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THEY claim that their laws
protect the rights and lives
of women and children

that’s why they criminalize
women's rights over their bodies
children's rights for knowledge
     of their history, basic sexuality, etc.
     and a safe school environment
banning books on global warming
     and *** education from libraries

over 200 mass shootings with 264 deaths
in the first five months of this year
strongly suggest that information and
the right over your body
are not what’s killing people

yet THEY are unable to react
with tighter gun laws

     praying for the victims and their families
     does not prevent the next shooting

dangerous signs
of political and ethical impotence
gun violence is  rampant in the USA
( I have posted this poem of mine on several different international poetry sites everytime there is a school shooting in the U.S as I care about all children deeply and feel for innocent lives lost.
This time in Uvalde, Texas, USA)

What kids are watching on telly
are crimes and crimes in all variety!
Crimes of hate
crimes of passion
acting it out at shocking rate
thinking in some wild fashion
then ending up cell mates
TV can **** their compassion
Their coffins enter cemetery gates

When kids watch their movie heroes
shoot down people with the gun
they are incited to do the same
to achieve some thrill and fun.

When they see their very film star
slash someone's throat in a fit of anger
they think well of crimes of rage
and plunge everybody else into danger.

The tendency to portray the violent scene
luridly and shockingly on the Big Screen
Ah, even for the small screen, tis the gory
that makes for the dark and thrilling story.

Now that technology's long opened
this wily pandora's box,
the dispersal of amplified social ills
just ain't no hoax

The rowdy hoodlums and reckless gangsters
are simply by-products of Tv influences
The world watches the thriving of the bully-boy pranksters
passively in helpless terror of their offences.

It's all portrayal of the ******, the obscene
by that devious Silver Screen
And the horror movie
though it may seem groovy
begets the horrendous
and drills evil thoughts subliminally
into the subconscious!

Viewing those gruesome swashbuckling films
gives rise to morbid sadistic whims
Flipping through the TV channels just ponder
if the telly's the perfect channel
of information is it a proper panel?

Dad always tells me, 'fear ye the roaches' flicking antennae?
While you oughtta fear the influence of 'em' flickering images by dish antennae'.

It's an unrestrained dark faking
of real life reality exaggerating
Whether it's Bollywood in the East
or it's Hollywood in the West
they don't merely impart tactics of defence
but rather those of aggressive offence

Just verbal tougher gun laws couldn't halt
even underage shooting sprees
Rather it's stringent scanning of Tv content
and banning citizens from acquiring guns
that might make it forever cease

Parental supervision too tis gravely essential
should've been of parental code quintessential
So the next time you catch your youth or teen
absorbed and engrossed while glued to the screen
Just sleuth a bit just to make sure
that for the ******* he's not too keen!

Only a mere single merit that I dug
as I drank cappucino in my mug
that atleast one couldn't live in a bubble
daily watching this bubblebug.
Unpolished Ink May 2022
Hey gun lobbyists
Another load of children
Just surrendered

shiny or with dirt
black school shoes on that young corpse
Travels in hoarse
School was her happy. By her happy place that’s where the bullets screamed. Hopefully she’ll carry good memories of her happy place to heaven
Anemone Nov 2020
When will we reach a day when we can rise above the hate?
Will we reach that day or is it already too late?
When we will just raise our arms and proclaim,

If the right to bear arms is more important than the right to live,
why don't the children say,

If the cage we put ourselves in is built on lies,
when do the people say,

When in their dying breath, as the bullet reaches the end
and brings only the sweet embrace of death,
when do we let the children stop and raise the arms,
stand together and say
at last,

When do we say no more?
When do we stop having to cry over the body of a kindergartener clutching their backpack tight?
When do we have to stop sending a child to a place to learn and tell them what to do if there is a gun or a fight?
When do we have to stop wondering whether today as a parent you say to your child your last I Love You and Goodbye.
When do we say we will not just lay down and die?

When do we say,
Anemone Nov 2020
We are the children
Of a rebellion of the frightened
We are a sound
that will not be silenced
We are the children
Of a thousand screams so strong
We are a fire
that has been growing for so long
We are the children
Who have to be grown tough
We are an echo
Stand your ground and say enough
We are the children
Who want to grow up

And make you proud
We want to make you proud
For we are your children
And that should be enough
Lawrence Hall Aug 2019
“...Poisoned Chalice”

              -Macbeth I.vii.10-12

We commend each other with curses exchanged
Between a cop and a hard place in space
Red MAGA caps against ****** berets
All of these accessories China-made

Our battleground an asphalt parking lot
Our forward first-aid post a coffee shop
Where Communists glare over their nitros cold
And Fascists froth their frappuccinos hot

We commend each other with a chalice defiled
Over the broken body of a Child
Your ‘umble scrivener’s site is:

It’s not at all reactionary, tho’ it might be drivel.

Mary E Zollars Aug 2019
An hour away, a petal falls
A petal, a petal, a petal
They fly to Utah, they fly to Maine
They fly to Brazil, they fly to Spain
A petal falls, a petal falls.
Watch them drift, watch them land
They are passed from hand to hand
Across our minds, across our home
We watched it grow, we let them go
A petal, a petal, a petal
I live very close to Dayton, it’s always just been the place where the air force museum is and where my friend does synchronized swimming, and it means so much more than that now. The moment I heard the news I looked for a victims list, and asked my parents if we could donate to the families. Every hour I see it, constantly reminded of how close it was. Mass shootings can happen anywhere, and the school year is about to start. Pray for Dayton, and don’t stop fighting.
The Calm Apr 2019
The moment I lost faith in the red, white and blues
is the moment 20 kids died in their school shoes
How could I expect the heart of people to be cold and so offended
just at the sheer possibility of gun rights getting amended
Sandy hook made us look,
Even here in Great Mills we felt chills
They see the damage that guns do
but don't blame weapons, they blame pills
they blame the finger the one that fills
the space between the gun and the trigger
they blame a lone wolf, a lonely kid,
"he was always kinda weird, we're not surprised at what he did"
why'd he have an AK? the constitution says it's OK
why'd he an M16, we look above and below the facts but never in between
the loss of young life, we should never defend
we cannot control people, but we can control guns, we should never pretend
too much blood has spilled, too much innocence lost
we have to make sure it ends, we cant pocket the cost
We should have the right to protect who we love
but America has to choose what it loves
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