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Styles 4d
A bright soul
so dark it
Breaks my heart.
Styles 4d
Ever since I felt you in my veins
I will never be the same
got me chasing your high
so I can outrun my pain
Styles 4d
an itch
at his back
that he can't scratch
the itch doesn't ever leave
it just fades to black, until one day,
you think it is gone, and it attacks.
Styles 4d
Ever since I felt you;
I rather not live
if l have to live without you
me forgetting you
is doubtful
my feelings for you
are more than just a mouthful
you are the reason
love, at first sight, was so insightful
Styles Oct 5
Love to see you shine
like a star from afar
I see you for who you are
even when you
leave me in
Styles Oct 5
She's my blessing
learned my lesson
all love is pain
our pain is love
her hurt is my heaven
rather feel soul numbing pain while I am alive
than feel nothing
Styles Oct 5
Her lips
were two
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