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The whole existence is dancing in ecstasy.
Inside the dew drops I am envisioning a new life.
The fresh red roses are making my mind serene and tranquil.
Being covered by fog the whole nature is seeming beautiful.
I feel like I'm alive again
I've finally grown up
Can make responsible decisions
I'm not living purely on my emotions
All of this growth stems from him
And the sad part is that-
he'll never see any of it.
Amanda Aug 26
I cannot see when I need
Foggy curtain will not concede
Full in the distance forcing us apart
These dark days you are the sunshine in my heart
I've been waiting so long
To be where I'm going
In the sunshine of your love
Sarah Strack Mar 28
Foggy skies lie like a comforting blanket
The one I wrapped myself in at night.
Or an omnipresent, uncomfortable haze.
Like the smoke from your cigarette.

My eyes keep shifting views,
Until my muddled brain can’t handle it.
I’m thinking through your glasses,
Empty, but tequila soaked.

I can’t decide if I miss the sun.
The heat was nice to be sure,
But so many times I was burnt.
My skin charred and red.

You tell me to wear sunscreen.
That way I won’t get hurt,
But no matter how many layers,
The sun keeps marking my skin.

You like the clouds I know.
It’s easier when they hang around.
You hang around like a weight
I wish I were a cloud.
Empire Mar 11
my eyes
and the world's
best selling drug
to prop me up
to induce
you’d think i’m hungover, but i’m just enslaved to caffeine
Murakami Jan 30
Traffic lights spread across the Opal sky
He held my face; his gentle, warm palms, magnetic on my skin
Fervorous glow embraced my chest
From beat to beat, my heart bled into the fog.

Leaning his forehead against mine,
I felt my conscience blending with his skin
A synthesis of feelings, an ocean of colours.
his lips find mine, heat rippling across my face
Cloudy breaths caressed my skin
This time, the sky didn't blend with tears.
This night, the lights were dry.
Who knew behind the subway staircase could be so romantic?
I can’t sleep
I can’t eat
I can’t function
As thoughts of you cloud my head like a car windshield driving through a whiteout blizzard
They are thoughts of you
The words you’ve said
The sound of your voice
The way you look
They are all right there
But at the same time
Too far away to focus
I’m left staring at the ceiling for hours
Wondering if you’re doing the same
Shadow Dragon Dec 2018
On four wheels
and on my knees.
Warm colorful tones
and cracking bones.
Up in the sky
and down to hell.
A trip I take everyday,
to feel well.
Foggy windows,
foggy minds
creating beautiful times.
Pulling the string
that makes me do things
which would make an angle
loose her wings.
She would forget to fly
and then peacefully die.
Bridgett Blowe Jun 2018
We grew ill
From your abuse
The decisions you made for us
The decisions
You made for me
The life
You forced upon us
You dictated
And manipulated
Decimated our perceptions of self
By chastising and berating
Scolding into oblivion
Until our desires
Were veiled
Foggy and inconceivable

It would take a blow
To your ego
To revive us
Near death
For us
To really live.
Alaina Moore May 2018
I want to shake you;
toss you down the stairs,
slap your face till your eyes open.
Not to hurt you
just to break the spell,
of the pharmaceutical sleeping beauty.
She got ****** into falling in love
with Snow Whites wicked sisters.
Mind askew in egregious hypocrisy.
She's got the frog emerging into a Prince
but the slipper no longer fits.
Mind lost in jealousy and greed;
vanity and self-doubt.
Ate the apple that positioned her thoughts
into thinking zombification is the only answer to this painful life.
Lacking the courage
to face the telling mirror.
She wonders alone, lost.
Falling down the rabbit hole.
Desperately grasping little vials,
"Eat me"
to hide from the truth,
"Eat me"
forget about self-loathing.
If only the vials carried an ounce of courage
the girl could find the moral
of her privileged story.
This poem is result of a fight with a friend of mine who takes multiple pharmaceuticals, but lacks the self-reflection to see how they impact who they are as a person. As someone who has taken similar medications and had to have a major wake up call from my friends, their situation was one I understood but could not help with, because I was not the right friend to point out the errors in their thought process. This is also about how your friends can be a negative influence on your perception of reality, your life priorities, and how you value your own self worth. Aka, being in large groups where everyone is the same doesn't result in open eyes.
amber Apr 2018
disassociating *******
consciousness, far from here
lost amongst the clouds in the sky
as I come down, they follow me
fog lays softly upon the ground I walk on
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