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I see that ring
That you wear
Big diamond girl
Got all the stares

You know that you
Want them though
Big ring like that
Was bought for show

Left hand is
No then

But that right hand
Looks open

I'll give you a ring for
That right side
Put you in balance
I'll be your right


Now don't look at me
Like that

You know you've been thinking
The same thoughts
That I have

You know I'm not crazy
Like Jay-Z

Or if I am
Your my Queen B

As me,
Crazy does
As crazy sees

Feeling crazy girl
**** me like
Cee Lo Green

Just let me brighten up your finger
With that right ring
Something crazy out there like
The right wing

Put a gem stone in it
To complete your pefection
I'll be your Harry Styles
And you my second direction

No, that right hand
Don't look right
Right now

Five empty knuckles
Got me falling

On one knee
I'll hit you up
Like Robot-nick

Your sonic the hedgehog
And I'm knuckles
Your red side-chick
2nd Draft
Revised Sept. 22
Berenice Jul 28
To A&O / Danny Itkin

Saw two birds flying in Prague

Heralding warm summer's winds

Whoever sees them feels at home

You might even think that they're twins

Two birds enjoying cheese and strawberries

Slaloming clouds and city lights

Sharing experiences from overseas

Wondering what's next and what's right

If you meet them send my regards

Send my deepest love and sympathy

Tell them both that I'm right here

Curious about what will be

written by Danny to O. & A. he admires both of them
Berenice Jul 28
to A.

Mythical creature
Feather on fire
Half-bird, half-women
Born is desire

Fireworks of feelings
Awe and thrill
Heartbeat stopping wonder
Love and fear

Watching from distance
you can admire
How it flies closer
And then again higher

Don't try to catch it
Lock it in a cage
It will break free
Or else it will rage
After the storm pass
She will just smolder
Suffer in silence
Tired and older

If her fire is what you want to keep
Show her your love
True and deep
Tell her she can always fly
Just on her own
In the sky
That you will wait for her
Guarding her nest
Being the earth for her
When she needs rest

7.7.2019 Prague
written by Olga, known as Swan.
Berenice Jun 2
As I know, you didn't ask any questions
Besides sending me regards,
But that doesn't mean there are no questions to be asked
beginning of  relationship
Berenice Jul 7
Elegantní Lebed

On Vltava waters
I saw a Graceful Swan,
Peaceful and modest
Full of quiet confidence
She looked like a Fawn

I fall in love with her
From thousand miles away,
Frightened of thoughts
My crazy mind created

Swan spread her wings
To save me from darkness
I was one step away from jumping,
She embraced my sadness
And it felt like a heaven
Invited me to her secure haven

She patiently waited
Playing down her strength
Showing me a way to the calmness I crave

Above Vltava flow
In my mind I see
Gorgeous Swan dances
Twosome with Firebird

To O.
Well I was a world away from you when you became a bride
And how could I know I'd love you and call him friend?
I was a different man than you know today, in a different life
I don't know how, I don't know why, and don't know when
I became a father as you took your vows
How did we do life changing things at the same time?
And now that you're both in my life I have no doubt
That I am yours as you are his, as he is hers, and you are mine
You make every sad song go away
You make every love movie about us
And I don't know if I told you today
But this love between the cule has shown me trust
Shown me desire and acceptance
I've waited a lifetime to see
Myself gain repentance
And I was beginning to think it'd be
Little more than a fools dream that I could escape the heat
That my past was my only future
That my own and spirit had my soul beat
But now I see the bigger picture
No matter what I may have done before
I know that I am forever yours
Berenice Apr 12
There is no easy Poly feeling
This is not fun for those who stay tonight alone
The heart is aching
Despite of understanding 
The Gratitude I felt is  gone

For those who leave tonight
This may be blissful swinging
An implementing fantasies of youth
Two unicorns are merged into freestyle whirling
Not asking much just making love
Merri Kathryn Mar 19
(...or, “to Mother”)

When I removed my mask of being straight,

She removed her mask of motherly love.

How could she, seeing 17 year old me, claim to have had no clue?

How could I, seeing 50 year old her, been so intentionally ignorant?
Bigorexia & Bonespiration
went to bed.
Bigorexia blew off
& Bonespiration was dead.

Torschlusspanik & Tidsoptimist
went to bed.
Torschlusspanik blew off
& Tidsoptimist was dead.

Jealousy & Compersion & Compersion
went to bed.
Jealousy blew off
& Compersion & Compersion & Jealousy were dead.

The ****** doors & Michael Caine
went to bed.
The ****** doors blew off
& Michael Caine was dead

Israel & Iran
went to bed.
Israel blew off
& everyfuckingbody was dead.
Destiny M Aug 2018
Do you believe in love at first sight? It’s rare something I’ve never found..
But what is this feeling I’m feeling and why did I vibe so well with him? I’ll never really know.
I really might be polyamorous and I can’t help it because I’m single right now. & I want to be single for a while till I find myself and heal. It’s possible for me to like or be attracted to more than one person at the same time whether that be male or female. Because I’m attracted to beautiful people .. I’m also attracted to beautiful souls . Your personality is what gets me more than anything else and your intellectuality. Looks are only really a plus it doesn’t matter. It really always takes me 3 months to fall in love when it’s consistent I’ve noticed this. I just want pure energy and pure vibes. Love me, Like me, or leave me alone that’s it.
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