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Kaye B Anderson Oct 2015
What a sad creature you are.
Stuck in your ways.
We don't know you well, but you think you know us.
What type of life have you lived that made you this way.
There are people out there that come from broken homes, tortured, and deprived of the necessities to live a healthy normal life and if they do end up escaping their very unfortunate situations they live, they love, although not exactly the same as their more fortunate peers, they live and love life.
And here you are, counting the negatives in your life,
most of which have been self-manifested,
here you are, forgetting to count your blessings; and even disguising some of your blessings with hate and sorrow.

Don't be sorry, change.
Don't be confused, think.
Think about it; what do you get out of chasing the same tail you have been chasing round in circles for all these years?
No, I am not saying you are a dog,
but what I am trying to say is: you are a human, so use the mental capacity that you have to really think about what you're doing, and what you have done; think, and change.

A penny dropped, a pebble thrown, life is full of mistakes,
but in a moment, a pondering moment, blessings they may come.
Live with love, forgive yourself, for all that you have done.

Let it go...

       Let it go...

Everyday, every moment, you have been given a second chance at life, is this how you choose live it?
  Aug 2015 Kaye B Anderson
His lips told the stories of sleep & day-dreams.

Heavy on his tongue was a white lie.

Between the wink of his teeth was yet another.

And that is how she knows what truth tastes like.
We learn through experience, memories.
I wish you, you & you a really good day/night filled with lil surprises and wonderful things.
And if you are having a terrible day, *hugs hugs hugs*.
Kaye B Anderson Aug 2015
I ask myself “who am I?",
I wait for a reply.
I hear my thoughts rambling,
I here myself say “Why?”
Why do I see myself as I do,
in fact, what do I actually see?
I realise after all this time, my thoughts have been taking over me.

If I step back and think about each time I have found myself in despair,
I never really realised, it was a thought that took me there.

Thinking makes us something,
it’s the one thing that sets us apart;
a thought leading to happiness,
or a broken heart.

What will your thoughts be today, knowing what you know?;
A single thought, leads to many others,
*we reap what we sow.
  Jan 2015 Kaye B Anderson
When the life you live is a lie,
could you ever look up to the sky
and apologize?
But you can't and you know why.

You speak as if you are better than all.
But how could you possibly stand tall
when you are only trying to maul
many people so they will fall?

I did not like meeting you in my light,
for you're making it as dark as night.
But maybe you believe it to be your right,
to act rudely and cruelly and fight.

Have you ever considered being nice?
I heard that it was good advice.
But hey, maybe you like your vice
and i'm watching it grow out of control like lice.

I don't like watching others endure your cruelty
for they do not deserve your foolery,
or was it your lunacy?
either way, stay away from my community.
In my community there is someone who is just so rude and mean to everyone. I have not known this person for a long time but they are seriously annoying me and many other people and I would prefer it if they stayed away from the people that I know and care about.
It's honestly like dealing with a real life troll and i'm trying to ignore them but hey, I just had to vent about it somewhere.

Apply this to whomever you wish.;)
Kaye B Anderson Jan 2015
Read my poems,
though read them right.
You can't just read them like
you are reading a book,
And think "this is not that good".
What is this?
These are words from my heart,
Don't underestimate.
The power contained in each word,
Sings a tune,
Read it like that,
Like a song,
that's the way it deserves to be read.
You then might feel what I feel
and appreciate each word
And let them touch your heart,
and truly understand what's being said.
Each word a journey of my hearts content,
Or its losses,
Some possibly written with tears dripping,
On the keyboard,
true emotions,
Deserve respect.
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