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They say your cells are completely replaced after 7 years.
Skin cells live a few days.
Blood cells can live up to a year.
Some cells are constantly dying and being replaced.
But the cells in your mind will not die until you do.
So in 7 years,
maybe your touch has been erased from my skin,
your chemicals leached from my hair,
and your taste will have been stripped from my tongue.
But in 7 years,
the marks you left in my mind will still be ever so present.
Sienna Feb 7
make me
turn me
to We

they live
with pride
with love
they die

thats We
We cares
for me

a team
We’s made
me’s not

of all
that’s here
no, dear

cuz they
is me
and me
is We.
empty seas Mar 2018
It’s always fascinated me
how every single cell in our bodies
works so hard
to keep us alive
you could say
that they love you
and care about you
but that’s not true
they have no sentience
no will
but they have a mission
a purpose
which is more than some people have
and it’s almost an honor
when you think about
how these trillions of cells
have the same purpose:
to help you
It really makes me feel better when I think about this
Gabriel burnS Jul 2017
I'm a biochemical construct
mechanical of flesh and bone
software-infused hardware being,
another release,
an incrementally updated
version of humanity;
all off my data cells
come with prerequisites
I had no knowledge of;
the veins of my dreams
were blueprints and schemes
in my mother’s blood
in my father’s skin;
I scribble but cannot rewrite
the me, the I,
procedurally generated,
processed by algorithms;
and the purpose is clear
perpetuate and iterate,
move on with baby steps
not merely in time and distance,
but beyond existence
Ellie Geneve Feb 2017
Shed your skin.
Stop carrying it around
on your back,
trying to remind yourself
of who you once were

Regenerating skin cells
are living proof
that the past can be
gone and forgotten
Äŧül Dec 2016
I could be controlling all my relationships,
Just like any mature cell can be induced,
To behave as pluripotent stem cells...
Just adding few transcription factor genes,
Oct4, Sox2, cMyc, and Klf4 genes be all,
To induce older cells as stem cells...
But alas, life is not as simple as science!!!
HP Poem #1323
©Atul Kaushal
Steve Aug 2016
I'm no wantin' ma bed
The wee bairn said
I'm wantin' ma phone instead
Get tae sleep
Ya snotty wee creep
Or'll tell yer da
Said her ma
An' he'll turn yer cheeky wee **** bright red.

© Copyright SE August 2016
Sarah Michelle Aug 2016
Stars in her chest like
celestial cells, power
in her blood that kills
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