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Styles Apr 20
I wrap you in leaf,
   and you wrap me in smoke,
together we're dope as ****,
     when I'm stuck,
           lift me,
               like a pick up truck,
                          that's what's up!
Styles Apr 20
"It's funny,
when our eyes touch,
it floors me."
Styles Apr 20
I peel back your skin
then I press my tongue
against the folds of your flesh
juices flow endlessly into my mouth
your flavors my soul savors as I skillfully finesse
my tongue, fingers and teeth in the depths of your crevasse
immersed in your sweet nectar, the scent stains my breathe
with a scent that is so unique, I can't wait to taste the rest.
Styles Apr 20
Fingers smooth like lace,
placed in between her space,
her lips glazed with her nectar,
taste like cloves and honey,
laced with her amazing grace,
not a single drop goes to waste.
Styles Apr 19
sense'd you
as soon as you
walk'd into the room.

was consum'd
Ever since then
all I can think of is you.
Styles Apr 16
As I reflect
I regret
That the scars won’t
Let me forget;
Styles Apr 16
I have good taste
I crave you.
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