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billiondays Apr 2020
constantly shifting
one form to another
finding a home
whilst everybody
is trying to be
somebody else

– billiondays
© 2020 } billiondays
billiondays Apr 2020
for the first time in years, it aches
yes, tiny heart, heavy chest

for the love that is absent
no, little words matter still

for the remains of a shattered soul
yes, its own life is at stake

– billiondays
© 2020 } billiondays
billiondays May 2014
Are my words not sweet, and
my sentiments not worthy?
Is my smile too dull, or
my thoughts too many?
Is my hair too knotted, or
my eyes too vacant?
Is my smile too worn, or
my heart too withered?
Are my lips too thin, or
my affection too languish?
Is my mind too troubled, or
my personality too difficult?
Am I not lovely enough?

– billiondays
billiondays May 2014
I love digging into them
I love drowning myself
with their stories
I love the way they let me
live different lives
I love how they let me
slip into another world
I love how they let me
escape reality
I love books

– billiondays
billiondays May 2014
Those who escape hell,
however, never talk about it,
and nothing much
bothers them after that.

– billiondays
billiondays May 2014
If it feels wrong, don't do it
2. Say exactly what you mean
3. Don't be a people pleaser
4. Trust your instincts
5. Never speak bad about yourself
6. Never give up on your dreams
7. Don't be afraid to say no
8. Don't be afraid to say yes
9. Be kind to yourself
10. Let go of what you can't control
11. Stay away from drama & negativity
12. LOVE

– billiondays
billiondays May 2014
I was warned about
people like you;
The one with a
beautiful mind
and soft eyes
I was told to keep away
because you're addicting
and capable of destroying me
more than any drug could
I was told to keep you away
from my heart because
one wrong move
could be vital but
I've always been
one to take risks

– billiondays
billiondays May 2014
2 A.M. is for the poets
who can't sleep because
their minds are alive
with words for someone
who's not there

2 A.M. is for the alcoholics,
drinking themselves to amnesia
to forget someone who left

2 A.M. is not for the lovers,
asleep in each other's arms.
It is for the lonely,
the ones who are in love
with the loved but are
not loved in return.

– billiondays
billiondays Jun 2014
some words that were shared,
do not mean anything anymore
some feelings that were mutual,
do not mean anything anymore
some love that was strong,
does not mean anything anymore
all the memories that were shared,
where will they go?

it's funny
how you can just
let someone go
out of your life
and say hello
to someone new
that you will bring
into your life

– billiondays
billiondays Jun 2014
I shouldn't love you,
But I do.

Because your smile, makes me smile
Because your laugh, makes me laugh
Because I feel butterflies everytime I hear your voice
Because everything you do and say, I completely adore

I shouldn't love you,
Because my smile, doesn't make you smile
Because my laugh, doesn't make you laugh
Because you don't feel anything when you hear my voice
Because you don't care about what I do or say

I shouldn't love you,
Because you don't love me.
I shouldn't love you,
But I do.

– billiondays
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