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Tara M Aug 20
With all the options
there are to follow-
I choose the one
thats hardest to swallow.

The vast unknown,
and the grief for my life-
are the only things that keep me alive.

My empathy, my love,
I don't share with myself-
I'm empty inside,
its for everyone else.

Why am I here?
Why will I die?
Why do I fear the after this life?

I wish I felt the divine love
And was blissfully blessed
from the heavens above

I would like to believe,
would it make life better?
To fly ignorantly through
this shitstorm of weather?

An anthropomorphic tale of love & fear.
A false positive truth towards our existence here.

I know it's a lie.
But, maybe it's not.
Who the f*ck am I?
Stuck in my minds rott.

No signs from God
No devils to fear
Just my heart to my loved ones
Right now. Right here.

The doom that I carry is only for me,
it slouches my shoulders and cuts at my feet.

But I keep on walking, with my eyes on the ground.
Afraid to look up, for I will be let down.
One day the sky will no longer be blue
One day most life will fade
One day we will stand in cities of ashes
One day we will regret everything that we ever did wrong
One day we will all suffer loss
One day we will see no more in this world

Until that day,
I wait
I hope
I dream
I think
I believe

Some say you must
Do this
Do that
Be that
Think that
Believe that
To survive in the next life

I believe so,
Some believe in
And much more

I believe in the first
You may believe in the second
Or third
Or fourth
Or fifth
Or sixth

I don’t mean to discriminate
Or judge
I am just saying what I believe
Isn’t that what we do everyday?
You believe
I believe
We believe

Even if we are wrong
We will not know
Until our last day
And most everything will become clear
Depending on what you believe

Because of your beliefs and appearance
And my beliefs and appearance
We are treated differently
I believe
We are human

I believe
I know
I am human
You are human
They are human

Whatever goes on in your mind
We are all made up of bones, muscles, flesh, and blood
We all have brains, hearts, lungs
We all have skin, no matter the color

I believe we should treat each other
As we would want to be treated
Because we are all human
No matter of disabilities
No matter of color
No matter of sickness
No matter of belief
Took about 45 minutes of a car ride to write this one. Came out as nonsense, but I coaxed it into a poem form.
Bard Jun 30
Never needed a reward to give my heart away
Never needed a punishment for my edges to stay

I don't believe in flying away into a divine sky
And falling into a abyss of pain seems a lie

When I draw my final breath I'm okay
If it is the last time I say goodbye

No perfection to be found in my soul
And I think the many flaws are cool

The human body is not just a tool
To obtain eternity, but maybe I'm a fool

I always give my heart away
And keep my edges at bay

I do not sit and pray
Not for a holy play

But for my own desire and pride
To find my way ego is my guide
Who lives in this kingdom on the cloud?
Come down; come here; show your form!
If you're all that mighty-proud...

Why whisper when you say that you are loud?
You claim, "If tempted, I'll bring down a storm."
Who lives in this kingdom on the cloud?

Are you alone, or centred by a crowd?
Do your trick; go awe me and perform!
If you're all that mighty-proud...

In your kingdom, is thought allowed,
Or will your voodoo help the world transform?
Who lives in this kingdom on the cloud?

You are proving that you have not wowed;
Your heart is weak and isn't warm.
Who lives on this kingdom on the cloud––
If you're all that "mighty-proud"?
Hehehe, just a villanelle from when I was bored in biology.
James LR Apr 10
We think that we are all unique,
yet none as good as Him.
We alone face trials deep
And dark and dank and grim.
Thinking ourselves so wise or strong
Thinking that we alone did fall.
Esteeming that we are alone,
Walking through life alone.

Yet truly we are all the same,
hypocritic fools: all men
and if in His image are made,
what does that say of Him?
Chris Apr 7
First it needs to be noted that the REAL commandments, the set of
ten, come after these in the bible, but for purpose of mockery, I shall use the popular version instead.

1.Thou shalt have no other gods before me.(except for drugs, alcohol, your job and TV.)
2.Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image(except a Jesus magnet, Holy mother Mary and a picture of Moses for a magnet on a fridge.)
3.Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain(except when you're having ***, or hitting your head or having vaginal pain)
4.Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.(Do I need to say anything, in America it seems, the thing that is sacred- money only.)
5.Honour thy father and thy mother(except if you want to do drugs, **** and party even harder.)
6.Thou shalt not ****(That ones easy, you can hire someone who will)
7.Thou shalt not commit adultery(But that loli across the street makes this list a mockery)
8.Thou shalt not steal(except from people who can't defend themselves and you need their oil, for real.)
9.Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour(except if she's an evil witch a Muslim or a traitor.)
10.Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's house,
thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's wife(No, you'll just mimic his behavior in order to have a richer life.)

Now, I'm not a man believing, but it seems these lost their meaning,
Somwhere in between the Moses climbing,
Up Sinai and later finding,
The Lord has changed his mind a bit,
And he's made a brand new list.
I am an atheist, I am just calling out hipocrisy of the people who'd have me be sexually repressed and punish my evil thoughts but who at the same time commit every sin almost every day. Freedom is not negotiable. It is the only imperative.
Francie Lynch Feb 19
He promised happiness, but we got strife.
Eternal paradise, but we got life.
He promised the chosen, but they got fire.
He promised redemption, but he's a liar.
Chris Feb 6
1 Cuts the sky with the fingers pale,
1 The sky empty, the sky of gray,
1 Halo, holy above the hair,
1 Adorned with thorns that breed decay,

2 Ripe branches of thy hands are dry,
2 Against the earth drenched with  blood,
2 All of Rome will see thee shine,
2 A messiah for no god,

3 O, Christ of our bleak dismay,
3 Your eyes below, they dare not stray,
3 Stones will shatter, open graves,
3 You fall as the rest just pray,

4 Soon you perish, soon you die,
4 Taken by the wind by flood,
4 Ruined come the sacred shrine,
4 They spoke of thy father's love,

5 Savior of the ones of clay,
5 The last word on the last of days,
5 The revenge you will justly crave,
5 The last word for the ones to stay.
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ashton Jan 11
i've had questions.
who are you?
why can't i believe in your existence?
i want to, i want to believe in a higher power.
i want to believe that there is someone watching over me,
protecting me, blessing me with love and guiding me through life.
but i don't understand.
i don't understand who or what you are.
why do people depend on you?
when do you decide to help, and when to hinder?
how can you choose who to save, and who to leave behind?
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