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Styles Nov 12
Her body’s indications are indicating what she's anticipating.
Something exhilarating and stimulating
Styles Nov 12
As she stands there,
In nothing but her underwear, g-string
Breathing heavy

leaning her head against the cold tile.
Water is raining over her body, the soap suds slow rubs against her body

Fighting her own,
These urges,
relentlessly. The pressure building is tremendous
Thoughts of pleasure --  overwhelming

The warmth of his breath,
Make her ******* *****
Shivering so hard her hands trampled
down her spin, between her thighs,
His hands are on her hips
But his hands are inside her mind
Styles Nov 12
careless as we danced
Till the lights went out
and all I could see were your eyes
staring back at me
it meant something; possibly.
Styles Nov 12
I miss being awakened
by your early morning taking
You by my side,
laying on my side,
with you inside.

Now, with that on my mind,
I am more than inclined.
After feeling your piece,
I pulled your body against mine.
the sensation of your *******
is blowing my mind.

inviting yourself between my legs,
Now, you are taking your time.
your moves -- my body begs
my spots -- not hard to find.
rubbing my ****, so I arch my spine
******* me harder, as you lift my thigh.
Out of this world, on this natural high
Styles Aug 12
I want to make her *** intellectually,
when she thinks of me.
Styles Jul 14
with one look,
         she had me wanting to be with her
         make her so hot, skin feel like fever
         not only do I want it, I need her
         just to touch her, I am longing for
         and to feel her, I long for even more
Styles Jun 27
that Fear that subsides
Deep inside your mind
ties that hold you down
so deep you could drown
All alone, I have cried
The silent tears I must hide
Thousand times I've tried
From a heart made of pain
its already turned my soul to stone
with a reality so cold
these cards I fold
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