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Jada Sep 26
pregnant with jealousy  
I give birth  
and cradle it in my arms
I let it cry ... scream ... **** ...  
then I sing a lullaby  
and remind us that we are still
until it shrinks  
and crawls back into my gut
Parker Poole Apr 14
I've got to keep getting up everyday
but I don't want to
the empty space in my chest
keeps begging me not to

being split between two people
can be pretty rough
thought I had so much love to give
but I guess its not enough

why should I have to choose
I just want them both
so I muster my courage
and write it all down in a note

discouraged, invalidated
feeling pushed aside
I just want to run away
but I'll never be able to hide

constantly torn & so confused
there's no escape from this
I pray that God hears me
please heal this loneliness
Robby Nov 2019
I always prefer the broken people of the world
Not because I want to save them
I am no ones white knight

Those people are more real
Their scars tell beautiful stories of triumph and defeat
They make me feel something more than just lost

The embrace you get from someone who is lonely
Will always be the most genuine  
I will never trade that away for cheap affection
Robby Nov 2019
Does loving more than one make me poly?
What if I just need to love the world?
Will she break my heart too?

I can’t help falling in love with people
I care too much sometimes… all the time
It’s my flaw or brain damage maybe

I won’t stop caring because that’s not me
I need to love the world and its broken inhabitants
My heart will forgive me later
Jules M Oct 2019
I have not given up on love,
But how I love unsettles many,
The girl I am scares most.

I am the girl who can love someone after a couple days.
I am the girl who can love more than one at a time.
I am the girl who shows more love than some have ever received.
I am the girl who jumps back and forth, because this world is taught monogamy is the only way.
I am the girl who loves those that people think I should not.
I am the girl who makes people jealous by accident, because I give out so much affection.
I am the girl who has hurt people with my love.
I am the girl who holds onto love even if it's toxic.
I am the girl who chases love.
I am the girl who wants to make everyone feel loved.
I am the girl who wants forever with everyone I love.
I am the girl who will give everything to everyone.
I am the girl who is reckless when it comes to her heart.
I am the girl who makes promises about love.
I am the girl who breaks her own heart, but keeps on loving anyways.
I am the girl whose heart people want all to themselves, but that, I can rarely provide.
I am the girl that people want in their bed, but I don't understand why.
I am the girl that isn't safe with her heart.
I am the girl that freely gives her heart away.

Is it safe,
To be this way?
It's likely that it is not,
But I say risks were made to take.
I see that ring
That you wear
Big diamond girl
Got all the stares

You know that you
Want them though
Big ring like that
Was bought for show

Left hand is
No then

But that right hand
Looks open

I'll give you a ring for
That right side
Put you in balance
I'll be your right


Now don't look at me
Like that

You know you've been thinking
The same thoughts
That I have

You know I'm not crazy
Like Jay-Z

Or if I am
Your my Queen B

As me,
Crazy does
As crazy sees

Feeling crazy girl
**** me like
Cee Lo Green

Just let me brighten up your finger
With that right ring
Something crazy out there like
The right wing

Put a gem stone in it
To complete your pefection
I'll be your Harry Styles
And you my second direction

No, that right hand
Don't look right
Right now

Five empty knuckles
Got me falling

On one knee
I'll hit you up
Like Robot-nick

Your sonic the hedgehog
And I'm knuckles
Your red side-chick
2nd Draft
Revised Sept. 22
Berenice Jul 2019
To A&O / Danny Itkin

Saw two birds flying in Prague

Heralding warm summer's winds

Whoever sees them feels at home

You might even think that they're twins

Two birds enjoying cheese and strawberries

Slaloming clouds and city lights

Sharing experiences from overseas

Wondering what's next and what's right

If you meet them send my regards

Send my deepest love and sympathy

Tell them both that I'm right here

Curious about what will be

written by Danny to O. & A. he admires both of them
Berenice Jul 2019
to A.

Mythical creature
Feather on fire
Half-bird, half-women
Born is desire

Fireworks of feelings
Awe and thrill
Heartbeat stopping wonder
Love and fear

Watching from distance
you can admire
How it flies closer
And then again higher

Don't try to catch it
Lock it in a cage
It will break free
Or else it will rage
After the storm pass
She will just smolder
Suffer in silence
Tired and older

If her fire is what you want to keep
Show her your love
True and deep
Tell her she can always fly
Just on her own
In the sky
That you will wait for her
Guarding her nest
Being the earth for her
When she needs rest

7.7.2019 Prague
written by Olga, known as Swan.
Carter Ginter Nov 2018
My chest aches
As tears threaten the corners of

My eyes

They're dry
Like the wind
She really damaged me


I don't like to admit it
I'd rather just hide

The scars

Are red from scathing acid
It's not like you can see them
She didn't hit me


We went through a lot
That's what we said

Back then

She told them
She might love

Only me

She never told
She never showed it either
I knew I loved her


Or less she admitted it
It feels like a curse
The people I deeply


Others, too or more
Which could be fine with him
If it weren't for


Inability to carry out
Multiple relationships
Or at least to care about what

I felt

Alone and abandoned
Unloved and unworthy
To her I wasn't


She loved me more
I don't care that she never told me
Just that

She never showed me

Lasting love or compassion
Never proved that poly works
And then poly came up again

With him

I'm sad about it
The idea makes me feel broken
I'm so sorry
I don't want poly
The structure of this piece is intended so that the single lines are utilized twice, both for the line before it and for the one after it.

Polyamory was really freeing for me at one point, but then it hurt a lot. I know poly can work, but, as of right now, I am actively choosing monogamy. I feel bad for not giving my partner the chance to experience poly with me, but I am not ready.
Berenice Jun 2019
As I know, you didn't ask any questions
Besides sending me regards,
But that doesn't mean there are no questions to be asked
beginning of  relationship
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