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Styles 14h
are blind
to their beauty
yet they beauty
is worshipped

Such a curse
is nature
Styles 14h
She was obsessed with her fear
                     the dangers of love,
                     the agony of despair,
                     the pain of heartbreak,
                     froze her in her tracks.
Styles 1d
Like a compass, I am lost without you. Our attraction draws me to you like the my point of existence is drawn to our point of contact. Opposites attract and we are beyond that.
Styles 1d
open your legs wide
expose to me
my destiny.
We are about to
make love
and I have
the other half
of our recipe.
Styles 2d
watched you for so long
wanted you even longer
my need is growing
urges getting stronger
you are not just a want
you are my hunger
Styles 2d
I want to taste
your lips until
your flavor
saturates mine
Styles 2d
I want to feel you quiver
under my touch
let my feeling caressing  
your pain
wash them away
our flesh
*** together
as we mesh
I need you
more than
my breathe
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