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Bell'Alta Jan 2016
It's late and you're in my mind
why can't you leave me alone
Bell'Alta Jan 2016
People ask me if I okay
I lie and say yes, everything is fine
I'm crying inside, begging for help
Praying that someone will rescue me
From the hole I dug and crawled into
Bell'Alta Dec 2014
With no risks, there is no life.
With no life, we are dead.
And we become soulless bodies
Roaming the earth like zombies
Craving that flesh that makes us feel
Bell'Alta Dec 2014
“The truth is messy. It's raw and uncomfortable. You can't blame people for preferring lies.”

But I like the raw truth, the truth that hurts and makes you think and change.  It's what makes me feel alive.
Bell'Alta Jul 2014
Have you ever wanted something you can't touch?
Yet it touches you, in your thoughts and even in your dreams
To want it is suicide, but you keep bringing it up, keeping walking the line
Life is a twisted paradox with complicated feelings and confusion
In the quiet moments of nothingness, he appears in my thoughts
Lingering and tempting me to turn back, to want to want him
To reach out and talk, but I can never get past, 'Hello, my name is ...'
Why do I hold on when I ought to let go?
Why can't I let it shake?
My heart beats faster, hope rising, why oh why do I do this?
He still has a hold over me and I just can't seem to let go ...
This is real, something I am feeling right now.  Part of me doesn't want to let go, but I know that he is bad news, but I still want to want him.
Bell'Alta Jun 2014
God lives
He died for you and me
he died on a tree
and then with the power bestowed in him
he raised the third day
and lives ever more
for you and me
if we will but accept him as our savior and king
we will be saved
we will be with God again
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