rob kistner May 27

watching the cosmos
tonight I go mind-surfing
beyond my limitations

to a place of mystery
that touches the edge of infinite

the place where humility is born

where the first thread
was tweaked to unfurl

were is spoken
the language of awe

and silent wonder
is the song that is sung


rob kistner © 1/10/15
(revised 2018)
gazing into. starry starry night
"Osama Bin Laden" was our enemy,
But WHAT is "Osama Bin Laden"?
A pattern.
A terroristic pattern
That anyone can duplicate.
s Oct 2017
my mind is a war zone, my body’s shackled to depression
get to know me if you want to but use your discretion
i’ll push you far away and then i’ll beg for your attention-
i’ll convince us both it’s love though you’re merely a projection.
Art Sep 2017
Within the dark capsule of closed eyes,
the soul seeps its way through,
and one becomes two.

A twisting, intangible face within organic casing,
detached and pulled from physical being,
falling upwards against streams of

watery blue and mossy green,
losing fingers and feet along the way,
failing to grasp at the invisible silvery cord
attached to its belly.

Plunging face first into a pool of cool gray,
Sound dulled by the wet hum of nothingness
flowing through starfilled ears.

Utterly embraced,
Transparent, transcended and weightless.
Floating calm amongst the outer waters of consciousness.
And for a moment, finding itself
Found during last night's meditation.
When I tried to
Use Poetry
To make myself Look Good
By concealing
The  embarrassing encounter
I had with a prostitute,
Poetry told me
That she felt
As if she was being treated
Like a Whore
When I used Poetry
To hide my Hatred
And Make Myself look Virtuous
Poetry herself
Felt denigrated.
When I used Poetry
To make myself seem Successful
Poetry told me
That I had failed.
When I used Poetry
To make myself seem Pious
Poetry told me
That my writing
Was blasphemous.
When I shared my Poetry
To make myself seem Generous,
Poetry told me
That I was a Stingy Bastard.
I had never shared anything authentic
With anyone!
FRITZ Aug 2017
morning lights an overdose
easy breathing in the honey glow.

the light pushes through my dead plants
illuminating the wrinkled petals

the wind blows soft and smooth
my eyes are heavy and dim.

behind the lids dance cosmicly
patterns and queer visions.

leaving the real world to seek the truth
ill bring you back some flowers.
sticking my head out of the radio
Gabriel burnS Aug 2017
Words are the hands of thoughts;
Fingertips flow
Where she clenches her eyes
Sinking teeth
In lower lip
Prison bars to sighs
Anchored to liberty
Looming like a storm
in the distance
Alternate version:

Words, the hands of thoughts;
Fingertips flow
Where her eyes close
Clenching sighs;
Pearls emerge from darkness
Sinking in scarlet
Till the salt sparks
The sweet
And the lip trickles
Iron taste
Of the coming storm
As Joe raped Christine,
He couldn't stop talking!
"I'll bet you're glad that I'm having sex with you rather than one of those Muslim guys," Joe said.
"I really hate those guys!"
"Just thinking about It makes me want to fuck you harder!"
In her traumatized haze.
Christine started thinking that,
She ought to become a Muslim?
If she donned the hijab,
She might escape notice
From disgusting men
Like Joe.
WGelles Jul 2017
The punitive silences,
the bad atmosphere they generate,
the mind-games they use to try to suck you in
are telltale signs of the toxic person.
It could be your in-laws, a parent, coworker, your boss or spouse,
a sibling, a roommate, boyfriend or girlfriend,
someone you want out of the house.
Toxic people want to make you miserable.
Especially if you're a decent sort, they hone in on you like a heat-seeking missile.
They spew their negativity and blame it on you.
They lie constantly, or twist the facts to suit their changing needs of the moment
and they never apologize (so don't expect an apology, ever).
With a toxic person there is no reciprocity.
They sprinkle their toxic dust on you.  It makes them feel better.
Their ulterior goal is to demean you, to make you feel smaller.
They project their worst tendencies onto you,
find fault with you for traits you don't possess---
a shadow of the shit that lurks inside them.
They try to dictate the emotional atmosphere
through their attitude or twisted mood.
They drain you of your energy, bring you down,
They'll always find a reason why your good news isn't great news.
Their agenda is to cut you down to their size,
to manipulate and control
to fuck you over while they play the injured party.

Confront the bully.  Speak up to the manipulator, the trickster, the backstabber.
but beyond a certain point
there is no point in arguing with them.  
Don't try to change the toxic person.  You can't.
You'd have better luck changing an orangutan into Homo sapiens.
Only a shrink could change them, and then only if they hit rock-bottom.
Don't try to justify yourself.  It's a waste of time which would only draw you deeper into their net.
Set boundaries to keep their negativity in check.
Stop trying to please them.
Let that toxic somebody in your life know you're onto them
and they can't get away with it anymore.
Don't fall into their trap, don't get caught up in their life-dramas
or try to get them out of trouble.  Don't let them instill guilt in you.
But try not to take their toxicity personally.
Remember, it's them, not you.  You are not to blame
though they desperately want you to feel you've done something wrong.

If necessary (and if possible), delete the toxic person from your life and move on.
Know when enough is enough.
Saying good riddance doesn't necessarily mean you hate them, it means
your own well-being comes first.
Immunize yourself.  Preserve your inner strength.
Set your own rules.
And, when possible, just walk away.
He stood by my bedside.
His growl was now the beat of my heart,
His purr the sorrow of it.
He led me outside, down dark winding streets.
Memories followed me and flooded the mind.  
I screamed out into the silence,
But those I once  knew could no longer hear me.

Further he took me, my eyes, they dimmed.
‘’Is this the end of me?’’ I asked.
‘’Yes,’’ he said. ‘’It’s time.’’
His huge arm surrounded me.

‘’Not to worry ’’ he said.‘’
Death never left you. It’s with you always, as Love's best friend’’
Who are you? I asked.
‘’We are the readers of the stories and show our teeth to guard all paths against this knowledge.

Yet even we must  leave when the story ends.
We close our books and we take you''
‘’Take me where?’’ I asked.
Ah! No One knows!, the Reader replied. ‘’Not even I’’
‘’Exciting isn't it?’’
Graphic Short Story  - The illustrated version can be seen here :
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