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Eros Jun 2021
Depression was gained
Brains were strained
As we enter the game,
We knew it couldn’t be the same

We were supposed to be anew
But we all knew
School is only a prison
Even though we listen

We have finally risen
Speaking about the feelings
Like the red roses
Blooming in the fields
Causing healings

School has been causing friction
So I use fiction,
To stop a restriction
So I wouldn’t let the tears glisten

As school ends,
I hope for a happier time
But I can get in line
As I’m not the only one
Who has been inflicted
And restricted
This is about my experience this year with school along with my general thoughts on school.Also is for a school project.
Lotus Feb 2021
The thumb and ******* of my left hand pinched the neck of a sandglass. The sand leaving the top bulb was almost translucent, and although the glass of the miniature instrument was thick for its size, I could almost feel the friction of each grain as they slide down. As the sand formed a growing pile at the base of the bottom bulb, my ears became numb, and began to ache. My ears felt like the inside of a cathedral, the walls of which were collapsing. I look down to my right hand and see I am holding a shovel. Why do I need a shovel? I thought to myself. Then I felt my knees give way to the heaviness that surrounded them. I was sinking in sand, a giant ocean of sand. This game I had never played before now, but I somehow knew the rules. Drop the sandglass in my left hand and whatever force held this ocean around me in place would fall and shatter. Drop the shovel and I’d have no way to dig myself out.  
How does this dream end?
I've been having some very intense dreams of late, this poem describes one that  had this last Saturday night.
Mark Toney Jul 2020

         Where will you be
       twenty twenty
          I've got news for
       you aplenty

Leave me alone let
  me pilot my drone
                             let me fire my missiles
                                            in a no fly zone
        I don't need your permission
      to release ammunition
    You might as well leave if
   you're looking for contrition

Rifle Rifle—wait for it wait for it
   Trifle Trifle—everything's legit
      Eyeful Eyeful—never can forget
  Look out!  I strike without warning
Splash!  Try again tomorrow morning

         Liar Liar
       tongues on fire
         can't put out the
       forest fire

Leave me alone let
  me pilot my drone
                             let me drop my ordnance
                                            in a no fly zone
        I don't need your permission
      to release ammunition
    Get in my crosshairs
  You'll be headed to perdition

Rifle Rifle—wait for it wait for it
   Trifle Trifle—everything's legit
      Eyeful Eyeful—never can forget
  Look out!  I strike without warning
Splash!  Try again tomorrow morning

Leave me alone let
  me pilot my drone
                             let me fire my missiles
                                           in a no fly zone
       Here's the facts hard cold
     if I may be so bold
   if you really want to win
you'll have to wait till I get old

         One step forwards
       two steps backwards
         Once released you
       can't take back words

© 2020 Mark Toney.  All rights reserved.
7/11/2020 - Poetry form: Rhyme - © 2020 Mark Toney.  All rights reserved.
Elisabeth Meyer Dec 2019
If it is all just an illusion
No objectivity exists
It’s all in our minds
Who says wrong or right is present?
Tanya Louise Jul 2019
The cold, cold day-
Seems to drag on,
With the sky still crying,
Nothing seems to move on.

I feel conflicted,
Everything inside,
Burns through and through,
Nothing left to reside.

its july.
Elioinai Oct 2018
Pulling barbs from deep within your heart
Feel your soul be ripped apart
And all the miles of chain you swallowed
Must be thrown out
Screaming as they entered in
Your ears, your eyes, your mouth, your nose
burning down your skin
And the pain thickens in your head
Like blood pooling on the ground beneath the dead
Dripping down into your sight
as all the grime from past clouds of smoke are washed away
In a Tidal wave of grace
your ribs are bruised and crushed
In the Violence of Love
Ready to take the poison hidden in your bones
Dig Deep!
Let your old, iron stomach throw up
all the nails
whose place is in the wounds of Christ
Dedicated to Jamie
Mary Allard Sep 2018
i will cry
but tears will dry
and i will serve my time
Brian Hoffman Apr 2018
My heart was shattered, but the tears keep flowing.

I’m crying because my delusion of who you were was shattered by the truth of who you are.

My trust is gone, and your promises mean nothing.

I don’t regret the past, I just regret the time spent wasted on you.

Everything beautiful always seems to slip away.

All I want to do right now is scream and let all my emotions flow out because inside it’s killing me.

You’re killing me.

Things may never be the same.

I’ll be broken, but only for a moment.

Cause it’s time to leave those feelings behind.

As I come to realize...

You’re not worth it.
You are the only person who cares for you. Winning or losing is the same for you. Take everything easy and with great care. Your worries will stay only with you. You can help yourself more than anybody ever has. Don’t expect anything from life or anybody else. Whatever life gives good or bad accept it. What you are is what you deserve, so learn to be alone. Survive.
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