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John R Pettigrew Oct 2019
On the surface I look happy and glad
Truth be told you cannot see my scars
This world is an ocean, as I look upon with a frown
Mentally I feel like I am due to drown
Overthinking it all surely I am due to sink
I have had my ******* fill and I am really on the brink
But **** that I am gonna have to swim and fight
Just to keep my head above the water
All that stand in my way I will have to slaughter
I am swimming against the tide
All that is keeping me going is my heart filled with pride
All along you thought I was trying to prove you wrong
You are all irrelevant but only for a line in my song
The only reason I am ready to fight
Is to prove to the world that I was always ******* right
John R Pettigrew Sep 2017
You pollute the air I breathe
Acting in my best interest you would want me to believe
You do nothing but divide and strategise
You ******* of war I completely despise
You declare war on terror and sell your enemy arms
Am I the only one who hears the ringing of alarms ?
The bells are ringing loud and clear
The people are asleep, they are but blind little sheep
Blind little sheep who are blissfully unaware that they are destined for the slaughter
You ask them to fight for your phoney ******* causes
You count your profits as families grieve their losses
But the light is shining bright
The people are awakening
Your psychopathic ways are coming to an end
Fake news to leave the masses in fear
When truth be told you fear us
For the 5th dimension is calling on us
John R Pettigrew Sep 2017
I am in awe of your ability to adapt
Traded meat for bamboo to stay aliv
I really hope that your beautiful species is not failing fast
I pray the bamboo will grow aplenty
And you remain happy and free
Whatever happens I am always in awe of thee ❤️
John R Pettigrew Dec 2016
Was on my knees I abandoned all hope
Spiralling down from the third was at the end of my rope
Yet I trudging on through out the mire
Struggling yet I wasn't even at the bit of the fire
Down from the second I was dragged down to the first
Misery depression and suicidal thoughts
But somehow I realised this feeling could not get any worse
Then I accepted within myself that things were not with the blame of others
Though it was dark and scary I clawed and scratched for the faintest glimmer of hope
That was enough to see the faintest glimmer of light
Oddly enough giving me second sight
I turned the headlights within and looked at what I had been avoiding
The truth is it was me the lessons I had to learn,but all the while free will will determine
The lessons I had to learn
To become awoken I first had to be broken
Back to the second I looked upon forgiving and forgetting
Back up to the third but  no longer looking for anyone to blame,still was hurting but my outlook was not the same
John R Pettigrew Dec 2016
Every child is an artist u till he or she is not
The greatest part of our inner beings tends to be forgot
To connect with the child,our innocence,unconditional love
Was the gift from our higher self who resides in the stars above
From Gaia to the stars
Your hopes and dreams may seem lost and forgotten
And all is falling apart
Grab on to that faint glimmer of hope
And illuminate the dark
So forget hoping
And be knowing
That your dreams and abundant blessings and soon you will learn
It's not a matter of if but always a matter of when
John R Pettigrew Nov 2016
                       John R Pettigrew
                    Owner of JRPTAROT
                 1 BLACKFAULDS DRIVE
                      WEST LOTHIAN

So many people with so many questions
Not realising that each and every experience is just another lesson
You actually think that any answer gave
Will make it any easier in dealing with the pain
This seeking closure will stop you from moving on
Brushing the things coming up as just a feeling
But the simple fact is that it always leaves you reeling
Letting fear and resentment live rent free in your mind
Giving some narcissist continue to emotionally rob you blind
To deal with your past is to begin to let go
Looking within and letting the light within you flow
Stop looking outwith for the answers is key in this lesson
As every experience handled correctly could be todays blessing
When you let the anger in your tolerance will begin to wear thin
No more second guessing,the answers you seek lay within so clear your mind and let the abundant light of love within
When you look within you will gain deeper insight
To shed pride and ego
And bask in the glory of your wondrous light
John R Pettigrew Oct 2016
I am a loving product of light
I am the star shining bright
I am remarkable I am unique
I am the intention of all you can be
I am the rain that allows life to grow
I am the ocean that runs deep and keeps the earth spinning in the moonlit glow
I am the stars that illuminate the night
I am the intuition that gives second sight
I am the sun that will light up the day
I am the star constellation that will allow you to navigate your way
When the sun goes down and the light of day fades
I was created in the image of divine source light
I entered through the silver gate to live as man
Knowing at that time what was my plan
The path I had chosen was to be broken to awaken
Heading for the home I know I belong
Knowing I have to be brave and bold
Seeking out that gate of gold
It is written in the stars and this soul originated in Erra
Here to try and help bring the world together
Wether rain or hail,day or night
I forever am
Universal Loving Light

John R Pettigrew
Owner of
Fauldhouse Indoor Market
1 Blackfaulds Drive
West Lothian
United Kingdom
EH47 9AT
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