Wanna help me?

Look at me with care.
Look at me with love.

Keep your arms around me.
Keep your proximity close.

Give me a kiss on the cheek.
It doesn't have to be weird.

Wanna help me?

Listen to what I say.
Tell me the feelings I describe.

Express your reactions.
Tell me you hurt for me.

Wanna help me?

Show me that you love me.

I will feel it.
I promise...

Please help me...
I didn't ask to be like this.. Or did I?.. I don't know.

You know
                                            If you must ignore me.

At least have the valour

                                                                  the bravery
the fortitude

to be honest about it.

                          Don't make my mind wander.
When your mind biases affect your perceptions and anxieties.
JoJo 1d
sometimes i want someone to take the rain
but leave the pain
so I can watch my heart slowly die
like it was always meant to.

but mind you,
this is not a suicide note
because my soul has already died.
Lost 1d
I used to bike in circles
On long summer days
Waiting for someone
Or something to be my escape
From the walls of my double wide
Where every night I would hide

I punched a hole in my wall
That my mom covered with an inspiring quote
I took a pin it was hung with
And stabbed and ripped it all
To plaster over someone’s pain
Is a ******* ******* shame
Emotional droughts
And bouts
Of tear-storms
Wash the sand
Like waves at high-tide.
But this time,
I have a boat
To traverse a
That I cry.

And in the winter
Of my life,
The dove called
Flashes its radiant ravishing, refined wings
And I know that
My spring is near
Because Hope is here.
Accept the flaws in myself,
lasso the breadth
of my errors
with no regret.

I believe there's a switch
where the matter
lives in a state
of yes or no.

Commit to the wind in word,
I won't wrestle
control from
anyone but me,
and my worst self.

Empathy on high,
Sympathy on low,
Compassion on,
for transparency.
Compassion off,
for sympathy play.

I am not a means,
I am a world.

My worth
is not measured
in the weight
of my faith in
and the care I take
of others.
People have a way of living in my head
long after they're gone
In the dead of night
At the darkest hours of day
A vampire will incarnate from his grave
and shrieks so loud the sun takes refuge
behind heavy curtains
And every dream disappears
But I hope for tiny stars to shine
An interval for silence
short, short, short as it may be
To prove the people in my head are ghosts
and vampires live in ****
There is no ****, alas, outside my head
nor a graveyard beyond my heart.
If so, one's precious moment is when they're gone
To bed, or to the sky...
But the people in my head never sleep
or die..
I feed them with a mouthful of tranquilizers
and they howl even more.
What if I am the one howling in my head?
One can never say for sure..
Shila 5d
She hears nothing
She sees nothing
Just a very dark place

Come here
The voice calls
It's happiness
She flies toward it, with light feelings, while smiling but-

Come here
Another voice calls
It's loneliness
She stops midway
"I'll be right back", she tells happiness
She goes to loneliness with wide arms opened
She was nearly embraced loneliness when

Come here
She hears another voice calling her
It's sadness
She stops.
"Sadness needs me", she whispers to loneliness
And she steps towards sadness
Loneliness tries to hold on her, but she didn't see it

Can you come here?
One more voice calls
She stops again, looking for the voice
It's confusion
She becomes baffled
She wonders whether sadness will be fine
If she goes to confusion now

No, don't!
Come here instead!
One more voice calls!
She turns and look at anger.
She looks at confusion and then anger
What is she supposed to do now?

Come here!
Come here!
Come here!
Come here!
Come here!
Come here!

Emptiness, happiness, loneliness, sadness, confusion, and anger call her
At the same time
She keeps running and running
In circle
Meets no end
Everytime she reaches the borderline, she runs towards different directions
She keeps running

And she hears one more voice

You don't belong anywhere
Finally, frustration says it
She fell down in despair

Come here
She feels cold fingers around her shoulders
She looks up
There stands the death
Giving her the dullest stares
And creepiest smile
My psychiatrist diagnosed me from borderline personality disorder (BPD), and I've always have thought it was bipolar disorder. She explained to me that these both disorders are totally different.
JoJo 7d
I’m tired of fighting a
Winless battle.
I wish I could reverse
Time and stop me from being born.
But all I have are
These pills that can give me
The permanent sleep I desire.
But then I think of you
And flush them out.
Don't worry, I'm okay.
Ì̛̛̕ ́͝ņ̛̕e̛̕͟ę̛̕͝d̷̢̛̕e̸̶̡͏̀ḑ́ ̛̀͠y͜͡o̶u̸͜ ́͟b́͞͞u̴̶t̷̛͞͠ ̧̡͡͞͏
ỳ̕o͢u҉͢͏̷ ̶̨͞w͏̴̕è̛́͘ŕ̴̴͢͞e̕͠ ̶̧̡͜n̴͢o̷͟͝͞ţ̸̵̸̴ ̷̸t̢͞h͠͏̶̧er̶͠e͜͠͡ ͏͠f͜͠o͏͜͠r̀̀͞ ̶͟͞m̕͢͟͞͠e̛͟͞
You traitor.. i know this is dysfunctional.. but i do not care.
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