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Styles May 18
I miss you
missing me
the way you
miss me
Styles May 8
Underover lover;
I lover her.
Styles Apr 14
I watch her
climb of top

As she mounts me
I slowly fill her up
she rides me
I love the way she bucks

My explosion starts to erupt
Her body quakin
An eruption exploding
my hot lava seeping in
as it over runneth her cup
Styles Apr 14
I want to kiss her lips
Then lick around
her mound

A mouthful of her juices
It’s the only thing
That will settle me down
Styles Apr 12
Touch me
Like you
Can’t live
Styles Apr 11
She loves tasting herself
I love tasting her too
The only thing better than her taste
Is enjoying the view
Styles Apr 11
Sitting here,
wishing she
were here,

In this chair-
on my lap,
straddling me.

Choker on,
wearing a skirt;
pink lace thong
Hair combed long
no shirt on
tats; jet black lace her back

Gently kissing her neck,
she slowly lick her lips,
But, the rest is
all mine...

Her soft skin
rubbing against mine
goosebumps run up her hand
then scatter through her spine

Thin *******
turning me on
I need her energy
Her senses
sense me
her scent
attracts me

The rough material of my jeans
Rubbing against her ****
Buckles your knees
I can feel it
The more I move
the tighter she squeezes it

the stare in her eyes
is her invitation
to my demise;
I have

as she grinds,
absorbing all her vibes
rubbing herself against my thighs-
Leaving her wetness as my prize
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