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Serena M 15h
I was once a slave to the blade
Also to the pin of sins
And yeah, I thought
I had it made

Sugar spun mascara doll eyes
Life was a series of battle cries
Fate cut me deeper than I ever had the courage to carve.

It was a losing fight. The self-pity, the bloodletting, the IV plunge of butterflies, bats with razor blade wings in my veins was going to give me the feeling of life I so ached for. So I nearly slipped away from here.

Time ran out and was borrowed again
And it was not until recently that I discovered that the courage was in fact, in stopping.

The courage was in deciding to love myself anyway.

The courage was in fighting the good fight, and uncovering the joy of each breath that I take....The joy of being alive.

The courage to accept nothing less than what brings me that.

And that is How I Came to Thrive.
a narrative of sorts, after having been clean for 7 months and self harm free over 1 year
Chloe Sep 13
Hello my friend,
You have been gone for too long.
A hug that was once so warm and comforting has left me hollow and cold.
You have latched yourself back onto me.
Your grip is so strong.
I do not want you here.
So, please, please be gone.
I cannot hold onto you the way I once did.
You are so toxic to me.
It's getting hard to breathe.
I will not let you control my life,
not like you did before.
You do not own me.
Get out of my head.
This temple I have built.
I am stronger now.
I will not be filled with guilt.
You are a small part of my life,
you are not my world.
I refuse to let myself drown
in the darkness that you are.
I will come back on top  
and you can watch from afar.
One day I will be strong enough to not fall back into your arms.
I've hit another depressive episode, it's at it's peak but I am still fighting. Every single day I am getting better at pushing through my depression. I know you can too. Stay strong, everyone.
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