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Sep 2020 · 205
Train horns in the night
Sarah Strack Sep 2020
Train horns pierce the muggy night.
Persistent in their cacophony.
They shake the walls and sound the time.
Like midnight roosters.

I shift beneath my stuffy sheets.
Roused from fitful sleep.
My eyes move to the bedroom window.
Drawn to the alure of night.

The moonlight has me in a trance.
Stray beams beckon me.
Dancing light to call me closer.
Through intermittent haze.

Now I feel the fog behind my eyes.
The night's hold has loosened.
I drift away until I'm awoken by birds,
Or the siren songs of boxcars.
Sep 2020 · 201
How we pass time
Sarah Strack Sep 2020
Its amazing how we pass time
In our own beings so that
Matters more than the next
And the freckles on our hands
More pull than magnetic
Of planets spinning with hushed
Which may soon gasp the cursed
Of our corrupted souls
we are so caught up in our own lives, we forget the bigger picture
Sep 2020 · 784
After our war
Sarah Strack Sep 2020
You didn't have to salt my fields
after the war
The devastation had been wrought
cowardly crops
Turn away from the bright sunlight
dying slowly
reflecting on those bitter wars of self
Mar 2019 · 283
Sarah Strack Mar 2019
Foggy skies lie like a comforting blanket
The one I wrapped myself in at night.
Or an omnipresent, uncomfortable haze.
Like the smoke from your cigarette.

My eyes keep shifting views,
Until my muddled brain can’t handle it.
I’m thinking through your glasses,
Empty, but tequila soaked.

I can’t decide if I miss the sun.
The heat was nice to be sure,
But so many times I was burnt.
My skin charred and red.

You tell me to wear sunscreen.
That way I won’t get hurt,
But no matter how many layers,
The sun keeps marking my skin.

You like the clouds I know.
It’s easier when they hang around.
You hang around like a weight
I wish I were a cloud.
Feb 2019 · 246
Sarah Strack Feb 2019
It came to pass that in a fiery blaze
You were born
Little being with the WORLD against you
Tiny spark
With only the tools of your own making
Rock and stick
Teeth for talking and hands for creating
So unlike
Yet so similar to those before you
I felt it
The shudders and shaking at your coming
The whole WORLD
Pausing for a second to stop and stare
Baby hands
Reaching towards the heavens to catch the sun
A face with
Intelligent eyes, that burned like your path
What are you
And what has your coming brought to the WORLD?
A poem from my chapbook, The child that ate the WORLD
Sep 2017 · 307
Embrace of Emotions
Sarah Strack Sep 2017
Emotions are a blessing to me
To you they are the worst of curses
I cry and they gather to let go
You cling to them to feel their embrace

The cold of winter would bite at you
I wear a jacket safe from the snow
The lancing spears of despair gather
I watch the icicles in your eyes

Once I would have given my jacket
But many times you have refused it
Till both of us stood still and frozen
You hurt me to see the snowflakes melt

Do you still remember the summer
I followed you to white sand beaches
You dipped your toes in cold water
I smiled for you were bravery

Back then I was merely the duckling
You forged paths through flower gardens
My small missteps painted me a ****
Yet you dont seem to remember then

Emotions were a blessing to you
I laughed to see you in the snow
You wore a coat of gathered crystals
And I followed you for your embrace
Remembering old connections long since frayed
Apr 2017 · 374
Sarah Strack Apr 2017
Ive been packing up my memories in an enormous box
One of those old wooden trunks with heavy metal locks

Ive been thinking on the past and disregarding the pain
Ive looked at all the photographs; the image is the same

Ive shoved it in a corner, in my attic and my mind
A dark and dank forgotten place where it is hard to find

Yet sometimes I will think on it and dig out my old key
To look on my mistakes and know now that I am free
Not letting memories control me.
Feb 2017 · 631
I believe in you
Sarah Strack Feb 2017
Hey dork with the beautiful eyes,
How long will it take to realize,
You'll be fine, don't be surprised,
Problems disappear like water dries,

No more worries, no more fears,
Boy don't let me see you tears,
Your heart holds the future and steers,
Away from the discord that it hears.

You've got this, yes I'm sure,
Your beautiful soul will be your cure,
I see brilliance in your future,
I believe in you.
For my troubled one
Jan 2017 · 397
Lying to my heart
Sarah Strack Jan 2017
An uncomfortable crawling sensation,
Strange breaks in the conversation.

A question sits in your eyes,
One that your laugh can't disguise.

Half truths we hardly mention,
Only spoken for the attention.

This gut feeling may be wrong,
So I'll try to play along.

Your idolizing devotions,
Spawn my guilty emotions.

So maybe I will be fine,
Lying to this heart of mine.
Old memories of past uncertainty
Oct 2016 · 614
Sarah Strack Oct 2016
Yesterday I asked myself,
Do I care about the pain?
The utterances from you mouth,
The tears that fell like rain.

Yesterday your face was red,
From things I couldn't feel,
Your sadness was your world,
For me it was hardly real.

Yesterday I sat and watched,
As you tried to set it straight,
And while I had been there,
It was a forgotten date.

Yesterday brought pain it's true,
My mind filled with regret,
It echoed with the thought of you,
Until tomorrow I forget.
Oct 2016 · 1.0k
Sick Seeds
Sarah Strack Oct 2016
Rain drops are falling,
They don't make a sound,
They bury their way,
Deep into the ground.

Where sick seeds lay furled,
And no one can see,
The beginning of sprouts,
That will form the tree.

Where butterflies flutter,
In a forgotten place,
And inside the caverns,
A storm you must face.

But for now more silence,
The quiet is your friend,
To tear you apart,
Or to help you to mend.
Sep 2016 · 1.4k
Chips in My Nail Polish
Sarah Strack Sep 2016
I can judge time passed,
by the chips in my nail polish.

It collects in the corners of eyes,
at the edges of mouths it lies.

Sometimes I look for it on my hand,
each scar like a grain of sand.

Other times it remains unseen,
hiding behind a laugh or scream.

I glimpse it in a backward glance,
but it stabs with pain as if a lance.

The jolting sensation to look at change,
to see how life does rearrange.

Then I go back staring at the ground,
Ignore it though my heart does pound.

And pretend the only sign of time passed,
are the chips in my nail polish.
Sep 2016 · 755
Blue Butterfly
Sarah Strack Sep 2016
There was a blue butterfly,
At my sill I saw it land,
And felt an emotion then,
That I try to understand.

The next day I returned,
And my blue friend did appear,
Not with awe inspiring flight,
But with crippling despair.

A ripped wing made flight hard,
Still it tried to fly in vain,
I watched with sorrow here,
On this side of the window pane.

I thought of all the butterflies,
And wondered why they fly,
The ground is so much safer,
Yet I always see them try.

Some torn from the air by wind,
Others stunted during growth,
But like them we all must live,
Flying high as if by oath.
Aug 2016 · 922
Ordinary day
Sarah Strack Aug 2016
I feel like I should be excited,
Or at the very least a bit sad,
My heart should be ignited,
My thoughts driving me mad.

Instead there's silence in my mind,
It's another ordinary day,
Though now I have new friends to find,
As we drive our car away.

They told me here my life would start,
Where experiences make us old,
Passions and people will shape my heart,
My story is waiting to be told.

Yet my story came long before,
It did not begin in hallowed halls,
And for some reason I thought it'd be more,
Instead of rising my heart falls.
Aug 2016 · 575
Sarah Strack Aug 2016
As you're asleep I lie awake
Hope this something none can take
Hardening to prevent a break
Because distance ****** at the heart
Thinking of someone far away
Jul 2016 · 677
Snake in my heart
Sarah Strack Jul 2016
Inside my heart there lives a snake
Maliciously it slithers around
It's poisoned fangs poised to bite
In fright I don't utter a sound

In my garden I left a rake
Lying littered on the ground
Around it the leaves dance chaos
Workers never to be found

All this destruction life likes to make
It's swirling confusion does astound
Until my heart and home it wrecks
And burns both of them to the ground
Jun 2016 · 1.4k
Dangerous Sunset
Sarah Strack Jun 2016
I think sunset is the most dangerous time
When we all stand staring at colors in the sky
The sunrise to new reds, pinks, and oranges

The blue sky is forgotten
And the way the rays beat upon our skin
Our lips leaving cracks and parched tongue

Do we remember the swaying grass?
The boulders that lay along the path
Us from the cool relief of the ocean

Our muscles burned with new adventure
The wind kissed us and we kissed back
For a little more time and a little less

No one thinks of the birds' conversation
Their brief melodies spawned passion
Attachment or shedding what little we had

I still remember the blues of the sky
But now our shadows stretch longer
The feeling of noon's light and heat

I still feel the sandman's kiss in my eyes
The subtle and hopeful beginning
Eagerly so that I may see the sunset
Jun 2016 · 354
Learn to love
Sarah Strack Jun 2016
I see more progress in learning to
               Than living to
Jun 2016 · 606
Sarah Strack Jun 2016
Forty-nine flags furled,
Tears reflecting every hue,
On faces confusion swirled,
How could this loss be true?

Forty-nine families cry,
Looking for a reason in the pain,
Don't look where the bodies lie,
For how could they be slain?

Forty-nine sparks doused in water red,
With metal flying through the air,
Their last thoughts of dread,
But could the metal care?

Forty-nine lost to delusion,
Forty-nine lost to hate,
It still seems like an illusion,
Can we control our fate?

Forty-nine reasons not to become,
Like a homophobic man,
Who couldn't see the sum,
Of all the hearts that love and can,

Be better than that man.
Jun 2016 · 553
The Singing Sun
Sarah Strack Jun 2016
The sun was singing in the sky,
Gazing upon the land,
It watched with joy the birds fly,
And beat upon the sand.

The people walked without a care,
Wiping sweat from their brows,
They let the wind blow through their hair,
And weaved through willow boughs.

But fast approach the clouds of gray,
Destroying all the fun,
For in the rain the people stray,
And so does the singing sun.

— The End —