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Francie Lynch Feb 19
He promised happiness, but we got strife.
Eternal paradise, but we got life.
He promised the chosen, but they got fire.
He promised redemption, but he's a liar.
Chris Feb 6
1 Cuts the sky with the fingers pale,
1 The sky empty, the sky of gray,
1 Halo, holy above the hair,
1 Adorned with thorns that breed decay,

2 Ripe branches of thy hands are dry,
2 Against the earth drenched with  blood,
2 All of Rome will see thee shine,
2 A messiah for no god,

3 O, Christ of our bleak dismay,
3 Your eyes below, they dare not stray,
3 Stones will shatter, open graves,
3 You fall as the rest just pray,

4 Soon you perish, soon you die,
4 Taken by the wind by flood,
4 Ruined come the sacred shrine,
4 They spoke of thy father's love,

5 Savior of the ones of clay,
5 The last word on the last of days,
5 The revenge you will justly crave,
5 The last word for the ones to stay.
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ashton Jan 11
i've had questions.
who are you?
why can't i believe in your existence?
i want to, i want to believe in a higher power.
i want to believe that there is someone watching over me,
protecting me, blessing me with love and guiding me through life.
but i don't understand.
i don't understand who or what you are.
why do people depend on you?
when do you decide to help, and when to hinder?
how can you choose who to save, and who to leave behind?
ConnectHook Jan 12
13)  holy extreme performance-artist who ended badly

14)  aryan/teutonic warrior who somehow got born in judea

15)  misunderstood ***-rights activist

16)  entheogenic bringer of the sacred mushroom rite

17) propaganda figure concocted by the flavians

18) lucifer's spirit-brother

19) maitreya: "the christ consciousness within"

20) hebrew extremist with delusions of grandeur

21) prophet isa bin maryam the great mahdi

22) just another hindu avatar and world-teacher
(see Part I)
"There has been much sharp looking out, to see where and what Antichrist is, or by what Marks he may be known. Some say he has been in the Christian World almost ever since the Gospel Times, nay, that he was even then beginning to appear and show himself. Others say he came in with this, or that Pope; others that he is not yet come, but near at Hand. Others will have it, that he has been here, and there, but driven from one Place to another by several new risen Protestant Sects."

William Law (1761)
Dylan Dec 2018
You are God, you do not exist to me.
Are you the god responsible for mur-
dering millions of children every year?
If you did one thing, you do all things. Take
your blame, God. You alone are on trial.
Answer for your sins. Explain your transgre-
ssions against humankind. You alone must
pay for the pain imposed on this planet.
The time for faith has passed, take action now,
before you lose your weak hold on my life.
Why did you take my father? My daughter?
Give me back my loved ones and I will be-
gin to consider my belief again.
You who have claimed piety, stand for me
and justify my suffering at once!
You are still absent, what demands your at-
tention more than this? Are there more pressing
concerns in your kingdom of dirt? What is
more vital than claiming your forgotten
son? I abstain from this myth forever.
Brad Farrell Oct 2018
I am here and I do not question why
I can't comprehend the thought if I try
I have been taught that religion can't lie
So I must have a life after I die

I am here but at night, dark and silent
God loves us - So why is he so violent?
That is when I reach true enlightenment
Perhaps God has forever been absent

I am here and my opinion is proud
My view of God isn't a man on a cloud
I am here and my opinion is loud
I am here and my opinion is allowed
Not being open to the existance of God is ****** - Not being open to the probability of God not existing is ******
D Letwixt Oct 2018
Enter forest green and black
wherein treetops shade pathways leading back
the wind malevolent grins with mirthful eyes
a playful ill-will as cats before their mice.

It is not the fear of bitter cold
nor of darkness stories old
it is something moving in these aged trees
that brings shivers down to-- What trav'lers these?

Who walk with downcast eyes below the hidden sky
and bowing step forth unto demise.

When moon does show it's drowsy eye
and once red is blue as the night
what lurks between boughs of green and gold
has blackened heart from lies once told
saunters 'fore the wooden place
where young men end their race.

What trav'lers these who call before the fight
They- with no weapon- shout with might
To live and die in mighty storm
and one day take on heaven's form

The feared one raises head and claws
perching soundless to cause their painful fall
"Let me hear your ending call, that god or devil
may not forsake you all."

"We have no gods nor demons, no angels nor devils for us to call
for we are men of faithless earthly hall
who come to bear the earthly yoke
of life short lived and death's unrighteous ******;"

"we walk to death and nothing after
as is custom of those with little faith
hear our cry oh merciful wraith
that we might pass under your yellow eye
as those who live and ask nought but time from life
that we may eat and drink our fill of what might be had
and drunken die before mad-ness take
and for other lives and worlds we save our fate
and we praise heavens and gods contrived in faithful tirade!"

Scrutinizing these travelers with delicate stare
the wraith had never seen such men that would enter the forest lair
With a laugh he let them pass
gods be with them and send them fast.

This last humor bore them along
to lands and drinks where their song is still sung
and the lives they lived were none too long.
Amor Fati
Justus Chan Sep 2018
i bear the cross of faith
tied down to the angels of
He listens to my praises
like the whisper of windchimes.
a tickling of silver tongues.

in the trying times
He burns in my head
a fireball of glory
a lavish thought in my brain.
He instills fear
He instills pride.

we read the words from His Grace
memorising the holy scripture
pretending like we understand Him
pretending like He
understands us.
the loss of faith is lost upon all.

and so as i sing these monotonous
phrases of glory
inside the church of alabaster
i ask of Him a delirious question
and he would answer deliriously.
a consciousness of oneself.

and as i feel my feet on the floor
the gold tiles freezing my soles
i bring into His Grace
a sinner
i ask myself
i reside in a golden cathedral.

i bear the cross of faith
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