
We used to be so in love
We walked together hand and hand
With love in our eyes and overwhelming feeling of being adored
But this year
I saw you
Same night
Different years
Your eyes were red
As if you were crying
But we both know you weren't
You were high
Why high?
Were you trying to mask the feeling
The feeling of facing what we have become?
We have been torn apart
Our memories are dead and lifeless
Because what once was amazing
Has turned into something disgusting
And you might mask your feelings but that is what makes us so different
I am living threw all of this sober
And you aren't
And I think that what rips me apart
Because I know you weren't that person
I know you have good in you
But now you look broken
And I want to save you
But I can't
Because I walked those street and remembered all of our memories and I felt sad so sad like a deep sadness of missing us but then I kept going I didn't cry or break down I stayed strong and didn't call out to you and cry your name or grab your hand I walked past you like stranger and that what scares me is the guy who I gave my virginity to is a stranger

deery May 2

kill me with a bullet
that smells of cigarettes
and Sundays
and bitter sweet tea
and sweet bitter goodbyes
kill me with a sword
laced in band practice
encased in a sleeve of rain water
and rose petals
and midnight cries

ViiHunniD Apr 29

You know...
If you never been amorphous,
It's going to be hard to feel me...

In this Verser, it's just a message
To get you baffled.
The "Apple" of their (I) eye,
Has got manipulation on the "Monopoly..."
That's why he's unorthodox,
He move's in sinuous paths...

Just some thoughts for the mind...
Matt Earl Apr 27


now on Tumblr
ViiHunniD Apr 27

Writing this, in inflammatory sinuous paths,
Maybe, me, I am too ambitious.
Knowledge and awareness are vagues,
Perhaps better called illusions...
Even the strongest of opponents,
Always have blind spots...
But only a blind person can spot those weaknesses.

Is it foolishness to fear what we have been told,
Yet to see, possess and know it?

People never understand the chosen ways
Of perspective persevering life forms.
The ways of uplifting felonious,
I have seeing them malicious fiends,
They considering themselves as idols.
They all took some sacrifices,
Just to get in such positions...
Maybe them, they too religious.

Non-know about our sleepless nights...
There those who do not know no better ways,
They get cold and turn to be nousless.
Safety comes to whoever knows of righteousness...
These corners contain all types of predicaments,
That combine with our treacherous nights,
Into be some sort of amorphous,
Like somebody chose us.

Weeks back I had nightmares,
Stack with fiends in them trenches,
Sinking in them trenches,
Stretching for my dreams,
While dreams are said to be thoughts,
I dare you to think about pandemoniums.
Malevolently they want to see me breathless,
Inevitable for it to occur in any case or cases,
Or to contemporaneous in my dreams...

Solitary thoughts made me piously bias,
With all the words and papers I am pathos,
It is golden, whether it is speech or speechless,
Action acts with expression louder than words,
But words are stronger and meaningful than any type of action, acted,with any type of expressions,
Said in strangest terms..

I had a lot of things I was thinking of...
死の王 Apr 22

I am a lipstick stained cigarette
I am the bullet played in Russian Roulette

GKM Mar 13

She whispered his name each
Night like a prayer waiting to be
Heard by a god she thought was
There. The way the syllables
Swirled round her tongue like an
Ancient tale she didn't know but
Felt when she heard her heart
Beat. The feel of the letters on her
Lips was like a childhood lullaby
She had heard a thousand times
But forgot the words to.
She longed for the person she had
Once known like her first name.

But what she didn't know was that
There are some things that must
Just remain forgotten.

nair Jan 22

I always find myself in a state of

distress these late sunday nights

as if my entire being tries

to resist new beginnings

as if I’d rather remain

in dullness and pain

I don't think I'll ever get sick of Tumblr
'Cause Tumblr is the Underground.
The Erotic, the Mystical, the Psychedelic.....It's all there on Tumblr.
I'll get bored to death
If I don't Embrace the Extremes.

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