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Me; I



rs Oct 30
i’m in your veins
running through you like the antidote
you love her
you’d die for her
but would you live for her?
you’ll let her **** you with her soft voice and shy smile
and words as sweet as honey
i’ll make sure of it
i’m inside you
it’s hard to tell the two of us apart
you feel me when rage burns like fire
and when the pills kick in and you’re numb
you love that feeling
you’d die for that feeling
you need it like your hallelujah holy grail
you’ll let it **** you
i’ll make sure of it
Alex Smith Oct 29
Hold me so close
That we feel the static
Between us.
Love me so hard
That the weight could **** me.
Again, like before
a lost walk in a manic rain
and the cold back seat;
Black, purple,
and some, older,
green and pink
my legs and arms, bruised.

It took a drunken sunless summer,
only one week of copper leaves for the fall
and this desert,
a month of a metal door handle turning, turning
Until, with a gasp, the dead black of December.

Here in the new year, a fat feast for death to add to my years,
a night dive into stone.
Alex Smith Oct 22
Why am I ******* up
So bad?
What I am even doing?
When am I ever gonna learn?

I met you in downtown Chicago...
But I had to leave
The very next day.
So we made plans to live in New York City-
And maybe visit LA.

Showing me things I
Thought I'd never see-
Was it love
Or just my fantasy?
Was it real-
Or just a dream?
Was it pleasant,
Or my nightmare?
Sometimes you get so anxious,
And I take it personal-
But little did I know
Is that you were just as hurt
And as scared as me.

Was it real-
A dream,
Or fantasy?

Well, at least we
Will always have
Downtown Chicago-
And concerts-
And movies nights
When we'd watch
Some great flicks...

I first met you in downtown Chicago...
I left the very same day.
But I promised I would
Travel to New York City,
And then maybe come meet you in LA,
Even if for one day.

So be my teacher-
My favorite person-
And my friend-
Accept me as I am,
I will care for you unconditionally-
No matter what we are.
Because my heart
Will remain
Where we first met
In downtown Chicago.
This poem was partly adapted from the song "Chicago" by Highly Suspect. A poem for my best friend who I am hopelessly in love with, but nothing will come of it. A poem of acceptance of that, but that I will still always love and care for her. We first met in Downtown Chicago at a little ramen shop. We had amazing times. We made plans to one day live together in New York City and to visit her hometown of LA. One day, maybe one day.
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