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“...Poisoned Chalice”

              -Macbeth I.vii.10-12

We commend each other with curses exchanged
Between a cop and a hard place in space
Red MAGA caps against ****** berets
All of these accessories China-made

Our battleground an asphalt parking lot
Our forward first-aid post a coffee shop
Where Communists glare over their nitros cold
And Fascists froth their frappuccinos hot

We commend each other with a chalice defiled
Over the broken body of a Child
Your ‘umble scrivener’s site is:

It’s not at all reactionary, tho’ it might be drivel.

Mary Zollars Aug 6
An hour away, a petal falls
A petal, a petal, a petal
They fly to Utah, they fly to Maine
They fly to Brazil, they fly to Spain
A petal falls, a petal falls.
Watch them drift, watch them land
They are passed from hand to hand
Across our minds, across our home
We watched it grow, we let them go
A petal, a petal, a petal
I live very close to Dayton, it’s always just been the place where the air force museum is and where my friend does synchronized swimming, and it means so much more than that now. The moment I heard the news I looked for a victims list, and asked my parents if we could donate to the families. Every hour I see it, constantly reminded of how close it was. Mass shootings can happen anywhere, and the school year is about to start. Pray for Dayton, and don’t stop fighting.
Cyan Aug 5
I wish I could hold you here
At home where I know
You’re safe.

When I hear the things
That happen these days,
The things that bitter people say
In this place your people
Were misplaced,
That they call theirs,

I fear for you.

I fear your rich dark skin,
Your tongue that rolls its Rs,
Will meet
Some semi-automatic response
To ignorance and fear
And you’ll be taken from this space
For no reason
But their hate.
I was sitting near the window in my high school's English classroom that morning. Among the dim glow of Dollar Tree string lights and the smell of pine. Incandescent hysteria turned every red ornament and poinsettia life threatening. “He murdered 26 people, including 20 children, between the ages of six and seven years old.”

My classmate bought a firearm that Christmas. It took exactly 10 days to forget about what helped cause the tragedy. Born into bullets and desensitized: "I keep my guns locked up."

And those words changed everything.
Those words kept safe high schools, colleges, festivals, a nightclub, a navy yard, a Charleston church, a Texas church, a movie theater and so many other terrors that could have made the news,
but didn't because of those words.

They are everywhere; I see them in every butterfly inkblot, umbrella and ******* figure. Guns penetrate and permeate our culture,
and we are all caught in the crossfire until the smoke clears.
The Calm Apr 2
The moment I lost faith in the red, white and blues
is the moment 20 kids died in their school shoes
How could I expect the heart of people to be cold and so offended
just at the sheer possibility of gun rights getting amended
Sandy hook made us look,
Even here in Great Mills we felt chills
They see the damage that guns do
but don't blame weapons, they blame pills
they blame the finger the one that fills
the space between the gun and the trigger
they blame a lone wolf, a lonely kid,
"he was always kinda weird, we're not surprised at what he did"
why'd he have an AK? the constitution says it's OK
why'd he an M16, we look above and below the facts but never in between
the loss of young life, we should never defend
we cannot control people, but we can control guns, we should never pretend
too much blood has spilled, too much innocence lost
we have to make sure it ends, we cant pocket the cost
We should have the right to protect who we love
but America has to choose what it loves
Hazel eyes, hate is very much alive.
Bleached striped hair, parents never cared.
Desaturated makeup, abuse save up.
Branch like lashes, left the guns in the attic.
Bloodied pores, closing doors.
Chipped nails, bleeding Dale.
Scarred skin, occurring sins.
Bloodied skirt, exposed hurt.
Bloodied sneakers, driving by the bleachers.
Steady hands, acting out plans.
Pressurized trigger, pull back finger.
Black handle, blood covered handles.
Full magazine, gruesome scene.
Empty canister, a new cancer.
Staring scope, deprived hope.
Heated Barrel, death written peril.
Dispensing bullets, anger she’s full of it.
Chipped desks, severed heads.
Impacted walls, faint police calls.
Shattered glass, death attracts.
Bodies down, the flag is proud.
Blood soaked tiles, bodies litter the aisles.
Wounded souls, doors closed.
Narrowed screams, a violent portrayal gleams.
Distant sirens, victims silenced.
Blurring smoke, the gun provokes.
Gas mask on, a tragedy in the dawn.
Emergency services, the hurt she did.
Police, she’s loaded to release.
Erupting explosions, a bloodied corruption.
Officer down, **** she’s proud.
Reloading yet again, pain is about to begin.
Hit through the torso, she still has the guns though.
Hard to move, starting to lose her homicidal groove.
Sheering pain, every scream sounds the same.
Another shot, her moment is lost.
Killed by the law, psychosis remains a common flaw.
Aftermath: A tragic path.
Overlooked as a simple girl, an untouched disturbed world.
Within the fragments of abuse and fantasies. Unknown abnormalities
She herself was very misunderstood, had no teachings of the common good.
Parents exposing death, they just didn’t know it.
Breeding a killer, giving violent media to justify a sinner
And they wonder why their daughter made violence a neighbor instead of a impostor.
In a time where making ****** is entertainment
Icons of killers and repeated death giving faces.
Parents leaving kids alone with guns in the basement.
And when kids are in placement, we wonder what the **** happened to Sarah and David.
A gun does not make a medal of honor. When the same gun is used to **** Billy and Connor.
Saviors are portrayed within the bodies in graves. All the while the victim never gets saved.
And all it took was a unlawful ******* to give the kid a gun in the first place. Then they wonder why he caught a case. Masters of manipulation are more than we can tame with. And then that gun is small enough to hide in the width of a backpack. Guitar cases and duffel bags. All plotting the innocent attack of human beings caught by bullets in the back.  And then you got family’s who want to ask why the little kid deserved to die in his desk in his class.  Transforming ammo into trauma. Then you got politicians transforming ammunition into budget raises. And you didn’t know that the same people you praise are helping you give your life away.  And as he walks down that hallway with a AR. Just as you call him a monster think about all the people who contributed to his downfall. The people who abused him and made a call to give that fool an assault rifle. The things projected in his head had to come from somewhere. And I know most of you don’t even care. Just know how the victim feels about it being ‘fair’. I know what you’re thinking. It wasn’t me. Shut the **** up please. You are the reason they can’t breathe. Thoughts like that are the reason this keeps a tract record of continuous attacks. What if it was you. What would you do. You do not want to be in those shoes. So realize the impact of the media you contract and show your kids. Sins all start with a purpose. I just hope you heard this. Because no one deserves it.
Alxe Feb 8
I remember when my only concern was passing a test
Now I wonder if my cousin’s about to face death
I’m fifteen, studying till I graduate
Too bad I might die for school shooters are common place
My cousin’s younger than me
But I doubt killers care about that.
If they **** another will they let him be?
Do I have to wait for that?
I don’t care what the 2nd amendment means,
I just don’t want my cousin to die before he’s a teen.
So yeah, I wrote this ‘cause it’s a problem and I know there’s discussions going on about school shooters in elementary but I also know that there’s not going to be a change anytime soon if our government stays the way it is.
come on,
be yourself.

make sure your house
inside is filled with joy.

start off with
your first walk,
tiny step
I fall,
now I stand tall.


sing your soul out.
smoothing and calming
bang bang
you're dead
shot in the head
3 times, 2 times, one.


dance your heart
out. breathe in
bang bang
50 people are dead.

and hold.

nothing else can be told.
disasters, and misery
in busy streets.

and candles on the floor,
I'm sorry they're not here anymore.

these people,
put guns in their houses
and looked at their watches.
time ticked and ticked
and all we heard was gun shots.

people are crying,
and sighing yet
guns are still in their houses.

bang bang.
A poem from 2/3 years ago on the American shootings that reoccurred
s Willow Jan 2
Schools should give out vests
Mass shootings are prevalent
Two thousand eighteen

Eat poison on line
Million view it’s worth the death.
Two thousand eighteen

Last male rhino died.
Say goodbye to white rhinos
Two thousand eighteen

Planet’s surely *******
Earth’s imploding on itself
Two thousand eighteen

Do not show *** pride
Electric shock therapy
Two thousand eighteen

We all will die soon
Death cracks out of his own shell
We are all so ******
I was asked to write about 2018. He’s a few haikus. So this is all tre about what happened. Let’s hope 2019 is better
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