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ScaryGary Mar 17
don't be afraid Freddie
I am also a son of some maniacs

man, how times have changed

in the 80s it seemed like kids were the bad guys

so, how have you been since the death of dreaming?
Brumous Feb 2021
Another day passes by,
With me not knowing why.

A grin is plastered on my face,
Like a maniac running from something he hates;
yet I still enjoy the feeling of the chase.

The tension made it an ill-looking smile;
then the idea was washed over me.
I feel this way because...

I was useless.

I was useless yet did nothing to solve this problem.
I'll idly do something as I remember all the things that should've been done,

It haunts me

every second,


and hour.

I was a menace,
A menace to myself and everyone;
Felt like an actor reading a script.

But then again, someone said that life and all is like a play
And the world is a stage.

It makes everything feel surreal,
Like a living dream.
"Sometimes people are clouds,
they pass by without saying goodbye"
Himani Jun 2020
It is a euphoric moment and to her surprise her mind goes blank,
The images in her mind and the floating words the fountain of her imagination greedily drank.
The poetic profusion bubbling within her was satiated as she grasped her pen,
The treasure trove concealed in her heart was at the threshold to appeal to the men..

Taking one step further from the actual and nearer to the imaginative feature,
Her intellectual forge bestirring her to seek the invigorating charm of Nature.
She can capture the glimpses of the past and ponder over the predictions of the future,
Philosophies of life or a utopian world she can easily nurture..

Such is the power of her wistful words,
Which can openly challenge the sheathed swords.
She can sway the world with her imaginative story,
And register her name in the pages of wondrous glory!!
This poem is very close to my heart and it is meant for all the wonderful poets of the world..
No one Mar 2020
When I am happy,

I am brighter than the most radiant light,

My mind a conflagrant forest;

a blinding light devours wrong and right,

making me believe, unlike Icarus, 

the sun could not burn my wings;

she could never shun my deliverance.

When I am sad,

I sit stuck on things once had,

I am blinded by a radiant light,

so I retreat,

to a jet black night;

The sun a lion,

my soul it's meat,

the sun is glutton,

yet he does not eat

When I am happy,

my mind is hot as stars,

and my darkness lies home trapped,

behind honeycomb bars.

Unthreatened by my demons,

with their black suits and white cigars
Kayley Brayz Jan 2020
Ruined by memories, ****** by life,
Burned with a torch, stabbed with a knife,
Standing on the mountain and staring at the blue,
Remembering how I killed you, thinking of you ~

My face burned with hate, my voice gone,
I'm all alone, a quadrillion against one,
I was born with death inside me, coz I'm a ghoul,
But I'm still a slayer, not a fool…

Remembering how I came to life coz of you,
You made me, you loved me too,
But I was born with darkness inside, whispering in the deepest corners,
Having thoughts to **** the weak, I wasn't into mourners…

I remember how you gifted me with a soul,
I was dying before, my heart a gaping emtpy hole,
You made me see love, see what is life,
But I was born a psychopath, so when I had a chance I stabbed you with my knife…

The soul you gave me, I made it dark,
Made it lifeless, cruel, and rough like hard bark,
I know I played my cards like losing Hell,
But hey, at least now, I live so well…

Getting to leave simpleness behind, getting to be crazy,
To the troubles and pain, my vision is going hazy,
I no longer care about others, I am all on my own,
The world against me, look at what I have grown…

Killing my mother gave me joy,
Coz I'm no longer a mother-******* boy,
I'm a ghoul, a psychopathic *****, who loves gore and pain,
I have now only one thing in mind; the blood is my rain…

Chewing on the gold I steal and get,
About what I did I never regret,
Coz a life is a life, it is not two three four five six seven, but only one,
Better enjoy it before it is gone…

Using the streets as a toy, by hurting ignoring and lying,
Wishing to **** someone, wishing to see them dying,
As I pull the hood over my face, I remember one thing,
My name is Illanth, and I stand as one, and live like a king.…

~ Mishka Wayz ~
My made up character
Rachelhopeful Nov 2019
I left you.
You didn’t love me
You loved that I made you
look like a big man
The narcissistic image
Moon Cherry Sep 2019
Drowning in lust,
For it I must,
Orchestrate a heist,
For every bit of dust.
We are souls covered in dust. It’s very dusty that others can’t see.
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