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ShenequaMonroe Aug 2017
Teach me
lead me
which way do I go
highs lows show me what is necessary feed me your will
Let me taste your thoughts
caress your inner most desire
set my soul on fire
gasp as you enter my mentality never on a technicality
imagine we
make poetry in motion
drop down to my knees to give devotion
for you are god in human flesh
ShenequaMonroe Jun 2017
I wanted to be your book
Study my pages hours upon hours
Understand the deeper meaning of my complexities​
Endless melodies form paragraphs
Upon your mental
Each chapter more challenging
Yet so simple
To get into
For you I opened​ up and turned the pages
Let you wander endless mazes
Thoughts fears laughter tears
Each line was something new
To you
Time was never taken
Rushed through never savored
I wondered...
Why don't you understand?
Why can't you read what's printed
You're illiterate.
ShenequaMonroe Jun 2017
Floating on melodic notes of memories of you and I
Sip wine and find
That place that look that thought
Caught off guard by the smell of your Cologne
Smile like a school girl when I look at my phone
A call from you
Reassuring kiss to my third eye
No surprise
We're spiritually connected
Energies who found each other
In a hopeless time
Although it's a proven illusion
I knew you before I Knew me
No fantasy
Just realism
ShenequaMonroe Jun 2017
Craving you
Feel how you grow inside of me
Fingers trace my lips ever so passionately
Deeper you go the weaker I become
Sweet nothings in my ear
**** everything inside
Make me numb
Your melanin against my skin
Squeeze my hips as you go in
Make me forget my name
Scream yours drive me insane
Sweat beads across the small of your back
Legs slip
My body drips
From you...
Yet I awake holding a blanket
And wet dreams of us..
ShenequaMonroe Jun 2017
Say those things you say at
3 a.m.
Mean them feel them
You want to get me without getting me
Can you explain why does the sun rise?
Can you explain the moon influence over the tides..
Of the ocean
Not the one I hold between thick thighs
Rooftop conversations
Touching the ****** of my intellect
Bring me to ****** with your thoughts
Let me lick your complexities
Kiss you in the places forbidden to touch
Let's speak of such topics
Before you wish me to hop atop it
Penetrate me without the physicality
Leave my spirit wet from your mentality
Get me to get me...
ShenequaMonroe Jun 2017
Saturate yourself in me
Get wet from the deepest oceans of my mind
Let your fingers trace the outline of the mark you've made
Impression felt and seen
Rather be a fiend not an addict
Shudders down my spinal column
Your intellect does magic
Lick my thoughts and ******* fantasies
See the sounds I voice
Hear my expressions
Body to body soul to soul
No other choice
But to take me into you
And leave the climatic energy behind
Vibes felt
Memory made.
ShenequaMonroe Apr 2017
Questions asked
Problems given
Given the world
Left with space
We all have tongues
But very few acquire taste
Can say hello one million times
But goodbye only once
I see your energy for what it is
Not what it was
Trust the universe and it's timing
Stitching my clouds very own silver lining
Coincidence fate
There is black and white
But we all must deal with certain hues of grey...
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