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Since they’re no longer popping up on your news feeds every time you check your Facebook, you eventually start forgetting about them. You will no longer publish photos, status updates, or instagrams with the back-of-the-mind hope that they will see what you’ve been up to and notice that you’ve been having fun without them.
You start focusing on yourself and having fun for yourself, instead of always trying to one-up each other in the battle of winning the breakup. After a breakup, we tend to remember all the good things about our exes and forget the bad things. This can keep us emotionally glued to them. Why not remember all the things that bugged you about him instead, like how he snored like a foghorn or made exotic animal sounds during ***? By remembering his annoying habits, it’ll be easier to let go.
Feeling good about yourself
The primary reason I hesitated to delete him was because I was holding onto the hope that he would one day become relevant, in any capacity, to my life again. So, even though we had broken up, I still refused to break up on the Internet.
After I deleted my ex, I no longer concentrated on why we broke up and what went wrong. I stopped missing him and was able to stop fixating on him. I felt better about myself because I started to see that I deserved better than him and what he gave me; I was happier and content.
Wondering if he cares
Once you stop obsessing over him, you will come to realize that you stop caring whether he cares about you or not. You are no longer a part of their life, and you will start to see that life is pretty good. You begin to understand the truth, that there’s nothing you could’ve done or said that would’ve kept him around. Even if you were the most perfect person in the whole world, he still would’ve found a reason to break up with you.
Moving on
Instead of being fixated over how much you still love him, how about turning that love within yourself? What do you love about yourself? Is it your humor, your intellect or your creativity? The more you love yourself, the less likely you’ll crave that love from your ex. Additionally, think about where you are in your life and what you want to accomplish.

Now’s the perfect opportunity, so get going on achieving those dreams! Meet new people, go travel, hang with your friends, do things you love; because life is too short to dwindle over why someone couldn’t see the best in you. Stop playing, “He loves me, he loves me not.” Play, “I love myself” instead. Use this experience to empower yourself to live better and love better
"You had *** with her on a first date?".
> I don't care,you are just her ex and now she's with me.
• "She's not beautiful, she is fat and she has stretch marks".
> well , To me she is perfect & that's what matters.. You can talk.
• "She used to date this other sugar daddy and she has many ex's".
> Thats her past and I dont care
about that because now I'm her only guy.
• "She had an abortion while she was in High School."
> look She had her own reasons, so thats none of your business and I wont dump her for what she
did in the past.
• "She used to go clubbing a lot, with the guys."
> so what!! you think she is a bi*? well she's my girlfriend
•"She got pregnant when she was 17, what a shame"
> look, you dont know her story,Stop judging other people as
if your life is perfect.
Moral: 1. never judge anyone by their past activities.
2. Never let anyone's opinion stop you from dating the person who makes you happy.
3. stop letting people make you feel ashamed of your scars. –
4. Scars remind us that our past is real, and that we have grown beyond it. Every scar has a story.
5. Don’t be afraid to tell it and own it.
6. Stop letting people use your past to poison your present. –
7. Life is too short to tirelessly struggle with old news and
those who refuse to let it go.
8. Some people cannot stand that
you’re moving on with your life and so they will try to drag
your past to catch up with you.
No matter what, people will always talk.
Anyway Let them Talk my love i don't care ngithanda wena wedwa.
as long as she/he loves you let them talk is yours they have they don't want to see people happy cause they are not happy in their relationship.
: 'Its Holiday season'
Here are lists of things you need teach your child
at early age.
1: Warn your girl child never to sit on anyone's
laps no matter the situation including uncles.
2: Avoid getting dressed in front of your child
once he/she is 2years old.
Learn to excuse yourself.
3: If you have to hire a house-help, please kindly
take them for *** screening to determine their
*** status, properly interview them and make up
your mind to
treat them well.
4: Never allow any adult refer to your new born
as 'my wife' or 'my husband'.
5: Never tempt your husband with your younger
sister. (Else he'd say its her's and the devil's
6: Whenever your child goes out to play with
friends, make sure you look for a way to find out
what kind of play they played
together because young people now sexually
abuse themselves.
7: Never force your child to visit any adult he or
she is not comfortable with and also be
observant if your child becomes too fond of a
particular adult.
8: Once a very lively child suddenly becomes
withdrawn you might need to patiently ask alot of
questions from your child. If you don't teach your
about ***, the society will teach them the wrong
9: It is always advisable you go through any new
Material like cartoons you just bought for them
before they start seeing it, you may Blue Movie
10: Teach your 3 year old how to wash their
private parts properly and warn them never to
allow anyone touch those areas and that includes
you (remember, charity begins at home and with
11: Once your child complains about a particular
person, don't keep quiet about it Take up the
case and show them you can
defend them always.
Then make sure they embraces God.
The bible said 'Train up a child in the way he
should go, And when he is old he will not depart
from it.
Speak truthfully

It’s always better to say the truth now rather than living a lie and letting that lie get exposed later. I know what it feels like to be lied to, it’s not pretty, it’s horrible beyond measure. Honesty should always be one of the main factors of any relationship, and you need to be honest till the end, even if it means you’ll end up losing your relationship, it’s still much better than lying to the person you love, doesn’t matter how big or small the lie is, it’s still a lie and you’re still keeping it from them. Always speak truthfully and from the heart, those who know the importance of honesty will never leave you. Those who care more about themselves will probably walk away, but that’s for your own good.
Don’t disappear
One of the worst ways of breaking up with someone is by disappearing on them, by slowly fading away, don’t do that. You’ll give unwanted torture to someone by being selfish and scared. If you can’t make it work, either talk about fixing it or talk about a mutual breakup, running away is NOT an option. If you respect each other enough, give each other the courtesy of being open and honest about how the relationship is going and where it’s headed. Disappearing from the relationship isn’t going to solve anything, it’s only going to make it harder for both of you.
Don’t let anger take control

90% of breakups turn ugly because of anger, because one of the two people start letting anger take over them and just give in and lose control, don’t let that happen to you. While it’s pretty natural and expected to be angry at a situation like this, it’s highly unhealthy for both of you. I’ve seen a lot of people who talk things out without being angry, anger just ruins the entire point of trying to talk things out, it just wastes every effort and leaves people more angry and upset. Be calm and be gentle and kind with your words, you don’t want to have any negativity and you don’t want to have any regrets later. Trust me, you’ll hate yourself after a few months if you’re the one who got angry at the breakup. It’s a different and peaceful feeling when you know you didn’t lash out and you kept your cool, trust me.

Don’t involve a third person

If you’re thinking of bringing that one best friend and making them a part of this conversation, don’t, just don’t, it’s only going to end horribly for all of you. Keep in mind that it’s your relationship, it involves you and your partner and no one else, you’ve shared intimacy together, you’ve made memories together, you’ve cried and laughed with each other, do NOT ruin all of those things by bringing a third person in the middle, either to make your point heard or to try and fix the situation.

Don’t have mixed feelings, decide

One of the worst things people do to each other is drag the relationship out, to avoid the stress and pain of a breakup, don’t do that. Do not be in a dragged relationship because of emotions, come out of it because you want to be a much better person in life and you know that the relationship you’re in is only having negative effects on the two of you. Don’t have mixed feelings during the breakup, make up your mind once and for all and go with that decision. If you decide to break up, make up your mind about it and do it. If you decide to sort things out, do whatever is necessary to sort things out. Just don’t have mixed feelings about someone.

Don’t announce it, it’s your privacy

Don’t be that person who puts up a Facebook status as soon as their relationship ends, respect your privacy. Of course, you can talk to your close friends about it because you obviously need to share the pain and sorrow with someone, but just don’t announce it to the world. I’m pointing at you – person who changes their Facebook Relationship Status every two months. This is especially bad when the two of you suddenly decide to be together again, the number of questions and explanations you have to give everyone is going to be a pain and people will only make fun of you then. Avoid the pain, keep it to yourselves.
Don’t bring up the past
One of the worst things to do during a breakup is to bring up issues from the past, issues that had long been resolved and don’t even exist anymore, it’s painful. When you bring up even the smallest of issues, it’s going to create a new list of problems and it’s going to make you angry, which is going to lead to a pretty painful breakup with a lot of animosity and hate. Keep it simple, be very precise about how you feel and avoid the past AT ALL COSTS!

Expect it to be unpleasant

Like I said before, breakups are bad, even the word has pain in it, so expect them to be unpleasant. There is no such thing as a “happy breakup”, if you believe in a happy breakup then it means you’ve seen too many movies. Breakups are always going to be sad, even if they’re mutual and the two of you know that you tried your best, there’s still going to be a lot of grief and pain involved.
when i say i love you more
,i don't mean i love you more than you love me.i mean
i love you more than the bad ahead for us.
,i love you more than the fight we will ever had
,i love you more than the distance between us
,i love you more than the obstecle that could come betwwen us
,i love you the most
1»When a woman love you, she will do anything possible to be with you.
2»When a woman loves you, she will sacrifice her happiness to make you smile.
3»When a woman loves you, she will not delay accepting you as a lover, when she haz accepted you,she will show you care and give you attention needed in relationship or marriage.
4»When a woman loves you bro, she will do things that make your friends and you thinks she is throwing herself on you. Bro! She truly lovez you so much, don't take her love for granted.
5»When a woman loves a man, she will call the guy on phone more than the guy calls her everyday.
6»When a woman truly loves a man, she will visit you all the time, calls you, helps you,care and give you attention more than she gives herself and family.
7»When a woman loves a man, she will do what she vows not to do in this life. She will do it for you and for love but women always end up regretting for doing undo things because many men are deceivers and pretenders.
8»When a woman truly loves a man, she will turn down serious men ready to marry her whereby she is not even sure if the guy will marry her in the future. funny_people.
9»When a woman truly loves you, she gonna be romantic, care for you, respect you, encourage and support your dreams in this life, she will do anything possible to assist you achieve it.
10» When a woman truly loves you, she will surely want the best for you, she will not cheat on you or hurt you, she will let everybody know that she loves you, she will be proud of you bro , she will not find it hard to forgive your imperfection but not when you cheated, she will love you sincerely and ready to die because of your love, BRO when she truly loves you,she want nothing but marriage.
dear guys dont flip out when your girl wonders who your with or what your doin,it means she cares and she dont want to loose you to someone else.

dont let loneliness drive you back into the arms of someone who you know doesnt care about you be careful of what you choose .
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