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man tells me
man is you
man is that argument
man is that saying
man is that bias

MAN my fists,
ending you
that argument
your ****** sayings
that bias


I'm coming for you man.
The word, "Man," in it's oldest sense means, "Thought."
sadgirl Oct 2017
your skin
is not my skin
and it never will be

but your skin
stretched tight,
under creased jeans

and half-eaten seams
breaking to the beat
of the *****-tonk music

is enough to give me faith
there is some good
in this world,

we took our boats out
onto the shore,
beached them

in seconds after the lake
decided she didn't
agree with the politics behind

every love like ours,
you drowned
and i stayed afloat

but how will you swim
to me,
when the sky

is filled with
nothing but

when everything
is unapologetically
Based on the landmark civil rights case.
travelin north on rumblin boxcar trains
soft iron rails confess syncopated pains
slow rhythmic rush of spinning paddlewheels
full immersion baptism in Big Muddy swales
feint clip clop thoughts of ol Bess fade fast
hum a hue of delta blues to hard times past
I lift a quiet prayer to my Lord’s willowy ear
to quell the **** whispers of yonder city fears

Jacob Lawrence
Panel 23
Migration Series

Duke Ellington:
Daybreak Express

a snippit from a long essay The Path of Totality Part 2, "The Fire Next Time"
Hang on, hold on...
...we get the fiddle out,

Now the old Ban-jo...
here comes it now,
clap tune with us...

America went in the can when Hollywood then brought-in,
The good feelings sneakin' 'round as Old Times never for-got-ten.
HOORAY! HOORAY! America, still Dixie!

Real T.V. got your goat as poli-ticks snake your vote,
I guess that's how, guess what's now, -rock that boat!
LOOK AWAY! LOOK AWAY! T.V. keepin' Dixie!

Take a knee you N-F-L, NBA you go to ****!
Still not same, as Me 'n Me, with money, life is swell!
HOORAY! HOORAY! America, still Dixie!

Demo-cracy was thrown a hand, when Dixieland lost it's stand,
Oh live and die for T.V.

Keep your eyes down now, -boy don't look around...
...Our way, -T.V. -is Dixie!

HOORAY! HOORAY! America, still Dixie!
HOORAY! HOORAY! America, still Dixie!

Gotten out? The Great Gar-den? Then we shot your Mar-tin.
And ole Jay Z we'll mow him down, every time he hits our town,
oh you'll see, catch a grave, as God T.V. keep y'all a *****!
Not the same, as Me n' Me, in spite of all your New money!
HOORAY! HOORAY! America, still Dixie!
HOORAY! HOORAY! America, still Dixie!

HOORAY! HOORAY! America, still Dixie!
HOORAY! HOORAY! America, still Dixie!
Remake of the Dixie tune for modern times. It must have been hilarious to see people dancing and clapping to this tune as it appears to be made in jest to mock racists.
Taylor Kennerly Aug 2017

My heart shudders

And ripples in fear

And I imagine

Touching my stomach

For fear of what my future child

One day may have to endure

One day may have to see

One day may have to think

One day may have to feel …
Taylor Kennerly Jul 2017
At the meeting of her breast there is  
an avalanche of creation
Sweet love pours down
Like milk and honey

The center of the earth
Moves in the pit of her belly
Blessed creature
Lay still!
Stay hidden at the core

The genesis of all creation
The perfect balance of him and her

The mother
With brown skin like dirt
With black skin like midnight skies
With full lips like animals
Full lips like the ripest berry
With hair corse and unkept
Difficult to tame and mighty to look at

You are birthed from strength
A song sung for generations
Passed down by hushed tongues
and calloused hands
A blood song
Of family and sacrifice

Sweet angel
You are loved by the world
And hated by the very ones who
could only dream to create
Such a masterpiece

When you kick the power in your limbs
Move mountains
When you stretch
Your fingers brush twilight
and sunbeams

Dear Mother Earth has outdone herself
once again!
Jul 11. 2015
Carmen Thompson Jul 2017
Help me Sarah,

Help me Whitney,

All these sugars and creams makin' me dizzy.

Don't wanna be pinned down by Warner or Disney

But now everybody tryna get in me.

My black ****, my black thighs.

Been called a *** by all the black guys.

I can't get no black love or satisfaction.

So I'll sip some Lemonade and finally take some action.

*****. It's now my middle name.

I'll never look back at Bugs Bunny the same.

I'm gonna catch myself a wha-bitt

Get myself high up, make it a habit.

I’m black coffee. Don't need no milk.

Help me Nina,

Help me 'Yonce,

I've been woke, stayin' up late.

I've been tryin' to curve on the self hate.

I've been so sleep, I forgot to love myself.

Love's the thing missin' in my mental health.

My black *****, my black face.

I should've known they were perfect in the first place.

If I stand up, they'll shoot me down now.

If I get on stage, I'll have to bow down.

If I wanna sing, gotta go through the kitchen first.

They assume if I'm not drinking that I must be thirst-y

They tryna hand me caramel frap machine but I'll take some black coffee.

No cream.

Help me Josephine,

Help me Bessy,

I stopped using perm and now I'm testy.

They likin' my pictures cuz of my afro.

But like everything in life, it needed time to grow.

I used that shea butter, that coconut.

I wanna tell the truth, gonna be real blunt.

Ain't gonna fake, ain't gonna stunt.

I don't need milk. I'm black coffee.


I'm black coffee.
Some people don't like black coffee. Need some sugar or cream to make it less bitter. But me? I'm black coffee.
Vale Luna Jul 2017
The fourth of July
Is not my independence day
Because my ancestors
Waited an extra
100 years
For the Emancipation Proclamation
To free them
And then another
100 years
Before Dr. King
Fought for our civil rights
But even today
As African-Americans
We are sub-American
Taught to keep our heads low
Around white police officers
And not raise our fists
When they call us *******
So tell me
What freedom truly means
And what it is to you
Because freedom to me
Is the day
I can look my brothers
And sisters
In the eye
And tell them
That we have finally received
Riot Jul 2017
Always love deeply.

Be with someone who knows they can't stop the world for you, but will help you make your path on planet Earth with them.

Change what you don't like. The world built for one group of people and it wasn't us. We are a community, every minority, and the world was built to destroy us, not for us to change it. Change it anyway.

Don't listen to people who don't think you can. "Too idealist" isn't a thing. You can be the dreamer and the person who makes them come true.

Education isn't everything. If you go through high school and find out school isn't for you, that's up to you.

Family isn't blood, it's who's there when nobody else is.

Grades aren't everything. There are plenty of well off people who have failed classes\courses\assignments.

History lies. It only tells one side, like everything was black and white. Do your own research.

Identity is important. Respect your own and others.

Joke carefully. If nobody finds it funny, it's not funny. If you wouldn't say it in front of me don't say it.

Kindness can get you far. Every interaction you have means something. It shapes you into who you are and aren't. It alters the world, even in the slightest way.

Love is respect first. Then adoration and all the other more exciting things.

Mental health is just as important as physical health.

Never be afraid to try something new.

Observe your surroundings.

Pick your battles or be one **** of a fighter.

Question everything.

Read anytime you can.

Sexuality and gender identity are fluid.

Take photos.Selfies.Pictures of everything you see.

Use your resources.

Value everything you have and everything you don't.

Wear whatever makes you comfortable. Clothes have no gender.

Xe is an gender neutral pronoun.

You are important to the world, even when it don't feel like it.

Zealousness is never bad.
God I can't sleep
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